Businesses Shuttered by Coronavirus Face Permanent Closure Following Riots

On Monday, many cities businesses across California began cleaning up following the George Floyd riots that reached a peak during the May 30th weekend.

Businesses look at increased challenges following coronavirus, riot losses

Some businesses have been attacked, damages, looted, and in some cases, burnt to the ground. With most businesses just beginning to recover from the coronavirus lockdown and economic downturn, re-closures and damages have set back an estimated thousands of businesses.

“A lot of California had curfews and closures during the past several days,” said economist Tony Lofton. “Even now Monday, we still have entire counties like Los Angeles and Riverside shut down at 6 PM. A lot of cities and bigger counties had just started opening up again too. That was a lot of time and investment in bringing them back up to code. People left unemployment. And now a lot of that momentum is gone.

About half of all small businesses were looking at failing due to COVID-19 and what happened afterwards. They had just hit the reset button. And now some are not only closed again, but they have been broken into and possibly destroyed.

Some of those businesses also either took a cheaper insurance coverage or wanted to risk not having commercial liability insurance, which is technically legal to do in California. So those businesses just looted or broken into, well, they are dead in the water right now.

Even if they were insured and not broken into, the coming days of closures will just add to even more lost profits and employee lay-offs.

This just made the situation even more dire for most businesses. What started as a legitimate protest against a murder and police brutality and inequality erupted into somehow hurting the economy even more and National Guard troops being called up in LA.” …

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  1. But don’t worry folks, just keep believing all this is cause someone ate a bat … And cops are racist. Now go on about your day. The government is watching over u, and cares for u. 😉

  2. These store owners should sue Newson for the loss of their business since he forced them to close for no reason and after the looting they should sue the city and police of Los Angeles for not doing their job. On the police cars it says to protect and serve and they have done neither

    • Cycleman says

      The only people that they protect and serve is Gavin Newsom, Xavier Becerra and their families. The last time I saw Gavin Newsom in public he probably had 25 CHP officers around him.

    • Don’t blame the police. They did not sign up to be attack verbally and physically by haters screaming racism- which it is not. Would YOU rush in any situation, a situation that the media is set a blaze to with hate rhetoric?

      Now Newsom… that is a problem.

  3. Inconsistent policy everywhere…..curfews different in most towns. No one knows who to believe. Laws are broken with impunity. Covid a distant nightmare. Some take a knee and others a hammer or ball bat…..some say it’s not enough while others have no idea why they are marching……

    Think it best we go back to shelter in place….at least that’s not conflicted.

  4. Herman Young says

    Nancy Pelosi declared war on America when she tore up Trump’s State of the Union speech.

    And then proceeded, with the help of her deep state public sector union allies, to destroy every single Trump accomplishment one by one, coat-tailing and exploiting every single event in the US that followed. These are very evil people.

    Clinton’s mantra – it’s the economy, stupid – rang in her ears as she set about to destroy it at every level. Blood is on her hands.

  5. If it spikes, what will they do?

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