Bill Would Expand Medi-Cal to Undocumented Immigrants

Democratic legislators are advancing a bill that aims to provide free health care to low-income undocumented seniors — an idea that they floated earlier this year, but which failed to make it into the state budget because of concerns over its cost.

The bill, authored by Los Angeles Democrat Maria Elena Durazo, would expand Medi-Cal—the state’s version of federal Medicaid  for low-income residents — to undocumented immigrants age 65 and older starting next July. That would inch the state closer to providing health care to all immigrants in the state illegally.

It faces a floor vote in the Assembly and then, if it passes, would return to the Senate for a final vote before landing on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk. Legislators are in a mad scramble this week to wrap up all bills by the Friday deadline…

If California were to expand Medi-Cal to cover undocumented seniors, it would make it even harder for those on the program to find a doctor and get care, said Sally Pipes, president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute, a free market think tank based in the Bay Area. In addition, she predicted that any expansion would lead the state to raise taxes to cover the cost, all while boosting the incentive for people to migrate illegally.

Pipes sees this as an incremental work-around in response to failed Democratic attempts to get state coverage for all undocumented immigrants. A bill to expand coverage to all undocumented immigrants stalled earlier this year.

“It’s not fair to those who are taxpayers and those who are middle- and lower-income and have a lot of stress in paying for healthcare. Why would they need to pay more to subsidize these people?” Pipes said. “They (legislators) didn’t get the $3.4 billion to cover all of them. So this is a stepping stone in getting there.”

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  1. Democrats always interested in buying votes with the taxpayer money.

  2. And, michael is correct!
    The thieves in Sacramento, led by that spineless coward Newsom, have no remorse in stealing from the tax payers.
    Be it a legislative passed bill, an order from the governor’s office, or just outright theft.
    Because of them, California and it’s honest hard working tax paying Citizen is in debt to the point of collapse. But, they, the thieves, know full well that states cannot file for bankruptcy. So, they steal from the honest and spend and spend. All the while figuring that other states will have to bail them out.
    God help us but we do really have a band of thieves in Sacramento!

  3. I used to reside in Canada (legally, it was tough to get in) I paid taxes (alot) and got health care in exchange. what is this all about? People keep legislating/taxing inch by inch but peanuts are filling. Time to draw a line.

  4. That’s right, keep handing out the candy —– eventually you will manage to truly bankrupt our state.

  5. I suggest we google up Cloward-Piven (1966) to see the road map for disaster. The play book is being carried out before our eyes

  6. RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM IS NOW IN FULL SWING . CONTACT RAN.COM OR RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM AT FACEBOOK. The only REAL and government recognized Recall effort. I just printed out 100 petitions yesterday and will begin collecting voters signatures next week.
    This is our chance to do something about this corrupt regime . 7 others will follow once Newsom is gone.
    From the sword of ———–

  7. Brenda Torres says

    And would encourage More to Come Here…legal or illegal!!!

  8. Of course you will soon see sick 30 year olds show up claiming to be 65 and present bogus ID or none at all and receive service with a smile. We would be happy to provide health care for every sick (or hungry) person on the planet using your dollars.

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