Donald Trump Proposes Federal Homeless Task Force for Los Angeles, San Francisco

President Donald Trump promised to address the homelessness issue in major California cities, as he traveled to the state for a series of political fundraisers.

He suggested the creation of an “individual task force” that would address the problem.

“The people of San Francisco are fed up, and the people of Los Angeles are fed up,” Trump said. “And we’re looking at it, and we’ll be doing something about it.”

The president spoke to reporters on Air Force One on the trip to California and confirmed that he would speak to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson about the problem.

“We can’t let Los Angeles, San Francisco, and numerous other cities destroy themselves by allowing what’s happening,” Trump said.

He said that he spoke to foreign business investors in California who were so frustrated with the homelessness problem that they were ready to leave. He also expressed concerns about the spreading diseases in tent cities. A recent outbreak of Typhus in Los Angeles has also raised the alarm among residents.

“Our policeman that are on the beat are getting sick. They’re actually sick,” Trump said. “They’re going to the hospital. We can’t let that happen.”

Reports last week noted that the president was looking at a number of options to deal with the problem, including possibly invoking the National Emergencies Act of 1976 to declare an emergency or moving the homeless in Los Angeles to a FAA facility.

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  1. James Malloy says

    Please do not declare an emergency; that’s what our wonderful governor is hoping for! That would allow him to raid the gas tax fund to pay for programs that will probably make things worse!

  2. Looks like we may be at the threshold of the Homeless being gathered up and sent to FEMA Camps. How about the sick and the elderly , are they being considered for removal to FEMA Camps so that they can be ” Better Served ” by the government ? Could those who have retired at less than 250000 a year be next in line ? Hmmmmm.
    From the sword of ————

  3. Coastal Lady says

    Unfortunately, local politicians have learned how to “monetize” homelessness by earning hefty awards from state and federal homeless programs. The result has been an ever increasing layer of bureaucratic fat! Very little of the grant $$ actually serves to truly help the homeless. Let’s begin to address the root causes of homelessness including teaching financial literacy in public schools. Most high school grads can’t balance a checkbook or prepare a tax return. Most will never take a course in economics or understand the importance of saving early in life.

  4. And I still say set up a huge homeless operation on Jerry Brown’s NoCal ranch! He is to blame for a lot of this problem along with Pretty Boy Newsom.

  5. Ditto re Coastal Lady’s comment. I’ve lived in SF for 50 years and 20 years ago one would only see a homeless person sleeping in a doorway of a business maybe once in a week. If you are an incorrigible alcoholic who’s not going to be thrown into a “drunk tank” where you get no alcohol, and you make enough money on the street for a fifth of bourbon and a case of beer a day, why not live on the street in a tent that the government provides, in a place with climate so benign you don’t freeze to death at night? Yes we need to provide help for those who are temporarily forced out of their homes for emergencies and job loss and the like; this is a unique class of homeless which deserves our best efforts to re-house, re-educate, and provide vocational assistance. This is the group of homeless that should be targeted for subsistence and other resources. But this is, sadly, only a very small percentage of all the homeless, maybe 10%. The diagnosed, truly mentally ill need to be provided for in institutional or halfway-house type housing along with psychiatric treatment and medication, and supervision to ensure they remain functional and taking their meds. Many of the mentally ill are also addicted to drugs and/or alcohol so it’s difficult to determine which came first; long-term alcohol abuse can cause alcoholic schizophrenia and psychosis. But on the other hand, we must stop coddling the drug addicts as if they were people who had nothing to do with their addiction. They can, and many do, beat addictions, but you have to want to. These addicted homeless are a group who lost the motivation and don’t want to. Drug addicts able to freely shoot up, buy and sell their drugs and get free needles are perfectly happy to live on the streets where the drugs are plentiful (especially since low-income housing or SRO housing requires you to be addiction-free to qualify). We must deal with this group separately, starting with _not_ giving them money or housing which only facilitates their continuing to use. Lack of housing is not an addict’s “problem.” The ‘fix’ is complex and probably involves a combination of providing rehab and authoritarian criminal justice–not something that will go away if the government just puts a billion more dollars into housing for the homeless.

  6. It’s really sad it takes our president to have to intervene because our useless governor Newsom is to busy banning plastic bottles and figuring out how to block water from getting to the farmers. Recall newsom.

  7. Coastal Lady has the right idea about teaching financial literacy starting in grade 1. But the schools want no part of anything that would make students independent of socialistic policies. Try approaching someone who could make it happen and you are looked at as if you just flew in from the dark side of the moon. Seventy percent of adults in America are under the impression that money is to spend. Money is a tool to be used to obtain your goals. The fewer people aware of this fact are much easier to lead down the yellow brick road. It’s called socialism, socialism leads to tent cities.

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