Desperate John Cox Attacks Travis Allen for Supporting a Tax Cut

John CoxAfter spending millions of dollars only to see his poll numbers drop, John Cox is getting desperate.

Today he sent out his most deceptive email yet.

First, he attacked our campaign for an email that was sent out by our volunteers which had a grammatical error in it. As a result, it incorrectly touted support from some groups that have supported Travis in the past, but are not yet supporting him for governor. However, the email clearly states that it was sent out by volunteers to volunteers.

We understand failing campaigns grasping at straws to attack their opponents, but going after volunteers is a new low in politics.

Our campaign has signed up nearly 40,000 volunteers that are working hard to elect the only conservative candidate and Take Back California. We are proud of them and are thankful for the many hours of hard work they are putting in to Reclaim Our State.

If attacking our volunteers wasn’t low enough, he decided to use a deceptively edited video to continue to spread misinformation about Travis’ record and attacked Travis for voting for a tax cut.

Travis is pro life and has consistently affirmed that all life has value. In 2017, Planned Parenthood gave Travis 0% on their scorecard.

In 2016, Travis did not get a 0% on their scorecard because he voted to support two bills that did not have anything to do with the life issue but, among many groups, also happened to be supported by Planned Parenthood.

John Cox knowingly took video of Travis speaking about his 2017 scorecard and edited it to make it seem like Travis was being dishonest about his 2016 score.

Not only was this deceptive, but an attack on Travis for voting on a tax cut.

As we all know, there isn’t a tax cut that Travis Allen does not like.

In 2016, a bill that removed the sales tax on tampons came up in the Legislature, which was supported by a large number of groups, many Republicans, and even planned parenthood. Was this bill gimmicky? For certain.

However, it was still a tax cut and Travis has vowed to lower taxes at any chance he gets. He certainly wasn’t going to vote to oppose a tax cut despite of how small and limited it may have been.

Republicans should support tax cuts and we should work together to elect the only conservative candidate running for governor: Travis Allen.

Republican John Cox’s ‘neighborhood’ lawmakers initiative fails to make the ballot

An effort to radically reshape California’s legislative branch of government by electing as many as 12,000 local representatives failed on Tuesday to qualify for the November state ballot.

The proposal’s backer, Republican businessman and candidate for governor John Cox, spent six years trying to get his “Neighborhood Legislature” plan in front of voters. State elections officials announced that the latest campaign fell short by 25,501 valid voter signatures.

More than 234,000 signatures collected by petition circulators were rejected after several weeks of additional review by local registrars.

Cox, of San Diego County, sought to substantially change the way members of the Legislature are elected, by handing over the selection of the men and women who serve in Sacramento to newly created neighborhood councils. The specifics of his measure would have required the election of 12,000 neighborhood representatives, from whose ranks the 120 serving at the state Capitol would be chosen. He insisted the sweeping change to legislative elections would make lawmakers more responsive to Californians by creating new representation at the local level. …

Click here to read the full article from the L.A. Times

More Fake News From John Cox

You may have recently received an email from failed politician, “Low Energy” John Cox attacking Travis Allen’s fundraising numbers.

Not surprisingly, John Cox is using the liberal LA Times to spread lies and misinformation about the only conservative candidate in the race.

Here are the Facts:

John Cox is desperate to not fail at being a politician again. He has run for office four times, including for President (not joking), and has failed miserably every time.

The Cox campaign has already spent $1.6 million dollars in this race, over half the money he has put in, only to see his polling numbers go down. In the latest Governor poll, from SurveyUSA,  John Cox polls at 4%, less than half of Travis Allen’s numbers.

John cox graph

The polls shows that Travis Allen is clearly the only candidate that has the support to make the runoff and prevent an all Democrat November election.

What are the real fundraising numbers?

Between July 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2017, Travis Allen raised $368,826.85 from 3096 individual donors.  Compared to John Cox, the Allen campaign raised 21% more and had 230 more donors in the period.

Travis Allen’s campaign for Governor has now received donations from more donors than any Republican candidate for Governor.  Additionally, just in the month of January, the Allen campaign has already received the support of over 2,300 new donors.

John Cox is trying to mischaracterize what Travis’s campaign reports clearly show. In fact, there is NO accrued debt. What the campaign reports do show is the prepayment for 13 MILLION PIECES OF MAIL. That’s smart campaigning. This is why the John Cox campaign has been pestering our slate vendors to try buy his way onto some of our slates.

The bottom line is that the Travis Allen Campaign is the most efficiently run campaign of any candidate for Governor, with more traction and support from real Californians than any other Republican in the race, and Travis Allen is the ONLY viable candidate that can BEAT Gavin Newsom and the California Democrats to become the next Governor of California.

Republican Frontrunner Travis Allen Calls on John Cox to Drop Out of Governor’s Race After Racist Remarks

The Travis Allen for Governor 2018 released this update on January 13:

Today marked the first major debate in the race for California’s next Governor. While discussing the topic of immigration, three time failed Republican candidate John Cox stated immigrants are needed to “pick the fruits and vegetables.”

“California Republicans don’t need a condescending, racist sounding candidate that will only hurt EVERY down ticket Republican candidate on the ballot in 2018. John Cox is an embarrassment to every Californian and must drop out of the Governor’s race so Republicans can unite behind the only candidate who can win and truly take back our state,” said Assemblyman Travis Allen.


Breaking Poll: Travis Allen Only Republican Candidate That Can Make Run Off

A new SurveyUSA poll released Thursday confirms that Travis Allen is the clear Republican frontrunner in the race for California Governor. Travis Allen’s support stands at 9%, more than doubles the support of his nearest Republican rival John Cox, who has dropped to 4%. The support for Travis Allen is more than the combined support for his two Republican opponents, John Cox and Doug Ose, who stand at 4% and 2%.

In even more good news for Travis Allen, he is essentially tied with Villaraigosa, who has 10%, to make the run of against Gavin Newsom.

“This poll shows our message of Taking Back California and Restoring the California Dream is resonating with voters,” said Assemblyman Allen. “The voters know that only an authentic conservative will be able to beat the elites and special interests and make California once again the greatest state in the nation,” finished Allen.

In 2016 John Cox and George Soros Teamed Up

John CoxBefore running for California governor, John Cox was best known for two things, his many failed attempts at running for political office in his home state of Illinois and his plan to increase the number of legislators in California from 120 to over 12,000. A few years ago, when he showed up in California and got involved in politics, most just wrote him off as an eccentric older millionaire with too much time on his hands, but conservative and probably harmless.

Thus, it surprised even this author that as recently as last year, John Cox donated $5,000 to Mayday PAC through Change California Inc., an organization he chairs and controls. On the surface, Mayday PAC claims to be nonpartisan and has a simple goal: get the influence of money out of politics. Anything noble or truthful about the Mayday PAC starts and ends with its mission statement.

One can probably guess there is something rotten at Mayday when an organization with the stated goal of getting money out of politics raises millions of dollars. It quickly spirals out of control from there.

First, a quick look at Mayday’s spending reveals that there is nothing non partisan about them. Mayday is a Democrat super PAC and spends a vast majority of its money supporting Democrats and attacking Republicans. For example, in 2014, Mayday spent $1.4 million supporting Democrats and $4.2 million attacking Republicans. Mayday also spent $1.6 million meddling in Republican primaries, a vast majority supporting Scott Brown’s primary opponent in New Hampshire. Weakening Scott Brown in a tough general election race against an incumbent Democrat Senator.

In 2016, the year John Cox donated $5,000, Mayday spent only $2,250 supporting a Republican. So what was the rest of Cox’s money used to support?

Mayday’s solution to money in politics is just changing where the money comes from. Instead of private donors, Mayday would like taxpayers to fund political campaigns. As it turns out, public financing of political campaigns also happens to be a priority for the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

This could be chalked up to coincidence, until you look at Lawrence Lessig, the creator of the Mayday PAC. Lessig is a Harvard professor with a long history of liberal political activism. He is also happens to be affiliated with multiple George Soros backed organizations. For example, he is on the board of MapLight and on the advisory board for the Sunlight Foundation, both George Soros affiliated organizations.

So why did John Cox give money to a leftist George Soros crony? Was he duped or is the eccentric millionaire more sinister than he appears?

Travis Allen surges to top Republican, #3 overall in Governor’s race!

Travis-Allen-Associated-PressDespite Republican opponent John Cox’s spending over $3 million already in his race for Governor, conservative Assemblyman Travis Allen (R – Huntington Beach) has surged past Cox in a USC statewide poll released today, and is now in the #3 spot over-all in the 2018 race for California Governor, and is the top Republican contender. Allen gained the support of 15% of voters who plan to cast ballots in the primary.  Cox received the support just 11% — and is now in a more distant #5 spot in the race to beat Gavin Newsom.  In the last series of polls, Allen has been consistently gaining percentage support, while Cox has consistently declined, despite spending much more than Allen on consultants and social media advertising for his campaign.  Cox has had trouble convincing Republican volunteer group members to support him in recent weeks, as it was revealed that he did not support the Republican party nominee for President – Donald Trump, in the last election, and instead says he voted for the Libertarian Party nominee, Gary Johnson.

Here are the poll results:

Gavin Newsom (D): 31%

Antonio Villaraigosa (D): 21%

Travis Allen (R): 15%

John Chiang (D): 12%

John Cox (R): 11%

To read the Los Angeles Times story on the USC poll, click here:


GOP ramps up effort to repeal California gas tax increase

As reported by

Republicans’ latest effort to repeal California’s upcoming gas tax increase got a boost Wednesday from members of Congress and GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox, who said he would spend “significant” money to help put the initiative on next year’s ballot.

“We can’t keep making this state unaffordable for working people and expect people to stay,” Cox said at a news conference at the California Republican Party’s headquarters.

It’s the second Republican initiative aimed at repealing the tax increase, passed by lawmakers this year to generate $52 billion over 10 years for road and bridge repairs. The gas tax will go up by 12 cents per gallon in November, and diesel taxes will spike as well. The other repeal effort is backed by Assemblyman Travis Allen — Cox’s competitor for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Both initiatives aim to repeal the tax increase, but the Cox-backed effort will also include a constitutional amendment that requires any future gas and car tax increases to win voter approval.

Republicans view the tax increase as a highly unpopular move that will draw voters from across California to the polls in the midterm election. Democrats plan to aggressively target seven California Republicans who serve in districts that voted Democratic in the presidential election. …

Click here to read the full article

John Cox is a Chad Mayes Republican

When voting for cap and trade, Chad Mayes attempted to tell Republicans that he is supporting conservative principles, a policy “Ronald Reagan would vote for.” In reality, he voted for a massive gas tax on middle-class California families. The cap and trade vote exposed Chad Mayes as an ideologically corrupt politician who cloaked himself with conservative talking points while kissing up to a morally bankrupt majority and special interests in Sacramento.

John CoxA close inspection of John Cox’s record shows that he is Chad Mayes’ soul mate. His conservatism is a facade, used only to gain votes for his own aggrandisement.

Similar to Chad Mayes, Cox is a devoted Never Trumper. They both proudly admit they voted against our party nominee for president. Even worse, John Cox didn’t even vote for a Republican, instead he supported crazy Gary Johnson. What every Republican knows is that a vote for Gary Johnson was, essentially, a vote for Hillary Clinton. There was zero chance Gary Johnson would win and voting for Johnson instead of Donald Trump put Hillary one vote closer to the White House.

As a candidate for president, John Cox ran on platform opposing the death penalty; a position that makes sense for a Gary Johnson supporter. However, this position does not fit with our conservative pro law and order values. California voters, which aren’t exactly known for rejecting crazy liberal ideas, even rejected this position in the last election. Instead, California voters passed an initiative to reform and speed up the death penalty process.

During his long tenure in Chicago politics, John Cox did not try to hide behind a conservative veneer.  He was openly a Chad Mayes Republican. He has openly bragged about hosting a progressive Republican radio show. Now, he claims to be just a conservative. California politics might be nuts, but not even here are Chicago progressives considered conservative. I doubt even Chad Mayes would try to get away with this outlandish claim.

John Cox would like to bring Chicago-style politics to the entire state. He wants conservatives to believe that his neighborhood legislature initiative would be a revolutionary change that would take corruption out of politics. In reality, there is nothing new or great about his proposal. It is really just a copy of the politics John Cox observed during the time he spent in Chicago.

The city of Chicago is broken up into a neighborhood legislature – they are called city wards. Chicago has 50 wards and each is represented by an Alderman. The Chicago system is riddled with corruption and has brought nothing but poverty, crime and destruction to the city. Chad Mayes Republican John Cox is now trying to sell this system to California as a way to rid California of special interests and root out corruption. I am surprised he has not yet told us that this is a system that Ronald Reagan would vote for.

California Republicans fought against Chad Mayes and the corrupt power structure that supported him.  We cannot now be fooled by a creature of an even worse political swamp, Chicago. John Cox is not a conservative and he is not a Republican. We need to drain the California political swamp and reject John Cox.

Nutty John Cox for California Governor?

John CoxJohn Cox was hardly a serious candidate for governor of California when the first UC Berkeley/IGS poll was announced earlier this year in March and gave him, the only Republican listed in the poll, 18 percent of the vote and the prized second spot against Gavin Newsom, suggesting to amateur political observers that he might have a chance to get into a November 2018 Republican vs. Democrat run-off with Newsom, offering the California GOP its first long-shot chance at statewide office in years. The ensuing press reports took Cox seriously. But none of the reporters did much homework on Cox, labeling him positively as a political newcomer or outsider. They all failed to mention he had been on the ballot before in California, with an awful showing. The reporters could have recalled for readers that Cox was surely not a fresh face to our statewide ballot, and that the last time he was on it, he ran for the Republican nomination for president in the February, 2008 primary, and proved a miserable votegetter, barely mustering 3,200 votes statewide, finishing with .01 percent, while both John McCain and Mitt Romney drew over a million votes each.

Cox, a native of Illinois, is a candidate for governor who must NOT be taken seriously. He is a serial candidate, and what older Republican operatives might label a “Harold Stassen.” Stassen once served as governor of Minnesota and was termed a “boy wonder,” but was bit so hard by the political bug that he ran for the GOP nomination for president, unsuccessfully, 9 times in a row, losing every time. Yet Cox differs from Stassen in that Cox has never won any elective office, and he has run plenty of times. He has actually hit a trifecta of losses having run for every federal office one can, losing each time. Cox has run for Cook County Clerk, Congress, and U.S. Senate, all in Illinois, losing all the races, all losses by wide margins.

But in 2008, despite all his previous electoral defeats, Cox decided to run for president as well. He says he contributed $1 million to his campaign, visited all 99 counties in Iowa, campaigned hard in New Hampshire with 14 visits, visited South Carolina 10 times to campaign, and appeared on the ballot in California. During his campaign, he got into an altercation with security at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley because his campaign performance had proven so insignificant that they would not let him in to the presidential debate. Even though he was excluded, he still tried to use a questionable media credential to enter the premises under the ruse he was a fake press operative. His vote-getting prowess was a disaster – he received not one delegate to the Republican National Convention. In major counties in California that will be very important to the governor’s race, like Fresno, for example, he got just 60 votes across the county’s three congressional districts, according to the California Secretary of State’s office.

By June 2017, Cox quickly fell in the gubernatorial race polls, losing 50 percent of his initial support, in the second UC Berkeley/IGS  poll when just one other Republican was added to the mix by the poll authors – this time former Assemblyman David Hadley, who was not an announced candidate for governor at the time he was added to the poll and who has since stated he is not running for the office. The significance of the second poll, with Cox running hard for several months yet dropping from 18 percent to 9 percent as an announced candidate, and Hadley at 7 percent as an unannounced candidate with no campaign, established that Republicans had hardly raised a groundswell of support for Cox in the first poll, rather, Cox made a showing in the first poll in March because he was the only candidate on the poll Republicans had to chose from. As soon as another Republican was put on the list to chose from in the second poll, even someone not running for the office at the time, Cox’s support quickly and very significantly tanked.

Cox’s lack of real support was evidenced again in a poll in Silicon Valley in May where, once again, when listed as the only Republican on the ballot he received 16 percent of the vote, however, when the poll considered “favorability,” Cox garnered a terrible 3 percent, the lowest favorability rate of all the candidates.

When asked, Cox would not tell the San Francisco Chronicle whether or not he voted for Donald Trump for president. While Cox’s strategy may be to separate himself from Trump, who surely is not as popular in California as Gavin Newsom, Cox will not be endearing himself with the thousands of members of Republican volunteer organizations in the state who care about their party’s candidates. Members of the California Republican Woman’s Federated Clubs, for example, who form many local clubs that are the backbone of the state GOP’s grass-roots operations, may or may not have supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race, but they surely all overwhelmingly voted for him as the Republican Party’s candidate for president, even if some of them had to “hold their noses” out of party loyalty. These voters will not be impressed with Cox’s lack of candor about his own presidential vote, which will stink to them of party disloyalty.

The issues Californians and Republicans care about in opinion polls, like being taxed too much, do not appear on Cox’s radar screen. Cox’s central campaign theme is his “Neighborhood Legislature” idea, to expand the California Senate and Assembly to 12,000 members. It is truly a nutty idea that has no support in opinion polls. While the state Legislature truly is in need of reform, like making itself a part-time body, world history tells us increasing its size to that of a small coastal city is not going to improve policy. There were also thousands of members of the Soviet Union’s legislative body, far too many, intentionally, to actually make decisions, and the result was the concentration of power in a small committee known as the Politburo, which established a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” We are close enough as it is today with near dictatorship of Democratic control in Sacramento, to just add thousands more people to the legislative ranks.

What California needs is some political balance, and if the Republican Party can settle on a single, strong candidate to run for governor in a field of many Democrats, there is indeed a long-shot chance a united GOP could get their candidate into a run-off with a Democrat and then see what happens. The fact is Maryland, Massachusetts and Illinois, all deeply “blue” Democratic states, currently have Republican governors, elected to balance Democratic control in the state. It would be a tough order for the GOP to fulfill, but not impossible, as long as Republicans end up with a candidate with a much better vote-getting history, and who runs on issues voters actually care about, than nutty John Cox.