California’s budget process has devolved into a bad joke

Let’s face it. California’s budget process has devolved into a bad joke. The record amount of spending coupled with massive expenditures for wasteful, pork-barrel projects is bad enough. But the more insidious problem is the lack of budget transparency. This is not the way it is supposed to be.

As usual, Sacramento politicians are patting themselves on the back for passing an “on time” budget. True, the main budget bill was passed on June 13, two days before the constitutional deadline. But citizens would be mistaken to believe that the passage of the budget bill completes the budget process.

Ever since 2010, it has become common to enact politically motivated legislation as so-called budget “trailer bills” as a means to avoid meaningful analysis and public hearings.

What happened in 2010 that caused the budget process to be corrupted was the passage of Proposition 25, entitled the “On-Time Budget Act of 2010.”

Voters were told three things about Prop. 25: Budgets would be passed on time; it would increase budget transparency; and that legislators would forfeit their pay if the budget was not passed on time. All three were lies. Moreover, because the primary goal of Prop. 25 was to reduce the vote threshold for passage of the budget bill from two-thirds to a simple majority, it deprives the minority party of any meaningful input.

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  1. Disgusted with CA says

    The Guv and his cronies are going to have a rude awakening when the middle class Californians are all gone leaving them and the illegals to pay the bills. People are not going to continue to put up with their games and will find a better place to live. We may not have the ideal weather but will have politicians who listen and are concerned with the welfare of average people.

  2. And the liberal dem mayors and city councils of the major cities in California are destroying these urban areas with pathetic, incompetent, and disgraceful political leadership. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle you are all douche bag cities with horrible politicians who are destroying your cities with no regard for anything but their own personal agendas . Gov Newsom is the #1 destroyer of California and a genuine POS who lied to the people of California about his true intentions concerning the death penalty in California. Dishonest and superficial Newsom he is as phony as Hollywood.

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