Analysis: Schiff’s false claim his committee had not spoken to the whistleblower

“We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. We would like to.”

— Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), in an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sept. 17

We recently took Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to task for misleading reporters about the fact that he was a participant in the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that was the subject of a whistleblower complaint and now an impeachment inquiry in Congress. He earned Four Pinocchios for being disingenuous in his remarks to reporters to obscure his firsthand knowledge of what took place.

But politicians spin all across Washington, often to deflect uncomfortable facts. Now let’s look at comments by Schiff, who is heading the impeachment inquiry, as reporters probed about the whistleblower before the details of the allegation were revealed.

Schiff’s answers are especially interesting in the wake of reports in the New York Times and The Washington Post that the whistleblower approached a House Intelligence Committee staff member for guidance before filing a complaint with the Intelligence Community inspector general. The staff member learned the “very bare contours” of the allegation that Trump has abused the powers of his office, The Post said. …

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  1. A true loser Schiff is, lies like the rest of the Democratic Party, to him it’s not about this country it’s about taking down the best president of our times to avoid being exposed. The Dems know that this president is not afraid to bring all these criminal politicians to fruition. Justice will be served. Maybe a few of the idiots that keep electing their flute player will wake up, it’s unlikely all but there might be a few that are intelligent enough to know the difference between the smell of a sewer and that of a rose. This goes for greaseball Newsom too

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