Alex Padilla’s $35 Million Convoluted Contract Invites Lawsuit

Examples of how California’s one-party rule has us sliding ever closer to third world status become more frequent with every passing week.

From a governor who issues a sweeping executive order banning gasoline powered vehicles to record levels of poverty and rampant homelessness, it is now difficult to distinguish much of California from Venezuela.

One-party rule is also associated with corruption. Under normal circumstances, when government enters into contracts for goods and services with the private sector, taxpayers are protected against waste and fraud by a stringent oversight process mandated by state law. This includes a transparent bidding process to prevent cronyism.

There are exceptions to normal bidding procedures in the event of an emergency.

But exceptions for emergencies are an open invitation to waste taxpayer dollars.

In a high visibility debacle at the beginning of the pandemic, Gov. Gavin Newsom attempted to execute a $450 million contract for personal protective equipment (PPE) with a company that had only been in existence for a few hours.

Fortunately, that deal collapsed when the company’s own bank raised concerns about the financing and its ability to actually deliver the equipment.

Another example of a third world contracting scandal was only recently uncovered, involving the attempt of California’s Secretary of State to execute a $35 million contract with a political consulting firm, SKDKnickerbocker, whose website prominently states that it is on “Team Biden.”

Indeed, one of its principals is a spokesperson for the “Biden for President” campaign. In its written proposal, it identifies the individuals that will work on the project, all of whom prominently note their personal connection to Democratic politics. …

Click here to read the full article from the Riverside Press-Enterprise.


  1. Monadnock Man says

    This confirms what a majority of right-minded clear-thinking individuals with buckets of common sense have known for decades – the democrats are master at nothing except two items – running up debt, and best of all, the creation of abysmal legislation that is never vetted for the unintended consequences with the experts.

    The legislature works from a real stupid paradigm if it sounds good, feels good, then enact it yesterday regardless of the fallout! However, the most egregious part is bad legislation; it is never culled from the herd!!!

  2. Chris Renner says

    Democrats are incapable of accomplishing anything (Name one? Education, Crime, Homelessness?), are hateful of white men, Christians, and police, and love to spend lots of money on choo choo trains, lawyers, solar panels, and corrupt contractors whose return on investment is between -50% to -2,000%. They are incapable of recognizing value and use every one of the 139 redundant State agencies to hide their corruption and waste taxpayer money. My advice? Get out and let the state implode as it most certainly will. Trying to save the state is akin to saving Custer or stopping a tidal wave. Too many sane people have left and are leaving the state that there aren’t any rational or smart people to prevent its demise. Five years from now, the State of California will promote the following slogan: “Broke and stupid but we still have great Weather!”

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