Californians cut water use 13.5 percent in April

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News:

Californians improved their conservation efforts by cutting water use 13.5 percent in April, a significant jump from the previous two months when residents all but ignored Gov. Jerry Brown’s drought mandates as the state’s historic dry spell headed toward a fourth summer.

The new numbers, released Tuesday, suggest residents started to get serious in April after Brown announced the first mandatory drought rules in state history from a grassy Sierra Nevada meadow that normally would have been under five feet of snow. The state’s urban residents more than tripled their water savings in April from earlier this year when they reduced water use by only 3.9 percent in March, and just 2.6 percent in February.

Brown administration officials on Tuesday cheered the positive trend. But they noted that as the hot, summer months loom, significantly more must be done to keep the state from running dangerously low on drinking water as the drought continues into its fourth punishing year. …

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