Attorney General Becerra Can’t Be Trusted When Naming Ballot Propositions

Last week, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association filed a lawsuit against California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for his abject failure to produce impartial ballot material related to Proposition 15, the “split roll” attack that seeks the partial repeal of Proposition 13.

What Proposition 15 does can be described simply: It raises property taxes on commercial and industrial real estate. And yet, how does Becerra describe it in the ballot title? Like this: “Increases funding sources for public schools, community colleges, and local governments by changing assessment of commercial and industrial property.”

What is missing, of course, are the words “tax increase” or “increases property taxes” or any other word or phrase that fairly characterizes what the measure does. Even the description of how the money will be spent is misleading. In fact, most of the money goes to local governments, not education. But, of course, “education” polls better than “local governments” so Becerra, in his never-ending quest to serve the interests of public-sector labor groups, dutifully gave them the title they wanted for their effort to pass a huge tax increase.

Past criticism of Becerra’s bias has been vocal but there has been little recourse. In 2018, taxpayers won a case in the trial court over the description of the gas tax repeal, only to have that victory reversed by the appeals court. However, things may be different now because Becerra’s irresponsible behavior has even caught the attention of mainstream media. Within the last few weeks, editorial boards and columnists have lambasted Becerra.

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  1. Robert Fox says

    Raising taxes on commercial and industrial property dilutes prop 13 which increases
    taxes for all Californians. All Californians should oppose this State money grab. We are the
    highest taxed state in the country. Enough already.

    • The Captive says

      I will vote NO ! NO NOT on – any and all things connected to taxes raised. I DOUBT IF THERE will be any that will DECREASE TAXES! All thumbs down to this irresponsible non-accountable state government! Here is one good thing. Woodland’s MAIN STREET in finally paved and is sooo smooth!

  2. Becerra, Padilla, Pretty Boy Newsom, what a team running this declining State. Just keep voting for dems and see what happens.

  3. that’s how they roll. Prop 6, remember that? my gardeners thought it meant “SOLIDARITY” (ESL) i would love to see a process-focus group where where people are polled. maybe we need to make a law that Joe could vote on the wording of the ballot language. btw when i explained what it meant, they depend on their trucks, they changed their vote. they were going to be victims.

  4. Gail Melander says

    Are there any democrats with honesty, fairness, conscience, Patriotism, Godly morals or is the draw of the democrats dishonesty, greed, selfish desires, blindness to society standard, distrust of law and order, fairness?

  5. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    You could have just stopped at CANT BE TRUSTED.
    Have you already forgotten Becarra fled DC into convenient appointment to the vacant AG slot from Kamala Harris (Another Crook !) election to Senate in the wake of a Congress scandal centered on the House computer servers IN HIS OFFICE getting HACKED and EQUIPMENT STOLEN by Pakistani Immigrant Imran Awan and family, who were hired as IT Adminnistrators by fired DNC Head Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DNC Debate questions leaked to Killary) after the Awan investigation was quashed and With Awan skipping uncharged back to Pakistan ? Search it and refresh your memory – ALL these folks are SCUM !!

  6. TheRandyGuy says

    California voters elect Democrats every chance they get. This is the predictable result of one-party rule. Democrats KNOW they won’t lose their jobs so they are free to act in any way they want. I don’t blame the Sacramento slime for doing what they do and being who they are. I blame the dumb voters that choose to put them in office in the first place.

  7. The captain of the Titanic Newsom, navigator Becerra. We know what happened to the Titanic (California), the results will be the same but effect so many more people. This why Becerra has to lie about everything.

  8. Mr Becerra has a character issue.
    If he were to be hired/elected on character issues first he would never have been hired.
    Two tools Democrats use most are lying and deceit and we can all readily see his skill in deceiving the voting public.
    Character flaws are difficult to correct, but when you have a legislature and governor that share the same problem, then the problem is correcting the whole government is impossible.
    It is as if the very spawn of Satan has invaded us through this evil that is currently in office.

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