Bay Area Media swoon over Oakland’s hilarious “Occupy the Country Club” fiasco

Sometimes the media gets it wrong – and they sure did last night in the Bay Area both on KTVU and in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Alameda Republican Party was holding a low-key spring fundraiser to benefit the party.  The ticket price was a lofty $75.00 to attend a nice reception with Congressman Dan Lungren and GOP hopeful Ricky Gill, running in Congressional District 9.  They were there to talk with local activists and friends.

Early in the evening, the party was abruptly interrupted by 40 protestors including union representatives, members of the Occupy Oakland movement, activists and other such paid operatives who “occupied” Oakland’s Sequoyah Country Club chanting negative slogans.  Being the clever beings that they are, they thought they were disrupting a high-end fundraiser for Congressman Lungren.  It turns out he wasn’t even on premises when the protestors arrived and left.  And it wasn’t even a fundraiser for him.

But the media decided to report on the protest without checking any of the facts.

Here is the Carla Marinucci piece at – “Occupy the Country Club.”

Alameda GOP Chairwoman Sue Caro shared her email response to Marinucci with me today –


The problem with your reporting about the protest on ‘private property’ of a private party is the facts. This was not a fundraiser for Dan Lungren. I was the hostess for the event and of course, no one asked me for any details to get the story right.

This event was hosted by the Alameda County Republican Party for its members and other Republicans in our community. Since we don’t have any elected Republican Congressmen from Alameda County, we often invite Republican Congressman from other districts to speak to us at our gatherings, so we can hear what’s going on in Congress from ‘one of our own’. My husband and I happen to be members at Sequoyah CC with its lovely large rooms and ample parking on ‘private grounds’ and our county committee decided to take advantage of my entrée there to locate our Alameda County GOP fundraiser. Every county party has to raise funds to do its work to help local candidates.

This was not a fundraiser directly for Congressman Dan Lungren. This was a party for Alameda County Republicans and a chance for us to talk with a Republican Congressman from CA.  Of course no one who participated in the protest or news coverage last night cared about the Alameda County GOP or its efforts to help local candidates.

The unruly behavior of uninvited people disrupting a private party on private property in this situation was obnoxious. No different than if two dozen disagreeable, chanting people walked through your house if you were having some friends over.  There was no audience for the protesters – no street bystanders for them impress. There wasn’t any “there –there” to quote Gertrude Stein. It was a colossal waste of everyone’s time and interest. They did not engage Congressman Lungren who is available to them in Sacramento.

The fact that you thought there was a story there to cover, without checking out any of the facts, says everything. Aren’t you tired of chasing ‘non-stories’ simply to try to embarrass Republicans? 

Sue Caro

Sue Caro, Chairman
Alameda County Republican Party
1039 MacArthur Blvd
San Leandro, CA 94577

(Judy Lloyd is a senior manager and strategist specializing in government affairs, community outreach, development and public relations.)