Case For A Newsom Recall Continues To Grow

After some fits and starts, the recall effort against Gov. Gavin Newsom appears to be gaining traction. Proponents say they have collected over 1 million signatures.

Media reports of a half-million dollar donation to the effort plus rumors of even more forthcoming are getting the attention of California’s political establishment. If the required 1.5 million valid signatures are submitted before the mid-March deadline and subsequently verified, a special election will be held and California voters will soon thereafter vote on the recall.

That is, unless the California Legislature pulls another fast one as it did in 2017, passing a last-minute change to the rules or the election calendar.

Any such attempt would be extremely unwise, with public confidence in government already low.

On the ballot, the recall question would be accompanied by a separate question of who would replace the incumbent if the recall passed. (In the October 2003 recall election of Gov. Gray Davis, a total of 135 candidates were on the ballot as replacement candidates, including pornographer Larry Flynt and former TV child star Gary Coleman).

Recalls are not easy and are fraught with many unknowns. They are expensive and the complicated politics of multiple replacement candidates, each seeking a plurality of votes, makes the state’s “jungle” primaries seem simple by comparison.

Polling is unreliable in such an environment, and there’s a Wild West atmosphere to the process.  Nonetheless, recalls are a legitimate political remedy when the public loses confidence in an elected official. At least a million Californians have reached that point.

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  1. Biden has been very blatant about his love for the California policies and regulations and wants to clone them for all of America.

    Biden loves CA and is starting to impose the same inflationary costs to the other 49 states, with higher energy and labor costs, both of which impacts the cost of everything. Discouraging America’s energy independence will have Americans beholden to foreign countries for our crude oil, like CA, and beholden to China for the mining of minerals and metals to support wind, solar, and EV battery construction.

    If CA can be successful in recalling Newsom, maybe that would send a strong message to Biden and the rest of the country, that it may be best if they avoid following the deteriorating state of CA.

  2. William Pisani says

    This clown is cut from the same piece of dirty cloth as his aunt, or what ever, and think all these positions elected to are there’s and there’s alone . He is part of the crap that MUST NEVER BE ELECTED.

  3. I think Gavin’s possible easing up today on the lockdowns will backfire, as the ‘hypocrazy’ of his decision making becomes more clear.

    The only science he’s used is political science.

    (Btw, we posted this link at

  4. Again: Who will be the next lucky lib to take over? it seems plans are put in place but never reveal the outcomes. This seems a waste of time and money, as always, with no one taking the lead of outcome discussions. And you wonder why accountability of anything is slim to none – always!!! Really gets OLD……

  5. Hal Schwartz says

    Sadly Gruesome, like Jerry Brown-out thinks he is the smartest man in the world. If he was he would pursue proven ideas, not fairy dust like HS Rail, Extension-cord cars and monsters turned loose on the streets. California was a beautiful state. Lefty pinko wakkos like Gruesome have made it the laughing stock of the nation and driven business out of state. He is a putz and a schmuck.

  6. Chris Renner says

    The enemy that you know is better than the enemy you don’t know!

    • ExCaliExpat says

      Don’t be a dumbass, Chris!!!

      Tom McClintock or John Moorlach would be a FINE replacement for Newsom the tool…

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