California Government Ignores the Will of the People

To borrow a term from the legal world, prima facie evidence indicates the governor and legislature have little regard for what the voters think and choose to go their own way. It can be seen with the governor’s moratorium on the death penalty and the legislature’s decision on rent control.

Governor Newsom’s position on the death penalty is well known. He worked on a 2012 initiative to end the death penalty, made clear his goal was to end the death penalty in California, and soon after being sworn in as governor, Newsom signed an executive order to prohibit carrying out death sentences while he is in office.

Yet, voters expressed a different view.

In the 2016, voters approved Proposition 66 to speed-up the death penalty process while rejecting Proposition 62 to abolish the death penalty. Voters also shot down a death penalty abolition initiative in 2016.

But, the governor said we’ll do it his way.

This week, the California Supreme Court said death penalty cases could move forward despite Newsom’s order on the death penalty. The justices were following the law.

Similarly, voters had a chance to offer their verdict on rent control by voting on Proposition 10 in 2018, a rent control measure put on the ballot by initiative.  Thumbs down on that ballot measure, too, with a nearly 60% no vote.

Along comes the legislature less than two years later to pass AB 1482 that would establish a statewide (albeit temporary) rent control in California. 

You think elected officials would give deference to the voters on policy issues which voters took time to study and vote upon. If officials feel that their arguments on the death penalty and rent control are stronger today than when the voters spoke, they should go back to the ballot with a new request. Until then, the voters’ wishes must be upheld.

There’s even an example of dodging the public will at the local level that I touched on yesterday when it came to the legislature passing a bill to allow local governments to establish public banks.

Los Angeles voters turned down a measure placed on the ballot by the city council on the 2018 ballot to establish a city bank. Along came a state bill to allow local governments to get involved in banking and Los Angeles officials officially added their support for the bill. While voters of the city said no to such a proposal, not long after, city officials jumped at an opportunity to go around the voters.

When government authorities ignore voters’ clearly stated positions, the foundation of the state’s democracy is weakened and respect for governments on the state and local levels is lost.

Joel Fox is editor and co-publisher of Fox and Hounds Daily, where this article was originally published.


  1. It’s not about democracy it’s about laws. The United States is a republic and the foundation is law. Politicians care little for law if it hampers their agenda. Laws are only for the “little peons”. Until the laws are enforced equally we are little more than a feudal collective.

  2. There is plenty of reason to RECALL NEWSOM, and more every day.
    If only Californians were an educated group, and not brainwashed from kindergarten to college graduation. Public conversation at least about the Constitution and our rights should be had in Crazyfornia.

    • No, we’re not brainwashed…the issue is the sheer number of people in the Bay Area and Southern California who vote for those like Newsom, Boxer and Feinstein. Even during the last election, if you looked at how individual Counties voted, the majority of the State voted Conservative. This is the reason Conservative Californians are moving out of the State at a record high. Even though we love our State and it’s beauty, it’s no longer feasible for us to stay.

  3. Boris Badenov says

    Kommieforniastan is a small fraction of an inch from being a pretend democracy i.e. a true Socialist state. And the sheeple are too bloody ignorant to see it.

  4. Pretty Boy Newsom should be RECALLED! Unfortunately 43% of the voters are behind him or at least aren’t bothered by his BS!

    • Your figures are incorrect and I question your motives for posting this attempt to dissuade people from Recalling this POS Communist Traitor.
      From the sword of —————-

  5. RECALL GAVIN NEWSCUM @ RAN.COM THE ONLY REAL RECALL EFFORT . Online petitions do not count and are scams . Check out Recall Gavin Newsom at Facebook or headed by Erin Cruz , candidate for congress. It is in full swing , find a petition place near you today. You MUST be a registered Voter to sign .
    From the sword of ———————–


  7. Nothing corrupts the morals nor destroys the economy of a culture more than totalitarianism. The government is too often our own worst enemy.

  8. When Newsom was elected I lost all hope for California. I am 71, born and raised here, spent my whole life here but have had enough. We moved back to America and we became official Arizona residents last week. I will never look back or, for that matter, ever cross the border into a land I no longer know, no longer respect and will no longer contribute go their extreme left theft from fees and taxes.

  9. Recall Newsom we the voters are on firer getting him out of office he should be nervous! Come February 2020 he’s falling the way the paperwork coming in we could have this 2.0 million signatures before hand !


    • But is not making it easy for us disabled seniors who are the majority of the ones intelligent enough to understand the need. Their instructions are insufferable and inexcusable as they do not advise on how one person can print and sign just for themselves. Hopefully they will respond to my inquiry timely.

  11. Rex Larson says

    Newsom thinks Californians are stupid and that it’s alright to lie to and mislead voters. Two recalls are currently underway in California and they’re getting the signatures they need.These recalls are real and it will be satisfying when Newsom realizes his job is in serious jeopardy.

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