California Likely Closed Through April

Forget shelter in place: It may be time to settle in place.

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday that California will likely remain closed through April. His prediction came the same day President Donald Trump announced his intention to reopen the country by Easter, on April 12.

Newsom did not directly address Trump’s comments, but he emphasized that such a timeline would not work for California.

  • Newsom: “We’re trying to bend that curve, but we haven’t bent it. … April, early April, I think that would be misleading to represent, at least for California. … I’ve said this very honestly and objectively based on all the expertise and experts … the next six to eight weeks will be pivotal and will be determinative in terms of being able to … reset expectations. … I said eight to 12 weeks … we can continue to do what we’ve done, and if we do that, hopefully, we’ll be in a very different place than we are today. I think April, for California, would be sooner than any of the experts I’ve talked to would believe is possible.”

By underscoring his reliance on health experts to determine an appropriate time to reopen the state, Newsom implicitly contrasted himself with the president, who said he chose the April 12 date because “I just thought it was a beautiful time.”

However, it’s ultimately governors, not the president, who will decide when their states reopen for business. To date, almost half of U.S. states have imposed lockdowns in response to coronavirus. …

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  1. When and if everyone had a packet of hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak on hand or as easy as calling their doctor at the first couple of signature symptoms arise, we could bring this hole epidemic to a quick close.
    As people go out and back to work, more and more will have built immunity.

    I see no need for an abundance of respirators if the medical treatment is to give this combination drug treatment to everyone young or old who has two or more symptoms early on in the disease process. The key to any treatment is catching it early so it does not cause extreme decline in any one.

    Hopefully, the medical field will speak up quickly to the CDC, NIH and Surgeon General office to let them know they are using it and it is working well.

    Unfortunately, the Gov of Nevada has just declared this drug treatment “banned” in that state!!!!
    I am glad I do not live in Nevada!

  2. ireAmerica says

    The author of this article, Emily Hoevin, has neglected a few points.

    Gavin Newsom’s political career is over. He states; “We’re trying to bend that curve, but we haven’t bent it…” meaning that once again, he and his illegitimate policies are failures. Gavin has extended nearly all of Jerry Brown’s disastrous schemes.

    Deferring reservoir maintenance even after additional taxpayer funding was granted, while continuing to flush nearly half of capacity into the ocean. A devastating theft and failure for fire-protection and agriculture.

    Continuing and enhancing dangerous “sanctuary” protections for millions of unvetted illegal aliens in our State. Gavin commits these crimes without concern for California’s Citizens. These illegals have brought us a resurgence in tuberculosis, viruses and parasitic infections, organized crime, violence, drugs and a marked decrease in quality and safety of education. All while Gavin operates in open defiance of Federal rules for assisting in proper disposition of these millions of foreign criminals.

    Now Gavin declares to himself the unConstitutional “power” to dictate business closures and to forbid individuals from working or traveling, making them virtual prisoners under house arrest.

    Gavin has jumped the shark. He deserves arrest and removal from office due to his criminal tenure.

  3. Mikala Barton says

    I believe that over 23,000 in the United States died from the flu and yet we just shut down the country for COVID19. Besides that fact Chinese Nationals came into our country in December when so many people had the same symptoms of COVID19. So I think that this is all about getting Trump and taking away our freedom. Wake up People

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