California — a Sinking Ship

If growing an economy were as simple as expanding government spending and increasing deficits, then California would be the leader in global economics.

Whether it’s highway funds or solar subsidies, for every new construction job politicians claim will be created from government spending, they neglect to disclose that the money to pay for the government-created jobs is taken from the private economy. Which causes the loss of at least an equivalent number of jobs as those they claim to create.

‘Stimulus’ Spending Healed Nothing

Moving money around from one part of the economy to the other does not expand the economy. And taking from the private sector does not create more jobs — it only creates more dependency on government.

To prevent further defiling of our state by career politicians, supporters of the free market must insist on policies that support long-term growth for California. And demonstrating to the people why big government does not bring economic growth, should be first on the list.

It would be easy if all we had to do was throw a bucket of water on the wicked politicians, and watch them melt. Dorothy had it easy compared to today’s citizens. Because politics in California is a big business, and does not involve the recognition of individual freedoms or the defense of liberty. Nor does it support the entrepreneurial spirit any longer.

Meltdown Warnings

The warning signs of an economic meltdown were all there. Economists accurately predicted what could and would go wrong if politicians and governments did not make substantial spending cutbacks and provide tax relief.

Some states embraced the necessary moves, and others continued toward a Greece-like meltdown.

Instead of cutting tax rates and government spending, California Democrats ramped up spending, passed more regulations and sneaky tax increases, creating a worse economy for the state. The increase in government spending, expansion of subsidies, and welfare and entitlement programs has only created a loss of growth for California: Stagnant wages, job losses, high taxes, a total lack of competitiveness with other states and a loss of economic standing.

While politicians claim that they inherited a failing economy from predecessors, against sound warnings they defiantly ramped up government spending, insisting millions of jobs would be created.

History is the Best Teacher

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan inherited a stagnating economy, suffering under 70 percent marginal income-tax rates. Then Reagan cut the top tax rate to 28 percent, thereby creating a surge in business investment. America enjoyed the strongest 25-year economic boom in the country’s history.

But California politicians ignored the historical economic success of Reagan. And in doing so, it became more evident than ever, that it was business-as-usual with career politicians despite dire warnings.

To Cut or Not to Cut

Whether or not politicians admit that cuts are the only way to save our cities, states and the nation, taxpayers recognize this. It’s not rocket science; it’s tough love. Even Germany and Canada recently recognized this dilemma, and appropriately cut welfare programs in order to begin reforms.

In the United States, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has instituted real reform through collective bargaining restrictions, while other states’ liberal governors continue to pray at the altar of the labor unions. California’s governor, Jerry Brown, talks a tough game in front of the television crews, but always concedes to the unions which are responsible for putting him in office.

Throughout history, reformers have recognized that talk is cheap and easy, while real government reforms may make them unpopular with those receiving entitlements.

Risking unpopularity, Walker’s reform is ground breaking: he stopped the automatic union dues deductions from workers’ paychecks. And when he did, most workers chose not to make the payments.

Government Green is Wilting

Under the guise of an economic boost, politicians embraced the man-made global warming hysteria. And while most of these same politicians couldn’t possibly believe that the earth is dangerously warming because of man, those in power recognized it as a fantastic way to expand government, and subsequent control over the people.

The only thing more politically correct in California than saving the Delta Smelt is anything to do with the environment. Environmentalists and complicit politicians threatened that, unless citizens gave up selfish driving habits, such as driving to work, life as we know it would end. They demanded that we cut back on selfish energy usage, such as running appliances, and heating and cooling our houses. They told us to live in smaller urban spaces, and take public transportation.

While conservation is very important, the people have not embraced the ridiculous and unsustainable demands made by global warming zealots.  So, in order to force the green agenda, legislators have been passing freedom-reducing legislation at breakneck speed, while increasing state spending on solar, wind and other energy programs. Despite the exposure of the Solyndra scandal,  the clean-energy racket continues. But most know that it is merely a political gravy train and not about clean air, or smart growth. We just don’t know how to stop it.

Going Green Alone

While California continues to promote ending global warming alone, Canada announced last week that next month it will formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, aimed at fighting and preventing global warming.

Likely to follow Canada are the three provinces left in the Western Climate Initiative.

Thousands of new emails have been exposed yet again, from the same ‘Climategate’ characters previously discredited through emails exaggerating the extent of global warming. Caught privately admitting to one another that the evidence is nowhere near as a strong as they’d like it to be, this confirms that the man-made global warming hysteria is not about science, and is instead merely about political activism, power, control and money.

But California’s politicians have so much invested already into the global warming scam, they will go down with the ship before they admit that it’s a ruse designed to control the state’s citizens, and take more taxpayer money.

Meanwhile, California is melting, all right, but not from the heat.

(Katy Grimes is CalWatchdog’s news reporter. Grimes is a longtime political analyst, writer and journalist. This article was first posted on CalWatchdog.)


  1. According to a survey I heard on the radio recently (don’t have the source offhand), California is at the bottom of the list of states that are run well. The Democrat control of legislature and Governorship since 2010 has dropped us one place to #50. Of course the Libtards would turn this around and say we LEAD the list of Crappiest States in the Union. A shame, really. This used to be such a lovely place to live. Thanks, Dems.

    • We live in the beautiful Fall River valley in far NE CA. We are staunchly conservative as are most of the residents in the valley. Most of the folks who elected Brown weren’t even born yet to remember the havoc he caused the last time he was in office

      • That’s what I kept telling everybody before he was elected. Many of us remember the last go around with Brown as the nightmare it was. He wasn’t called Governor Moonbeam for nothing.

  2. I hope all the members of the Democrat party in the State of California face a melt down in their family structure as this state has, in their inability to manage the Peoples affairs. I hope divorce is on the agenda for all of them along with the mate getting the bulk of the treasures they have amassed from taking from the tax payers.

    You folks deserve nothing but the worst , and if you haven’t seen the latest on Detroit, I suggest you take a look at the destruction that is happening there as that is what you have done to this state.

    For all that voted Brown back into office, I hope you sink with all the lawmakers for your ignorance

  3. The people of voted for the administration and all the inherant idiots in the legistslature or common council as the Californians call it. Stop complaining about and get out vote these fools and idiots out. Get rid of your thieving Unions and the ilke the controll them. these thugs are nothing but a group of communists and socialists bent on controlling all faucits of the people.
    The other thing needed in California is to get rid of the Hollywood elite. they screamed about out sourcing of the jobs in America but make 80- 90% of their films outside the United States,mainly in Austrailia,Canada,Spain,and Italy.

  4. Lionell Griffith says

    You said: “Despite the exposure of the Solyndra scandal, the clean-energy racket continues. But most know that it is merely a political gravy train and not about clean air, or smart growth. We just don’t know how to stop it.”

    Clearly, sending new people with the same old ideas to Sacramento doesn’t change a thing. We have to change the ideas the people in Sacramento use to make their decisions and guide their actions. To do that, we need to change the ideas that We the People use to make our decisions and guide our actions. As long as We the People don’t change our ideas, we will continue to get the same old same old.

    The first idea that needs to be changed is the idea that what is can be decided by majority vote. No matter how large the majority, urgent the need, nor the degree of faith in the hope we are doing the right thing, reality continues to be what it is. Both We the People and the politicians we send to Sacramento have wishfully conferred upon themselves godhood so that, by their vote, they can make what does not exist to exist, and what does not and cannot exist to exist – without thought, effort, nor necessity of checking with reality first. Reality is simply to obey. This doesn’t happen nor does spending other people’s hard earned wealth make it so. That, simply means that the expectation is that those few of us who actually do work and create wealth will submit and become willing sacrificial goats for everybody else.

    The second idea that needs to be changed is that simply because someone does not, cannot, nor will not be responsible for himself, that those who can be and are responsible for themselves must pay for the lack of responsibility for others. Then, if they don’t, they believe that it is right that the wealth be taken from them by force and given to those who have not produced it. It is as if by the mere act of being self responsible and creating the wealth necessary to sustain your life that you lose the right to what you have produced. Then exactly because someone did not produce it, they are to have an undeniable claim on the wealth taken.

    Reality is what it is. Hope is not a strategy. Wishing is not a tactic. The whole charade will collapse when the current political system runs out of produced wealth to steal and willing victims to sacrifice. This end point is rapidly approaching.

    The first thing we must do to avoid that end point is to accept that we must discover what reality is and act accordingly rather than trying to dictate to reality the terms we will accept. We can either choose the means or the ends but we cannot choose both. If you choose to live, then you must follow the means necessary to sustain life. If you choose death, you need do nothing. You will soon die. Choose to continue as we have been will result in wholesale poverty and worse.,

    The second thing we must do to avoid that end point is we must understand that is that there is no thing as a free lunch. Taking wealth from those who created it does not create still more wealth. It is simply consumed and destroyed. Along with that destruction, the ability of the wealth producers to continue to produce is diminished or destroyed. Such an action is a less than zero sum game.

    It was argued by our nation’s founders, as I argue, that because reality is what it is, and humans are what they are, each individual has a right to HIS life, HIS liberty, and HIS pursuit of happiness. To live, a human must know and understand reality to the extent necessary to take the actions required to stay alive. This is accomplished by the use of his capacity to reason. To be able to act based upon his knowledge, he must be free to do so – the right to liberty. Because man lives not only at the present moment, but also has memories of the past, and anticipation of a future, he must be free to choose HIS own goals and HIS own path to achieve them – the pursuit of happiness. Take away his right to HIS life and he has nothing but a short, brutally painful, life of a rightless slave.

    To those who believe the current path of politics is practical. If your goal is life and living it to its fullest (however much you are capable) you must choose an alternate path. If you choose death, keep choosing as you have. You will reach your goal.

    The rest of us simply have to use our power of reason and our ability to act to get out of your way and allow you to go to hell along your chosen path. You need us and our wealth producing ability. We don’t need you for a damn thing. What we need is for you to get out of our way. You will have no choice but get out of our way. Your only choice is how that happens.

    He who is free, never submits. He who submits, was never free. Stay free!


    • ALL AMERICAN says

      I unfortunately live in California during this aweful time.
      I would love to see Brown impeached, along with all the other Commies.

  6. Hey Okie, if you see Arkie, tell him Tex, has got a job for him, out in California, pickin up prunes, squeezing oil out of olives. The words to this derived from the migration during the depression. The words to the song related to the “working and earning a living” once they arrived. Somewhere along the line people began to conveniently leave out the working part and arrived with their hand out.The part of California I know, people still work to earn. The part of California which installed the holes to sink the ship,the populous, liberal Bay area of the north and LA basin of the south carry the voting bloc to continue the ruin,, electing the Jerry Browns.. Jerry Brown fostered by his father Edmund Brown, plus the ultra liberal policies of Earl Warren started the demise. It may take splitting into 2 states to save the most productive garden spot of the world, but the chance of that is slim and none.

    • ALL AMERICAN says

      SPLIT IT NOW !!!


        Impossible!! The absolute dependency of the California viaducts runnung up and down the state means Southern California has NO interest in seeing that happen. Expensive desalinization, and water agreements are pipeless dreams. Central California would eagerly claim and pipeline the Sierra water to the San Joaquin valley using agriculture needs as justification. The lack of water carrying capacilty in the L.A basin would mean mass evacuations of infastructure and people.. Further, the majority party (guess who) has absolutely no interest in splitting federal congressional clout (again, guess why).
        Quartering the beast looks promising, but killing the head instead by starving it stands a better chance with a workable aftermath.Either way, It wont be clean or pretty.

  7. California is suffocating due to legal robbery of its treasury by the unions, their inflated salaries and outrageous pensions, also due to innumerable (multi-million) presence of illegals and their families drawing on diminishing resources, also due to huge welfare rolls; so many servants with entitlements bought all major politicians who see the only way out in increasing of taxes! And the taxes in CA are already the highest in the nation by far! There are no chances, unless we elect new and decent and decisive people at the helm!

    • I agree but many of the voters here don’t follow politics and just vote for the names they recognize on the ballot. This needs to change but don’t know how to make people think before marking those ballots. Voting takes thought but many don’t take the time to make a informed decision or just vote the old party line time and again. Our districts are gerrymandered and the Dems keep winning & spending.

  8. We need really strong citizens and statesmen of the caliber of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul who fully understands the plight that we are in as a nation. Just as the article states we the people of California must educate ourselves and comprehend the truth that the government can never create wealth only private (unsubsidized) jobs cause a multiplying effect that can spawn more economic activity and growth. The more money that is spent on the public sector the less capital is available for growth in the private wealth creating sector. Eventually we will wake up to the reality of situation that we are in, hopefully sooner more than later. To get a good picture and idea of where we are read Ayn Rand’s, “Atlas Shrugged” which points out the hypocrisy of the people in government who have way to much power over it’s citizens lives. Bureaucratic nitwits who want to rob from those that have something in order to fund outrageous programs that stifle growth and progress.

  9. ” Jerry Brown, talks a tough game in front of the television crews, but always concedes to the unions which are responsible for putting him in office.”

    I wonder about this point. Brown cannot run for a future governers term, so he really has no restrictions to,’letting it all hang out”. You might argue he is trying to avoid the recall threat, but he is currently receiving this possibility anyway. Facts are, its the Herpes-like appointed state buraeucracies and black-robed judicial legislators that foster our ills, not the term-limited inexperienced talking heads.

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