Biden Wants To ‘Make America California’

I was surprised to read [in the Los Angeles Times] that the Biden administration’s “role model for America” is…California! He wants to “Make America California.”

That’s a terrible idea.

Californians now rush to move out of California.

Some hopeful folks still move there, but so many more leave that California now loses more than 10,000 citizens every month. In fact, the state will soon lose a congressional seat.

Why do Californians leave? “Exorbitant tax rates, high crime rates, the failing public school systems, the exorbitant cost of living,” says reporter Kristen Tate in my new video.

So many Californians move away that there’s now even a shortage of U-Hauls. Renting one to go from Los Angeles to Houston costs four times as much as it does to go from Houston to LA.

“People are just emptying out!” says Tate.

But this seems crazy. California has great weather and all kinds of natural advantages.

The state’s politicians drive people away with bad policies.

Asked by Stossel TV whether it’s a bad idea for President Joe Biden to “make the U.S. more like California,” Governor Gavin Newsom’s office replied with a statement saying, “Before the COVID pandemic, California saw job growth and record low unemployment.”

Wow. Really?

Oh, it was a record for California. Before the pandemic, the state’s unemployment was 12th worst in America. Now, it’s 3rd worst.

The statement continues, “We remain the fifth largest economy in the world…home to 20 of Fortune’s fastest growing companies.”

But that only means California was hospitable to business years ago. Now Oracle, Tesla, and many other companies are moving operations to other states.

A big reason is California’s onerous regulations. They make it hard to create anything new. It’s also a reason housing costs so much.

California passed a law raising its minimum wage from $13 to $15 an hour. That’s one reason many Californians can’t find any legal work.

A good thing about America having 50 states is that when states fail, we can learn from their mistakes. People defeated by California’s rules move to Nevada or Texas. But if the federal government adopts California’s rules, where can we move?

The Congressional Budget Office says a national $15 minimum wage will help some people, but it will cost 1.4 million jobs.

Yet, Biden wants the higher minimum.

Biden’s plan for America also includes a new version of Cash for Clunkers, the absurd program that once paid people to junk old cars. California has its own version, which the state claims helps reduce emissions.

“But most of the cars that were turned in were not even actively registered,” says Tate. “It means they probably were just going to be scrapped anyway! These programs are failures…but they make environmentalists feel good.”

Like California’s “clean energy” rules. How long until all American motorists pay the $4 per gallon Californians pay? Or the $7 people pay in Norway and Denmark?

Biden also picked lots of Californians for his administration.

When Vice President Kamala Harris was San Francisco’s district attorney, she oversaw 1,900 convictions for pot offenses. Yet, she’s since joked about her own marijuana use.  When the Biden administration fired staffers for using marijuana in the past, Harris was spared.

“Unfortunately, there’s been a trend in the Biden administration of giving jobs to people who might check [race and gender] boxes,” says Tate. “But they have horrendous track records.”

Biden made Alejandro Mayorkas America’s new secretary of Homeland Security even though he was cited by the inspector general for pressuring his staff to approve visas for politically powerful Democrats.

“In government, you always fail up,” complains Tate.

The Los Angeles Times wrote that Biden wouldn’t nominate California Labor Secretary Julie Su because “rampant levels of fraud scuttled [her] prospects.” Biden then made her deputy secretary of labor.

“If we make America California,” concludes Tate, “we are all going to be paying for it.”

At least Californians can move to other states.

But I don’t want to leave America.

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  1. Biden’s actions are encouraging supply chain dependencies from foreign sources. President Biden is finally beginning to recognize national security concerns to the American economy by depending on foreign supplies for oil and for the greening of America.
    Summary: Foreign countries with virtually non-existent environmental regulations and minimal labor laws already dominate the supply chain of ‘green’ minerals and metals, and like California does for their state’s energy demands, Biden’s actions will have America dependent on oil from foreign countries.

  2. Right joe. All you have to do, is get thirty plus states to go along with your handlers idea. Not happening.

  3. Biden is an idiot!
    Sorry it is how I see it.
    Newsom is about a half block behind him.
    California as a role model? Maybe in the 50’s, but today, not so much. Just look at the regulations, taxes, cost of goods, cost of homes, we’re all going to be in peddle cars in 2024 – that or bicycles. And, there’s that limited supply of electricity, water, and competence in the legislature.
    I am a California native, third generation with children and grandchildren and the California I have witnessed over the years leaves it’s current status on the bottom!
    California deserves an economic collapse and they are getting close, even with Biden’s bailout things don’t look to good. With Democrats in control you know they won’t do anything about it.

  4. Scary. I use Denatured Alcohol to clean things around the house. Great cleaner. Banned in California. I went to Carson City last week to visit. Loaded up on Denatured Alcohol at their Home Depot. Plenty in stock, gallons and quarts. I think California will ban Lacquer and Paint thinner next. Acetone for sure. You’ll have to have your car painted in Mexico. All for my health I’m sure.

  5. I forgot to buy “Weed and Feed” for my lawn. Many types Banned in California. Lawns will be banned next.

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