770 New Laws Coming To California

You’d be forgiven for not knowing Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed the largest expansion of California’s college financial aid system in a generation — he did so during the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants’ first playoff game Friday night.

Hours later, it was all over: Newsom signed his final bills on Saturday, a day ahead of the Oct. 10 deadline to act on the 836 proposals state lawmakers sent to his desk. Of those, he signed 770 (92%) and vetoed 66 (7.9%), according to Sacramento lobbyist Chris Micheli.

Here’s a look at the significant new laws coming to the Golden State — as well as ideas Newsom prevented from becoming law.

Signed into law:


This article was originally published by CalMatters.org


  1. EVERY YEAR we get 700 to 1,000 NEW laws signed into the already over regulated state.

    In 10 years that calculates to about 10,000 NEW law.

    The state needs more attorneys!

  2. You can tell by the bills he signed that ANY CHIMPANZEE could have done the same thing…He should have signed another law against ELECTION FRAUD AND MAIL IN VOTING….NEWSOM IS A JOKE AND SO IS PIG PELOSI…..BYE BYE IN 2022 PIG PELOSI

  3. Yes to a 6 month session. Also must delete 2 regulations for every one they pass, and of course this is what we get for NOT recalling the permed a$$hole, Newsom.

  4. The only ways to reduce the laws passed is to reduce the Legislators elected.

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