ACA25 Lays Waste To The Notion Of Legislative Transparency

Times are strange indeed when the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association finds itself fighting on the same side as left-leaning organizations such as Voices for Progress, Common Cause and the ACLU. The saying that politics makes for strange bedfellows is never more true than in times of crisis and confusion.

When the COVID-19 virus descended on California, it caused near panic throughout the state. Because we knew so little, our elected leaders were probably justified in heeding the advice of health officials who recommended strict shelter-in-place orders.

Among the institutions placed on lockdown was the California Legislature. The emergency necessitated immediate action back in March, but on June 10, when lawmakers returned to the Capitol, the California Assembly quickly passed Assembly Constitutional Amendment 25 to address how the legislature would operate during a statewide emergency in the future.

Proving the adage that “haste makes waste,” ACA25 was rushed through the Assembly in only three weeks. By the time transparency advocates were aware of what was happening, they had little opportunity to analyze it or provide meaningful commentary. The proposed constitutional amendment is now pending in the California Senate. Without mincing words, ACA25 lays waste to the notion of legislative transparency.

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  1. Please print the entire article. The link provided doesn’t allow readers access unless one subscribes to The Sun.


  3. Rottweiler says

    Max I am with you but we are out numbered by progressive, leftist, socialist/communist losers. We simply don’t have the numbers in this one party state. Still don’t know why they are concerned with voter fraud when they have been practicing devious elections with false numbers for years. As if they need any more votes from the flood of illegals they romance for their vote. Don’t they get it, they have enough to make this the Blue state from hell! I think we should watch California decay by their flaccid-weak leadership or lack of. Let this be like CHAZ where there is complete chaos, lawlessness and eventually one could hope they would macrophage their own. Then we would not have to deal with the nonsense these people concoct daily.

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