Ammunition Sales Surge as Californians Seek to Beat New Gun Controls

PETALUMA, CA - APRIL 02: Boxes of 9mm and .223 rifle ammuntion sit on the counter at Sportsmans Arms on April 2, 2013 in Petaluma, California. In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school massacare, California State lawmakers are introducing several bills that propose taxing and regulating sales of ammunition. Another bill is aimed to require a background check and annual permit fee to purchase any ammunition. (Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

California ammunition sales are surging as residents rush to beat the January 1, 2018, implementation of new gun controls targeting ammo sales.

The incoming controls are the outworking of Proposition 63, passed by voters in 2016.

On December 15 Breitbart News reported that California’s war on guns would broaden to include a war on ammo in 2018. These controls include a ban on any ammunition not purchased within the state of California. Moreover, they narrowly define legally purchased ammo as that which is acquired via a licensed dealer in the state.

These controls will not only lessen the supply of ammunition available to Californians, thereby driving up the price for bullets, but will also add processing fees to certain ammo sales, driving up the price even higher.

Right now Californians are buying ammunition at a frenzied pace, getting it at a cheaper price while they can.

Orange County Register quotes AmmoMan’s Eric Schepps, who said, “California has been consistently at the top of our sales, but the biggest difference is that in 2014, about one in 10 packages was going to California. Last year, it was about one in every five packages. Today, every other package we ship is going to a California ZIP code.”

Sales in California have been running well above AmmoMan’s normal sales all year, and have steadily climbed as we draw nearer to January 1.

Here are percentages on how far sales have run above normal each month:

  • May: 134.6%
  • June: 134.8%
  • July: 147%
  • August: 138.2%
  • September: 152.6%
  • October: 151%
  • November: 173.2%
  • December: 187.5%

Shepps said “folks that are intent on buying ammo ASAP.” And he said it is evident “there is more urgency among them as we head toward January.”

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  1. Socialists/Progressives/Communists have all been good for 2nd Amendment protection purchases. Obama,Brown, Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi have all been at the core of this. Wonder how much stock they might have in the weapons industry (or for that matter in the Big Pharma Ind.)?

    • UpChuckLiberals says

      Support CalGuns Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition and the 2nd Amendment Foundation, they are fighting and winning. Even the NRA is actually doing something….finally.

  2. retiredxlr8r says

    “Freeloaders and Thugs” beware!
    Prop 63, another of Brown and his Brown shirt legislatures goal of erasing the 2nd Amendment in California.
    This proposition is a back door gun registration. Once you register your ammunition purchase Brown and his flunkies will know where you live and what kind of gun you own. And next you get to wait for the surprise gestapo to show up to take your guns, and your ammunition.
    This is tyranny getting a lot of help to force socialism/communism on citizens who will eventually end up in chains and slavery.
    Brown does not like you, you are a “Freeloader” and a “Thug”!
    And Brown has peers, Feinstein, Pelosi, Harris, Maxine, and just about any other Democrat that wants party support. Republican, blue collar taxpayers are nothing but a cash cow to these anti-American, self-serving, communist in sheep’s disguise. None support the original intent of our Constitution.

    Thanks voters for being complete idiots and throwing your freedom to the dogs.
    Is it time to finally move? Or, is it time to Fight Back?
    Ballot box would be best but prepare for the worst, only the paranoid survive.

  3. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    So I guess we have to pull the trigger and yell ‘Bang !” real loud and pray the attacker is disabled by laughter ????

  4. It used to be “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”
    Praise the liberals and confiscate the ammo.

  5. The destruction of our basic God-given RIGHTS as guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights by the progressive communists ruling us right now are well under way!

  6. poor schmuck says

    I have a big pile of rocks in my yard… Im ready for battle…

  7. Personally purchased over 10,000 rounds in the past 6 months and not one round bought in state.

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