California Supreme Court Puts Taxpayers at Big Risk

On Wednesday of last week, the California Supreme Court declined to hear a case involving the validity of a local special tax initiative that failed to secure two-thirds voter approval.

That requirement is found in Proposition 13 (1978) as well as Proposition 218 (1996), also known as the Right to Vote on Taxes Act, both of which were sponsored by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Taxpayers had petitioned the Supreme Court to review a lower Court of Appeal’s ruling refusing to apply well-settled law.

The significance of the Supreme Court’s failure to provide clarity on this important issue cannot be overstated.

Unless it resolves this question in other cases now working their way up through the court system, a gaping new loophole will have been created in the constitutional protections for taxpayers that voters have repeatedly ratified over the decades. Moreover, the failure to act is a green light to tax-and-spend interests to extract even more dollars from the most heavily taxed citizens in the United States.

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  1. TheGhostofBelleStarr says

    It’s Caifornias Democrat politicians wet dream to eliminate Prop.13 for residential properties. Can you image your property taxes doubling …can you imagine seniors living on social security or small pensions losing their homes, many paid off, because they cant afford the raised property taxes… eventually this WILL happen.

  2. I tell anyone who will listen (and some that won’t) that Prop. 15 this November is merely the latest attempt to shred Prop. 13. Really, if commercial real estate loses the current Prop. 13 protections it enjoys, just how long do you think it will be before those protections are lost from ALL residential real property?!?
    Seriously, you shouldn’t have to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to see the freight train coming at all of us.

  3. Richard Cathcart says

    The only strategy for the defense of Amendment 13 ever employed by HJTA since 1978 has failed. First, it was the packing of CA judgeships with Liberal persons done by Democrats. Second, more and more off-base rulings in case after case committed by those judges. Third, this latest State Supreme Court sleight-of-hand. HJTA’s strategy served to empower only lawyers, indeed to make a standardized lobby group of a minority of pseud-Conservative attorneys. Thus, in the eyes and minds of ordinary post-1978 Californians, HJTA became just another Sacramento hands-out for $$$ group. The tell-tale is the drop in HJTA’s membership, its perpetual excuse “its aging, the stalwarts are dying off”. No, they did not attract younger politics-savvy new members to supplement to older members. What’s to be done for property taxpayers now? I suggest formation of a more forward thinking organization dedicated to coming up with answers for high-taxation future moves by Democrats. A counter-attack of positive suggestions that solve the State electric power, freshwater, Covid-19 problems–need I say it, lawyers are untrained in such activity. No such organization exists yet, but it will have to be formed when HJTA is made irrelevant by CA;s corrupt Courts.

  4. If Prop 15 passes, the stupid idiots who vote for it will see the majority or products and services increase. The oil companies and utility companies own property from the pre-historic period. Their property taxes are really low, Wait until you see what market taxes will do to you gas and power bills, your water bills, etc. Some landlords have low taxes now – watch the rents climb. The Prop 15 advocates know that this won’t affect Prop 13 SFR taxes, but they are not disclosing the increase in living costs this will cause. It might even cause a reduction in property values because of the decreased standard of living. Maybe Seniors won’t have increased property taxes, but they won’t be able to afford utilities and food. Time to leave California before everybody has to.


  6. Chris Renner says

    It is not final but this ruling basically says that, “Sure it said 2/3rds but we didn’t really mean it” so a simple majority, or perhaps no majority at all, will be the barometer for passage of any tax bill in the future. Remember this ruling when the over 100 sales tax propositions are voted upon in November.


    If you want to stop this madness sign the recall of Newsom. Get friends and family to sign and send money. The only thing that will stop Newsom is to get him OUT.

  8. Criminals posing as public servants. I remove my consent to be governed by criminals that violate their oaths of office per the Declaration of Independence.

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