Court ruling upholds ban on public funding of political campaigns

It’s no secret that California, perhaps America’s most progressive state, is controlled by a political establishment openly hostile to the interests of taxpayers. Taxpayer victories over the state’s liberal power structure are rare, but they do happen.

Last week, taxpayers prevailed in a long running lawsuit involving public funding for political campaigns. The dispute began in 2016 when the Legislature passed, and the governor signed, Senate Bill 1107, which purported to amend a part of the Political Reform Act of 1974.

The Act itself was previously amended in 1988 by Proposition 73, an initiative measure that expressly prohibited public funding of political campaigns. SB1107 attempted to reverse the ban by permitting public funding of political campaigns under certain circumstances.

There was just one problem: Initiative statutes, laws that are approved by voters, cannot be amended by the California Legislature except by a vote of the people or under circumstances permitted by the initiative itself.

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  1. Now, let’s get public employee unions out of the political arena. They have an unfair advantage over the private sector employees, in that public employees are compensated with tax revenue. Money that is allocated and budgeted by elected representatives.
    That allows public employees to purchase candidates, bet them elected and then cash in through that elected office holder with tax revenue as the source of compensation.
    Illegal, unethical, yet the courts allow them to continue because the courts are partisan and violate their oath of office.
    Our state is corrupt from the Ex governor through the current governor down through all democrat legislators, democrat mayors, and so on.
    Criminals, the whole lot of them

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