Dream Act? Dream On.

Jerry Brown just signed the Dream Act, which pays college tuition for illegal immigrants, for one of two reasons.  Either he sincerely believes that everyone in California deserves a shot at higher education, or it’s a craven sellout to political allies.

I say craven sellout.

We’re talking $14.5 million to fund the Dream Act, according to the Los Angeles Times, which is money the state doesn’t have.

What about my kids’ dreams of going to college?  My wife and her family waited their turn and immigrated legally to this country 29 years ago.  My mother’s family did likewise in 1946.  So why are we forced to reward people who jumped the line?

It’s not a racial issue.  It’s a money issue.  If we had all the money in the world, then open the borders, let everyone in, and build enough college campuses so that everyone who wants a California college education can have it.

But if that’s your dream for California, then dream on.  We can’t afford it.

We can’t even afford to fix the 405, let alone open a new diamond lane straight from the border to the college classroom.

We can’t afford to keep in prison all the offenders who shouldn’t be on the streets, and who will soon be released to go back to do what they do best:  commit crime.

We can’t afford to offer schoolchildren classrooms where they don’t need binoculars to see the front of the room.  Laptops?  At 40+ kids per class, they’re practically sitting on each other’s laps.

We can’t afford to pay for the jacked up retirement costs for state “workers” who, in typical public employee fashion, rack up overtime and other pieces of added income in their last year or two of work so that their bloated pensions have little to do with what they actually earned.  Or deserved.

I don’t think there’s a single conservative soul in California who truly wishes ill on  the college-age children of illegal immigrant parents.  It’s just that if the state can’t pay its own bills, why should it pay the bills for anyone else?

I have a dream.  It’s not as bold and spectacular as that of Dr. Martin Luther King, but it’s all mine.  It’s that California pays only for what it can afford, that people abide by the law, that if they break the law they are punished accordingly, and that Sacramento ceases to be a place governed by the backroom deal.

Well, Aerosmith might have been singing directly to me.

Dream on.

(Michael Levin is a New York Times best selling author and runs www.BusinessGhost.com. )


  1. Carlbert Rick says

    My grandson filled out papers and received an offer of a grant, but when he applied to college, all the classes were full. Perhaps Gov Brown could take some of that money and staff aditional classes.

  2. DREAM Act: Stealth Jihad

    Radical Islam is terrible. Those who practice it and promote must NEVER be allowed into the USA.

    Rick Perry would grant them citizenship and give their children special DREAM Act advantages over Jewish and Christian children of US Citizens- all they need to do is enter ILLEGALLY

    Why no media indictment of Perry and Obama’s Open Borders TREASON?

    Open Borders ALLOWS TERRORISTS into America

    The 9/11 terrorists were ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS

    The DREAM Act can not legally be limited to just illegal aliens from Mexico,Guatemala and others who our media seem to believe will behave in a passive manner and assimilate into English speaking culture.The DREAM Act,by law,must extend to the offspring of anyone who comes into our country illegally.

    It is a magnet to jihadis from Pakistan and Iran who easily sneak across the Rio Grande .

    A US citizen can be killed fighting muslim terrorists in Iraq or Afghanistan and the children of muslim who killed him will receive preference over the American’s children.

    This is the inescapable logic of Obama,Rick Perry and California Governor Jerry Brown’s DREAM Act treachery.


  3. Creating legislative inticements for foriegn nationals to violate fereral border alws (FELONY) is not just a criminal abuse of elected office, it has to be grounds for impeachment, or ultimately recall. Its time to get busy!

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