Bay Area Freeway Shootings Have More Than Tripled In Four Years. In 2021, Almost Half Occurred In One County

The year had barely started when a major Bay Area freeway saw its first burst of gunfire, right at the onset of rush hour.

On the afternoon of Jan. 4, a bullet fired by a yet-unknown shooter hit Alameda County sheriff’s recruit David Nguyen as he drove his Toyota Prius west on Interstate 580 toward the Bay Bridge toll plaza. Nguyen apparently slumped over the wheel and crashed his car into a guardrail, becoming one of the latest victims of a surge in highway violence.

Over the past three years, shootings have more than tripled on the arterials that knit the region together — from 49 Bay Area freeway shootings in 2018, to 165 through October last year, according to the California Highway Patrol in response to a public records request from The Chronicle. Limited available records also show a spike in deaths — from two fatal freeway shootings for the whole Bay Area in 2018, to six gun deaths on Oakland freeways alone in 2021.

Among the lives claimed by these attacks were a toddler strapped in his car seat, teenagers packed onto a party bus and Amani Morris, a mother on her way to a job orientation. Their stories reflect the human toll of a trend that presents galling challenges for law enforcement.

“It just angers me so much,” said Alicia Benton, Morris’ mother. The two were FaceTiming minutes before gunfire killed Morris on I-80 near the Bay Bridge on the morning of Nov. 18.

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  1. We know the people who are doing the shooting. Most are known to be dangerous because of prior arrests and behavior. Instead of focusing on the public as a whole, why is there no attempt to focus on those linked to the shooting behaviors? The answer likely is that to do that would be considered discrimination toward a particular group/gang/culture. The conditions that set the shootings up are known, but any attempt to influence/change that behavior is also discrimination. Today we face a number of politicians that are attempting to say that if a person holds a gun to your head but does not pull the trigger that is a misdemeanor. It is only a felony if the person actually shoots you. That basically is a license to kill or at least to use major force to make the victim do something they do not want to do. We need to get back to reality and responsibility for our behavior.

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