California’s Inept Central Planners

Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Legislature and the state’s bureaucracy claim to be addressing the state’s much discussed “housing crisis.” But rather than improve the state’s awful affordability crisis, the policies being enacted are precisely the wrong medicine, more akin to witch-doctoring than a scientific curative.

The list of newish blunders, built upon nearly thirty years of disastrous policies, include such things as new rent control measures, mandates for “zero emissions” homes and mandatory solar installations. Worse yet, and soon to be strengthened, are attempts to block development in outlying areas, where land costs are cheaper, in favor of dense development in already expensive, dense urban areas.

The idea that these policies will encourage home-building could only be appreciated by a fantasist. Since California began its ratcheting of regulation, house prices have more than tripled relative to household incomes, the result of which is that in the major metropolitan areas, most middle-class households cannot afford the median priced house. Housing production has fallen because most households have simply been priced out of the market.

Tragically home ownership is declining, particularly among minorities and millennials, and rents now exceed that of any state other than Hawaii. It is not surprising that the latest Census Bureau population estimates, released on the last day of 2019, show that more than 200,000 more people moved to other states than moved into California. California’s net outmigration exceeded that of New York for the first time in over a decade. …

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  1. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    Home ownership is declining because of deterioration in the availability/ quality/salaries of middle class jobs unassisted by a deplorable overpriced “education” system, as employers and the middle class flee the state. Though exploding in number (Until AB 5 ! ) McJobs at McWages don’t qualify anyone for a mortgage! But true to form, rather than analyze reality to propose / compare feasible alternatives, our Evil Moron Overlords grasp at and PROCLAIM “shiny object” solutions without analysis, testing, or the SLIGHTEST care about consequences. So long as ideologies are supported and crony supporters rewarded. The Nowhere Train is tragically emblematic of their approach to EVERYTHING in this spiralling dystopia.

  2. Sacramento and the Newscum are taking California to an UNBEARABLE State of corrupt affairs.
    Only Superman can stop this perpetual State of downfall.

    Superman Trump is quickly becoming a strong presence in the World, as well as America. Soon he will set his sights on setting California right again. Do not despair. That is just what Soros wants you to do.

    • showandtell says

      Aprila, I appreciated your comment and I like your optimistic style.
      Thank you for posting it as well as the one farther down.

  3. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    Wanted to submit this on the Contact Us form, but ALWAYS fails since NO Captcha image is EVER presented (FYI)

  4. To get affordable housing built they need to get rid of CEQA and cut the regulations by 50%. As it sits now it has taken over 20 years to get the go ahead to build a housing project north of LA

  5. Why do you think we need affordable housing?
    Oh, for the illegal aliens, of course.
    While the middle class is/has moved out of the state, we are worrying about setting up living space for illegals. What is wrong with this picture. Be aware, there could be a bait and switch coming, and homeless will be moved into all these high rise/high density complexes, turning them into Chicago-style projects overnight right down the street from YOU.

    In O.C., there are large high rise/ high density buildings being built on every postage stamp spot that is left anywhere. Question is, who will live there and where will they be driving? Already cannot move on freeway and parking spaces are hard to find. There is a line everywhere. This will be the period at the end of the California dream to nightmare.

    CALIFORNIA DOES NOT NEED AFFORDABLE HOUSING. We need a job rich and friendly environment. Certainly, not everyone can sit at the front seat of the opera. Most certainly, not the homeless who are generally mentally ill, drug addicted, or lazy takers of taxpayer subsidies.

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