California Wants to ANALYZE Your Child for TRAUMA Before Entering School

Parents of California need to be on the alert. The Newsom administration is going to demand that before your child enters school, they MUST go through “a screening” for childhood trauma. This will not be done by someone you choose, but by the government. So, if a child talks about going to church and believing that abortion is murder, the government could consider that a childhood trauma. In the extreme, take the child from the parents. If you thought government mandating that poisons be put into your child was bad — this is a million times worse.

We need a movement, now to stop this threat to families and children. As I have said before government believe your children belong to the State — not the parents. Who is to decide what a trauma is — government?

As Patrice Gaines reported for NBC:

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris has an ambitious dream: screen every student for childhood trauma before entering school.

A school nurse would also get a note from a physician that says: ‘Here is the care plan for this child’s toxic stress. And this is how it shows up,’” said Burke Harris, who was appointed California’s first surgeon general in January.

It could be it shows up in tummy aches. Or it’s impulse control and behavior, and we offer a care plan. Instead of reacting harshly and punitively, every educator is trained in recognizing these things. Instead of suspending and expelling or saying, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ we say, ‘What happened to you?’

Another reason to Recall Gavin Newsom — do it for the children.

Click here to read more on this topic from NBC News.


  1. So much stupidity from supposed intelligent people. Stay away from my family. Every family has its trouble. No such thing as perfect. The Demicrats and Socialist Democrats are out of control. Wake up people!!!

    • Many things make me angry, but this takes the cake. I have shared this and will try make everyone aware.

    • well the b has to come up with something so she can keep her job – if you were a lawmaker you would be constantly trying to make new laws too –

    • Judy Sherfey says

      Very dangerous to think that way. The dark forces behind this also control the Republicans. Thus is humans against ancient and dark forces. And socialist puppets royally flame my torch too.

    • Nobody is coming after your family you ridiculous moron. Actually learn about trauma and how it affects cognitive and emotional development. And trauma is more than just “family trouble.” It’s stuff like substance abuse, parental instability, family violence, community violence, gangs, abuse, etc. REAL trauma, not your ridiculous imagined oppression.

      • Avalonwitch says

        So that more kids can be put into foster care and really traumatized there. Teachers are not counselors. They need to teach the basics, period, and stop playing Freud or Trotsky. Theres a reason school counselors exist, and not to play doctor on every child. Testing every child will end up in witch hunts in many cases, and harm kids who aren’t harmed in the first place.

  2. “A school nurse would also get a note from a physician that says: ‘Here is the care plan for this child’s toxic stress” toxic stress is a negative connotation. original sin? EVERYONE has some type of childhood trauma. I DIDN’T GET A PONY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! seriously, though, teachers should have the ability to see that in a child. another bureaucratic chance to indoctrinate, control and type. also, more taxes. isn’t that stressful? very dangerous mission by effete intellectual snobs. get rid of Newsom. he probably won’t read the Bill anyway. aprents should be able to opt out.

    • meant parents

    • Maybe actually look at actual trauma. Nobody cares that you didn’t get a pony for Christmas. They’re looking for kids who have suffered abuse or neglect, family or community violence, parental instability, family members with substance abuse, gangs, etc. REAL trauma.

  3. Grandpa dog says

    I actually think it’s to see if your child is programmable to Communism and hating their parents if their conservative.

    • You are probably correct. The plan would be to try and convert them. If that wouldn’t work, then CPS would bring a court order to your door to remove your child from your abusive custody. Then it may or may not be taken to a facility where conversion will be more forceful, sold or placed in a foster home that is covering for a child sex ring.

  4. Does not surprise me what the socialists nazi democrates under Gavin Newsom want to do against the US. In California beginning Jan 1st 2020 Illegals begin getting FREE HEALTHCARE. When I called my DUMB ASS Democrate rep complaining I was told “If you don’t like it then sell your house and leave the state”…This IS THE DEMOCRATE WAY PEOPLE…vote THIS SCUM OUT!!!!

  5. Gregory Brittain says

    Their goal is to burn down our country and civilization. Attacking the family is key.

  6. Gregory Brittain says

    More evidence, if you need any, that if you love God, if you love America, and/or if you love your children, find a way to get them out of the #GovernmentRunSchools where they will be dumbed down academically, patriotically, religiously and morally.

  7. I had (and still do) have dyslexia and would have been considered traumatized under these circumstances. It’s all about playing some blame game, and the accused are targets of the totalitarian regime. Sad that our State has slipped so far!

  8. Wait till most black CA children get on the “trauma list” bc that is going to happen, yk. They’re going to be considered traumatized. I have popcorn.

  9. More horror stories from a socialist type government. How many people have had bad childhoods, but used their experiences to foster growth, creativity, and becoming much better parents of their own kids?
    You think Newsom is bad now, just wait until he becomes President in 2024. Huxley’s world was just 40 years too early. But of course, in the schools I’m sure that A. Huxley is banned from the curriculum as it might sway some children away from the brainwashing of the hard left and their plans for our glorious future.

    • He will not be President in 2024. Hopefully by then people will figure out what Socialism really is. At least I pray they do.

  10. Beware the hyphenated last name.

  11. Helen ziebell says

    These sob’s better leave our children alone! We have had enough!!
    Why the hell do these evil people think we are going to stand for the government taking our children! They have lost their minds.

  12. This CRAP started with Common Core Educational Programs ! Now The Fools are trying it again with Terror ! God forbid and bring Christian Morality and Patriotism back into schools. My Gun is My Tool for Protection and Security of my Family; Amen !

  13. Move the he’ll out of California

  14. Oh ffs. Nobody is going to consider religion (unless it’s an abusive religion or cult) or opinion on abortion trauma. Knowing about trauma is important because trauma in early education affects brain structure, cognitive development, social-emotional development and behavior, learning, the ability to form healthy attachments to others, and even physical health. Studies show that about half of all children have experienced at least one adverse experience, such as parental incarceration, family violence, community/neighborhood violence, parental instability, gang violence, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, abuse, and neglect. The more adverse experiences a child experiences, the higher probability of early substance abuse, poor school performance, suicide, etc. Stop trying to co-opt actual trauma with your imagined oppression.

  15. Audrey Cannon says

    This is insane and Soviet Style tactics.

  16. Some children need help, but not by a state decision. Stop this before it spreads.

  17. Marie Carnine says

    As a professional in the field of counseling, who has experience screening children for PTSD and trauma, this article appears to be written without knowledge and one to incite fear. A screening for trauma is not about religion, but about having experienced abuse, domestic violence, a death of a loved one, or having seen a bad accident or a crime (does not apply to on screens). Think of a mental health screen in comparison to a medical physical screen before school. Severe behavioral problems indicate a need for therapy and symptoms of experiencing a trauma would also. Want to see a true screening for trauma? Check out the UCLA PTSD.

  18. It looks like CA wants to lead the nation in being a tyrannical government.

  19. Jessica you are so right. This article is an insult to intelligence.

  20. Sharon Tabor says

    I can understand teachers wanting to know about children who are under stress at home or have been. It the child acts out, or is having trouble with school, the teacher has more understanding where the problem might have arisen. But, as a parent, it’s my responsibility to get my child therapy. I can take my child to a counselor in the medical field, or by my Church. I can even deal with problems myself, having been a child before and having people I love pass away. I don’t want nor need the state to step in for their arbitrary “this is too much trauma for your child”.
    My mother was in London during World War 2, during the bombing. Her house was demolished in one of the attacks (no family fatalities). I know from her diaries she saw some horrific sights. She didn’t get therapy. She and her siblings and parents came out of the war and got on with life.
    I find it interesting that one of the posts say a child needs therapy because a loved one has dies. Not by the state. A separation between the state and religion must be kept. Dealing with the trauma of death isn’t the state’s roll. A child needs comforting, and an explanation of what happened, including it’s a part of life, by the family, their church, and friends.
    Get on with life and may you be successful.

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