DMV Selling Personal Information of Californians to Generate Revenue

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is generating revenue of $50,000,000 a year through selling drivers’ personal information, according to a DMV document obtained by Motherboard.

DMVs across the country are selling data that drivers are required to provide to the organization in order to obtain a license. This information includes names, physical addresses, and car registration information. California’s sales come from a state which generally scrutinizes privacy to a higher degree than the rest of the country.

In a public record acts request, Motherboard asked the California DMV for the total dollar amounts paid by commercial requesters of data for the past six years. The responsive document shows the total revenue in financial year 2013/14 as $41,562,735, before steadily climbing to $52,048,236 in the financial year 2017/18.

The document doesn’t name the commercial requesters, but some specific companies appeared frequently in Motherboard’s earlier investigation that looked at DMVs across the country. They included data broker LexisNexis and consumer credit reporting agency Experian. Motherboard also found DMVs sold information to private investigators, including those who are hired to find out if a spouse is cheating. It is unclear if the California DMV has recently sold data to these sorts of entities. …

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  1. Marianne Hyson says

    This is terrifying and such a horrific violation of my privacy. I feel betrayed by California once again. To get your new ID you provide birth certificate, passport, SSN card, and utility bills. All of that has been compromised. Californians should be raising hell everywhere over this

  2. another good reason to ask for citizenship. and Data Broker is the word; everybody sells your info.

  3. I was not aware it was constitutional for ANY government agency to SELL anything, other than ideas in order to run our government. That’s why Hitlary C. and Obama got caught selling the American people healthcare. When it was determined it was not constitutional, the unsrupulus judge Roberts of the Supreme Court then decided it could be if it were labeled a tax. Thus our American justice system continues to fall apart!!!

  4. Fabulous. The DMV is a monopoly for which it’s mandatory we provide our private information and hard earned dollars. Now that can sell that private information for a profit. Let’s file a freedom of information request and see who’s pocket it went into.

  5. Independent Thinking Woman says

    This freakin’ SUCKS!!!! Just like this damned police state – can’t even protect our privacy. Won’t let women protect themselves. Stupid, STUPID politicians!!!! Some of these idiots have NEVER worked in their lives. Please – Californians – WAKE UP!!! Stop supporting these fools!!!! They HATE us!!!

  6. We all know that our Anti-GOD government are Master LIARS.

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