Good News and Bad News About California

A son once told his father that he had both good news and bad news and asked his dad which he would like first. The father said, “Give me the good news first.” So the son says, “The good news is that the air bags in your car work perfectly.”

California is a state with both good news and bad news. The good news is that we remain an economic powerhouse with the world’s fifth largest economy, the Bay Area remains the epicenter of venture capital, we have a diverse population, great climate and recreational opportunities that are unparalleled.

Yet despite all this good news, California still feels like a state in decline. High taxes, heavy regulations, business flight, crumbling infrastructure, a housing crisis and seemingly insurmountable problems with our vast homeless population are the issues that confront us every day in the headlines.

Those who point out what is wrong with California are criticized by our political leaders as being “declinists” who are invested in California’s failure. But that’s not true. Most would like nothing more than to see this state succeed and to have our elected representatives pursue policies that would lead to that success.

Much of the discussion about what is good or bad about California is anecdotal. For example, we all know friends or family members who have moved out of California to escape its high cost of living. And every day we hear about another company, either large or small, which has pulled up stakes because it can no longer tolerate California’s anti-business environment.

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  1. “Those of us who look at these hard numbers with alarm are not gleeful at all. We would simply prefer our elected representative to start adopting a more pro-taxpayer, pro-business agenda. And if not that, at least stop inflicting damage with even more foolish laws and regulations.”

    Very good article, however you need to embrace the inevitable failure of the state of California. It is going to require a significant amount of misery among the tax payers to end the single party criminals that run this state.

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