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California’s Primary Tuesday is over. With sights set on November, candidates had a few brief moments to celebrate or ponder what went wrong, before regrouping and racing toward the general election, now just 150 days away. Winners — and losers — emerged quickly across California and the Sacramento region on a low-turnout Election Day. Here are a few from Tuesday night.

Gavin Newsom — again. Less than a year after California voters resoundingly rejected September’s $200 million all-comers recall effort to replace the governor, Newsom took home 56% of the vote on Tuesday night. He will face Republican state Sen. Brian Dahle in November.


Sacramento stalwarts seeking higher office. Whether Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s independent bid to become California’s next attorney general or conservative Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones’ run at Congress, the county’s top two law enforcement officers’ law-and-order campaigns struggled to a rough night at the polls. WINNER Another Jones — Placer County Democrat Kermit Jones, who glided past the Sacramento County lawman to the top of the 3rd Congressional District race with 39% of the vote and will face Trump-endorsed Republican Rocklin Assemblyman Kevin Kiley in November, in a contest that could in some ways test Placer’s reputation as a reliably red enclave.


Thien Ho, Sacramento County Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney, with his history-making election win to become Sacramento County’s first Asian American district attorney and the first person of color to ever lead the office. One of the prosecutors hand-picked to put away Golden State Killer and East Area Rapist Joseph DeAngelo, Ho held a strong lead over progressive attorney and former Sacramento County prosecutor Alana Mathews in a race that hinged on public safety in the wake of two mass shootings and spikes in violent crime. “The community has spoken,” Ho said Tuesday night. “They want an experienced prosecutor.” LOSER Davis developers. Voters were on track to reject Davis Measure H, the plan to annex more than 100 acres on Davis’ east side for a planned “innovation center” of research space, offices, housing and retail near Mace Boulevard and Interstate 80.

Advocates for the Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus, as it would be called, said the 102-acre development on agricultural land would draw ag and tech firms to Davis and keep more UC Davis graduates in the city. Developers offered a smaller footprint — trimming housing and commercial space — but Davis voters, historically finicky on development issues and deeply concerned about traffic congestion on an already-clogged I-80 corridor, weren’t convinced. WINNER The teacher who just may find herself in a November contest with incumbent Tony Thurmond to become California’s next superintendent of public instruction. She’s San Francisco public school teacher and administrator Ainye Long. In an Instagram message from her car Wednesday, she sounded as surprised as any next-to-impossible longshot with no war chest running for state office against a well-funded incumbent would be expected to be. “It’s still early,” Long said, “but we’re officially in second place. It’s still early, though, so keep it coming. Keep it coming.” Long’s bare-bones campaign earned her 11.7% of the vote. That’s enough, so far, for a showdown with Thurmond who, despite endorsements from the California Democratic Party and the powerful California Teachers Association, and despite raising $1.5 million in campaign cash, managed about 46% of the vote as of Wednesday.

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  1. Robin Itzler says

    I do not know the point of discussing election results when the entire process is designed to make fraud easy. After “observing” at the Orange County Registrar of Voters I wrote about it in my American Thinker article “On Our Way to Third-World Elections.”

    As to November, Governor Newsom can spend the next few months admiring himself in the mirror because the Republican Establishment candidate Brian Dahle will not win. Go around and ask the “America First” MAGA base who they voted for, and you will not hear Dahle’s name.

  2. Concerned says

    Robin, More may vote for Dahle in Nov………to attempt to clean house of the Dems and Newsom.

  3. Terry Abblett says

    As an “America First” voter, I held my nose and voted for Dahle because he was the CAGOP endorsed candidate and I felt most voters wouldn’t think for themselves. I wanted to make sure there was an R on the ballot. I joined the County Central Committee to try to make a difference, but so far the CAGOP has abandoned us yet again.

    Napa County is still only about half way through counting ballots! Vote by mail and machines must be eliminated for any progress to be made in CA (or any other state).

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