Gavin Newsom’s Budget Calls for More Spending, Higher Taxes

Gavin Newsom budgetTo the surprise of absolutely no one, California’s new governor has proposed a state budget with billions in increased spending and lots of tax hikes. And, as an added bonus, he is proposing new mandates on businesses and local governments as well as depriving Californians of the right to vote on certain kinds of local debt. From the perspective of taxpayers, this is not a propitious start.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s budget envisions spending $144 billion of general fund dollars, a 4 percent increase over former Gov. Jerry Brown’s last budget, which clocked in at $138 billion. To put this in perspective, general fund spending was less than $100 billion just six years ago. In California, state government is the No. 1 growth industry.

No California spending plan would be complete without new “revenue enhancements.” And the biggest item on this list is the imposition of the “individual mandate” for health insurance. Recall that President Obama’s so-called Affordable Care Act (which was anything but affordable) imposed a burdensome tax on millions of Americans. (Indeed, it was only the fact that the ACA imposed a “tax” that saved it from a constitutional challenge).

The good news is that Congress repealed the tax at the federal level. The bad news is that Gov. Newsom wants to reimpose it at the state level in order to save Covered California from imploding. The cost to Californians for a state-imposed individual mandate with a penalty?: $700 per person, which is projected to raise $500 million in new revenue.

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  1. “In California the number one growth industry”. Tax and spend politicians have taken down a once great state but in reality it is the voters who are at fault for allowing it to happen. The Federal tax relief given will be taken buy California and the voters will blame the Federal Government.

    • Frank Ertl says

      Speak for yourself. I have never missed an election and have never voted democrat, probably because I speak English, am legal and not a liberal. I’ve left the state a few times and only came back for the birth of grand children. This is not the same state it was when I first came here in 1967.

    • Concerned CA Citizen says

      Don’t believe the media, California is this way because of voter fraud!! They have figured out the magic cheating recipe and they’re ready to take it all across America.

      We need the following:
      All votes must be done in person – no more absentee ballots
      Only citizens can vote – valid ID must be presented before voting
      No more vote harvesting
      All voters must have their thumbs inked in purple when done voting

      If we would do these things, California might have a chance!!

  2. It might be the voters or it might be the Democrats voting for the voters and stealing elections like they did in Orange County.

  3. Brenda Torres says

    He is following in the footsteps of Brown, Obama and the rest of the democrats…Share your wealth that you worked hard for with all these little Snowflakes that seem to think that their parents should continue supporting them through Taxation!!!

  4. I truly do not believe that an honest polling system exists in California.
    Business killing logicwill result in more homelessness, and the Democratic leadership here must realize that Welfare Recipients and Illegals do not pay their fair share os taxes so you have what we have here in California. Sadly lacking public education system, some of the highest taxes in the Nation, the worst roads and infrastructure, Housing costs out of control, over regulation of business, etc etc.

  5. This guy is starting off like this ? Scary, this idiot will run all big business out of California.
    When everyone moves out of this stupid tax state. Only drugs and losers will be here.

  6. I do not believe that the citizen voters in California actually voted him in. He was placed there by cheating and voter fraud. No one in their right mind would allow Calif to continue down that socialist hell hole.

  7. Gray Davis V2 in the making….


  8. Bonnie Barron says

    I have always supported you, however taxing our water. Is going to be an issue with me. My husband and I are middle class, trying to hang on. But if you keep taxing us to death. I might have leave our party and become a independent or Republican.

    • The smartest thing you could ever do is to leave the plantation and stop supporting these corrupt politicians. Local, state and Federal.

  9. The Captive says

    Twosome-Newsom is taxing out out of any and all so that we need to go on WELFARE and use that money for we the out taxed made into POOR PEOPLE. Yes we allowed it to happen but there are more damn-Dems. in the state and they want all this taxing and using “other people’s money”!

  10. Surprise….surprise!

  11. AngryinCali says

    There needs to be a recall before he destroys the middle class completely.

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