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California Political Review is pleased to welcome and serve as the new internet home for Stephen Frank’s Political News and Views!  CPR’s incorporation of Steve’s robust website and email newsletter will now bring important content on California political news and thinking to well over 30,000 daily subscribers and close to 20,000 Facebook fans!  And just in time for the 2014 elections!

Here is some background on CPR’s new dedicated content section from Steve Frank:  The original California Political News and Views (CPNV) started in the early 1990’s, as a faxed document sent once a week to about 200 people. It was then called “Frankly Speaking”. By the late 1990’s it was sent to several thousand subscribers.  It has grown to over 20,000 email newsletter subscribers today.

The purpose of the CPNV is to provide information the mainstream media either downplays, misleads or denies existing.  It is created, each day by Stephen Frank, a long time political activist and now consultant. Steve has a long and accomplished resume: he started in 1960 working for Richard Nixon for President, moved on to Goldwater in 1964 and Reagan for Governor in 1966.

He then spent two years in the Army, including a tour of duty in Viet Nam, with the First Infantry Division (Big Red One). After coming home Steve became state Chairman Youth for Nixon, replacing Dan Lungren who was on his way to law school.

Then he, along with Bob Dornan created the POW/MIA bracelet. Steve spent seven years, full time working on behalf of the families of these men, including opening over 100 offices nationwide, met with representatives of the North Vietnamese, Khmer Rouge, Viet Cong and others to gain release of the POW’s.

For the past 50 years Steve has worked on behalf of conservative, constitutional candidates, from water districts to president.  He founded the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, is past president of the California Republican Assembly, is a past board member of the California Republican Party, and has held many other political positions.

Steve Frank has also served for several years as Chairman of the Girl Scout Councils of California, Board president of Travelers Aid Society of Los Angeles and numerous other charitable, and community organizations.  He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows and is a fulltime political consultant.

Steve now joins the Editorial Board of California Political Review as a Senior Executive Editor and we are so pleased to now incorporate Steven Frank’s California Political New and Views in our publication!


  1. Congratulations! I still have two POW bracelets unfortunately. I think the bracelets were $2.50 or maybe $1.50 I was young maybe 6 or 7. I got $2.00 a week allowance I would buy one or two every month. . Looking forward to your views and opinions.

  2. Dennis Sniffin says

    Interesting interview on KMJ this morning

  3. Dear Stephen,
    After reading your 4/28/15 article on rent control in CA, I am curious if this is the government’s method to eventually gain approval for more of the Agenda 21/One World Gov’t programs that will give cities/states funding for major projects, i.e., high rise apts/condos, high speed rail systems etc. As I understand and maybe you can clarify when cities buy into this program it places them under the jurisdiction of the UN not our federal govt, is this correct?

  4. But what is the bio of CPR?

  5. Jerry Rodder says

    looking forward to information

  6. Sidney fontenot says

    Great work!! Thanks

  7. Christian Chase says

    I am a true admirer of Steve Frank, and would like to correspond with him directly. What is the best way to reach him?

  8. Steven Accatino says

    I was an email subscriber to Stephen Frank’s daily column, but it has stopped showing up anywhere in my emails. Please resubscribe me to this column. I Miss it!

  9. Steve just a note from an old friend
    Barbara Avery

  10. Bill Xenakis says

    Dear Steve, In your interview on KSFO this morning why did you associate John Cox’ support for Gary Johnson, a pot-smoking libertarian, with Cox being part of the “establishment?” Is Cox really an establishment politician? I don’t know. I prefer Travis Allen over Cox but any Republican is better than a Democrat, particularly Gavin Newsom! I fear you taint Cox with the “establishment” label to the detriment of what’s better for California.

  11. TJ Freston says

    Steve, I love your newsletter and look forward to it all the time. Please tell people about this petition requesting that Gavin Newsom make clear his position on Immigration.

  12. Calvin Clark says

    I am orleans friend, please call me I have a question.

  13. Hi Steve,
    I always enjoy hearing your comments on KSFO radio. I look forward to hearing more from you !

    We might have been neighbors in Vietnam. I flew helicopters for the 173rd Assault Helicopter Company at Lai Khe (69-70), HQ for the First Infantry Division. I few a lot of Big Red One solders on combat assaults and other missions. I am glad you made it home!

  14. Paul Stone says

    Steve, I really, really miss you Wednesday mornings on KSFO on The Morning Show. Are you on live anywhere else these days? What you brought re: California was always informative and interesting. It was also terribly depressing but that’s the nature of the beast (the beast being our one party political system here).

  15. Hello Steve,
    Great to see you all going after Newsom. We are going after Kate Brown here in Oregon. There are two petitions in circulation at the moment. I think they will make it to the ballot. She, and as her CA counterpart, is terrible on Covid 19, taxes, environment, carbon tax etc. etc.
    As a Republican strategist I would like to encourage you to work hard to get Trump to visit the West Coast for at least one rally. Maybe the state is not ready to go Big R, but I am convinced we can win back several seats lost in the House two years ago.
    Also the Big R needs to be more sensitive to Republicans running in all local elections. They often will become future leaders. I recognize that the Big R may not want to support one R candidate over another in a local election, but after that person wins you all need to send a congratulatory letter and start tracking them.
    Keep punchin’! Love, hank


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