Gov. Brown Plans to Gouge Middle Class Even More

It’s open season on California taxpayers.

Gov. Jerry Brown is painting bull’s eyes on the backs of the middle class. He wants to increase taxes $7 billion, putting it on the November 2012 ballot. It’s supposed to help close an expected deficit of $13 billion.

The tax increase would have two parts: First, a half-cent sales-tax increase. That’s really going to slam the middle class. Need to buy a $20,000 car for your family just to get to work and to take your kids to the soccer game? It’ll cost you another $100. Thats in addition to the $1,600 you’re already paying in sales taxes. Plus gas taxes, sales taxes on the gas, and road tolls.

Maybe you should just skip that car and wait for Gov. Jerry to build his High-Speed Rail.

The second tax increase would be an additional 1 percentage point increase on the state’s exceedingly, filthy-rich taxpayers, defined as those with income tax for single-filers making $250,000 or more.

Maybe Gov. Jerry doesn’t realize it, insulated as he is from what’s really going on, but $250,000 in California actually puts you in the middle class. Certainly, the high-end of the middle-class. But the middle-class just the same.

Due to the state’s absurd regulations on housing construction, plus the massive tax gougings, California is so expensive that $250,000 goes as fare here as about $60,000 does in Michigan. Think I’m kidding? Decent houses in the nice city I grew up in, Wayne, Mich.,  go for about $50,000. OK, you can’t drive to the Pacific Ocean and surf in February. You can’t even surf on the lakes, because they’re frozen over.

But the point is that, in Michigan, you can live comfortably and raise a family making a lot less than you can in California.

Will Gov. Jerry be able to impose his tax increase? It’ll be hard. But he’s designed it to use the old Democratic “Appeal to Envy” campaign, hoping also to get a boost from the Occupy movement. You can see the TV ads now: “Rich people are plundering California. Let’s gouge them to fund our wonderful state schools, police and fire. And we want to assure you, dear voter, that the money won’t just get sucked into the pension system that’s $500 billion in the red — we really, really assure you of that; government never would lie to you, would it?”

OK, so they wouldn’t include that last sentence.

The last tax increase voters approved in California was Proposition 63, back in 2004. It imposed a new, 1 percentage point tax increase on those making more than $1 million a year to fund mental health programs. And it was another example of the insanity of “ballot-box budgeting” in which special interests force taxpayers to fund their pet projects — at the expense of the general fund. Thereby depleted, the general fund then doesn’t have enough money for everything else, and a bead again is taken on the backs of the middle class.

Other tax increases likely will be on the November ballot, including the reform of state budgeting, with a $10 billion tax increase thrown in, as part of the plan from the Think Long group of the rich and famous.

And the California Federation of Teachers seeks a “millionaire’s tax” on anyone making more than $500,000 a year. Yes, the CTA actually says it wants to “Tax Millionaires,” yet defines them as those making $500,000 or more a year.

So those teaching math to our kids need a remedial math class. Maybe that’s why state budget and pension numbers never add up.

(John Seiler, an editorial writer with The Orange County Register for 19 years, is a reporter and analyst for CalWatchDog, where this article first appeared.)


  1. Californians did not learn the first time that Brown Rot almost wiped us out, now it is back….Stupid morons…

    • libertyandtyranny says

      I am from California and don’t understand how so many could vote in Gov. Moonbeam. People are so politically ignorant here, or don’t care enough to stand up to Sacramento’s bureaucracy, and the special interests manipulate the ballot box. There is probably a ton of voter fraud. The unions and special interests who think diversity is a commodity manipulate and exploit the system. Just look at what these racist groups who only judge people based on their skin color, and not on their character, as MLK instructed, did to the redistricting maps. Just wait until the illegals, who are not only getting free welfare from the rest of us, but are on their way to getting money to go to school, even though the middle class is struggling to pay for their own kids’ college expenses, who are here LEGALLY, who followed the RULES, who didn’t break the LAW. Just wait until there are too many takers, and not enough makers in the state of California. The democrats and liberal control freaks who can’t stand to see teh free market be left alone, are DESTROYING this state.

      • I to cannot believe that there were so many who voted for Brown again! He is the one who messed up California during his first time as Gov. So I don’t doubt that there was some fishy crap going on behind the scenes. Its the ole Democrap way. If you can’t win the honest, and ethical way then CHEAT.

        • Lani
          Those who voted for him this time around were probably in diapers in the 70’s. In the 70’s Brown was younger and wasted half the time….in the 20’s he’s old and senile. When will Ca ever learn?

  2. Anita Shaw says

    The only people making any money are in Hollywood or silicon valley and they voted for him so sock it to them I say, and maybe they will start to see how the socialist game is played.

  3. Jaime Cancio says

    I have an idea for Govenor Brown; let him focus on eliminating all the programs, agencies, their building and rental spaces and personnel in California that benefits illegal immigrants in California, end all governmental help to any and all programs. The initial savings to the State from all programs benefitting illegal would generate some 107 billion dollars to the State of California and at the point of only balancing the budget and would come also the lowering the taxes on all “legal” California residents.

    If Brown, if all his supporters, want to financially help the illegal immigrants let it come from his own wealth, that would be his choice, it is and never will be mine. Stopped screwing the people who do not want their taxes used to support illegals in this State, indeed our nation.

    • There is NO WAY Brown will take the freebies from Illegals…. he and the rest of the Democraps rely on them to be in office. So our tax dollars will continue to give the Illegals free health care, Welfare, FoodStamps etc. while we struggle to keep our homes and feed our families.

  4. Warren A. McCarns Jr. says

    The tax and spend socialists never get tired of spending monies they don’t have. This moron signs bills that benefit illegals only, and the cost ends up being three times more then estimated, while the financial pot becomes thinner for legal students, now he is doing us a favor by keeping his campaign promise of allowing us to vote on new tax’s and fee’s, typical slobbering socialist B.S..


  6. Lionell Griffith says

    Early in my professional life as a software engineer, I learn that I had to hold the following policy: “I promise it, I WILL deliver it. You promise it, YOU WILL deliver it.” Otherwise sales would always try to sell what could not be done for a price too low even to attempt to deliver it. When they did that, I was always held at fault for not delivering on THEIR promises. I learned to give an emphatic NO to their wild promises. They either learned to consult me on what to promise or they were stuck. Sometimes, I had to vote with my feet and find a new job but I made good on my NO!

    Spending is what a politician does. Spending less is never seen as a viable option beyond mere lip service. They will always spend more than the government takes in. This always leads to a short fall requiring, according to them, more taxes to fill the gap. To which their immediate response is to spend still more than the presumed increase before the increase in taxes brings in another cent.

    This cycle will continue until there is no more wealth left to be confiscated nor willing producer of wealth left to be their milch cow. They promise, don’t have to produce it, and use the gun of government to take it out of our hides. We the People are going to have to tell them NO in a way they can understand. Our votes at the ballot box doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps voting with our feet by leaving the state will work.

    If you don’t have it, they can’t steal it. If you don’t produce it, they can’t tax it. If you are not there and can’t be found, they can’t do anything.

    • libertyandtyranny says

      Darn it, I’m not going to leave this beautiful state that I’ve paid thousands of tax dollars to! This is MY state too, not just the state of the unions, bureaucrats, and mindless liberals! Why can’t the government just leave us alone, let us be! Why can’t we vote in a governor who will be TOUGH and say NO to the unions?! What is wrong with California?!

      • #1-Voter Fraud,#2-Socialists,Marxists,Communists,aka-Hollywood-they all need to be exposed,they have absolutely NO Business anywhere near Local,State,or Federal Government-period. Thats a start. Citizens,need to unite and throw these crooks out of State Govt. Restore,the Constitution,Honor,Dignity,Respect-Morals,Values. Get the illegals out of here,give them 60 days to get out (thats generous) otherwise round them up,deport them and charge the receiving Country deportation costs. I’ll stop for now.

      • Democrats that is what they do tax and spend. I know you are frustrated in fact we tax payers are all frustrated and fed up with the spending. Wait till the high speed train is built that will cost us a billion to maintain every year, as long as these liberal Dem’s are in power it will get worse not better.

  7. News Flash::: Govenor Moonbeam:::Let’s tax all Union revenue at a 50% marginal tax rate:::Let’s due away with the income tax deduction for Union dues::: Let’s tax politicians and state retirees income at a 50% marginal tax rate::: Are you still there Moonbeam???Hello Moonbeam??? Let us know how those steps do to reduce the deficit and report back to us. Moonbeam, I know you’re out there:::tax and spend:::Moonbeam!!!! How about cutting spending. Don’t blame me, I remember your previous disasterous administrations and I voted for Meg.

  8. Well Well, more of the same old garbage we have been getting for 20 years as the Democrats continue to wreak havoc on California and the electorate remains too dumb to see it. Really no hope to see California recover, indeed we will continue to regress toward socialism and eventually people will see the light and bail out of here by the millions. Businesses won’t hang around nor will no businesses move in. A lot of retirees are also likely to move to avoid the insane cost of living. Other states offer more, why hang around

  9. “Brown Rot”
    Sort of says it all, doesn’t it?

  10. We moved from California two years ago after living in Orange County for 47 years. Best thing our family ever did.

  11. Joel Whitehurst says

    There’s an even sneakier tax increase Moonbeam is pulling for: A sales tax on SERVICES (except for his AMA buddies, of course!).

  12. Peter Zobian says

    We are lucky, we own a home in southern Virginia. We hope to move there in 2012. Lower sales tax, lower property taxes, beautiful scenery, nice friendly people. Now, if we can only sell our home in California!

  13. I have lived in So. Cal for my entire life (59 years) Have seen a lot of changes. We support more minorities than anywhere else in the entire country. Illegals get LOTS of free services (what part of ILLEGAL don’t we understand?) Now the occupy people leave 30 tons of WASTE in our public parks of which we now have to pay to clean up. If the 99% really want positive change why don’t they clean up their own mess?
    This state is in so much pension debt we may never recover. I spoke with a retired teacher the other day. Since both he and his wife are retired teachers they make $175K PER YEAR. When the retired employees make more than they made when they worked, we are DONE.
    I thought pensions were to give you some comfort in retirement not make you rich.
    We have to VOTE to make changes, otherwise there will not be anything left.

  14. All of the bad history students who somehow didn’t realize that “Karl” Edmund Gerald Brown was a hard-line social-Marxist during his last term as governor 30 years ago should be more than happy to dig deep and pay more taxes… After all, they are the ones who put him in office….

  15. I don’t know anybody who voted for Brown!!! We tried voting to make changes….maybe other measures…….?

    • That’s the interesting part, it is also to find someone who says they voted for Obama but he won. There are not enough of the people like us to gather everyone to vote to change the giveaway. If you are on the receiving end you will NOT vote out the group that keeps giving you more.

  16. The “poorer” you are in California now, the more you get. I work hard and pay taxes, and I have to keep paying more and more. Why don’t they just stop the spending, particularly for State workers and illegals. This State is doomed. When is this all going to end? Pretty soon there won’t be anyone left to pay the people at the public trough or the people on the dole.

    I see fat people all over the State that expect me to pay for their meals.

    I’m a Native Californian

  17. I forgot to add the old slogan from the drought of 1979: If it’s Brown, flush it.

  18. Gov Brown is delusional. $250,000 makes you filthy rich???? $250,000 is middle class. I guess that makes Gov. Brown insanely rich. EH?
    All Gov. Brown has to do is deny all benefits to all illegals. That alone would keep over $100 billion in the bank, per year, for the CITIZENS OF CALIFORNIA. What a concept… eh????
    Gov Brown’s biggest reasons: He needs the money so there will be enough in the bank to pay for the welfare and heathcare of his voters. (Yes I know I am talking about the illegal ones.) Come on! He needs their VOTE!!! Politics is no longer for the people, but for the betterment of politicians.
    America has always been about every person here has a chance to attain their dream and and to be able to enjoy the fruits of their freedom.
    Now they want to penalize you for attaning your goal??? That’s incentive?? Yeah right!!

  19. Vote Repulican . I didn’t even vote for this bastard in the first place. Why would you vote for someone that already fcuetd it up once. Impeach this SOB. Repeal AB-144. Shoot repeal every gun law. The gun law here suck. Only criminals are going to have guns. Psis on Liberals. Vote all of them out.

  20. Already plan to vote no on Brown’s tax hikes. It’s time the liberals here learned to cut expenses instead of raising taxes. It’s also high time they loosened regulations so we can keep businesses from moving out of state. $250,000 is way above my pay grade but isn’t “rich” by any means in this state and it’s unfair to tax one group to distribute to others. Once our legislators drop their socialistic attitudes, we might once again become the great state we once were.

  21. Right off, to me, California is a Marxist.Leninis state and like the federal gov, refuses to stop over spending. I have more hope for the federal gov than I do for the state of CA.

  22. I live in Northern California and I didn’t vote for Jerry Brown the first or second time. When he was governor the first time, he screwed up California big time. This time around it looks like he’s not doing any better. I feel as a conservative, my vote doesn’t count anymore with all the libs coming into the state, its so frustrating. The states economy is really bad with the largest deficit we’ve ever had and yet he turns around and approves funding for the illegals’ education. How stupid is that. He is one sorry politician that should’ve never been elected. I hate how the socialist libs have destroyed this beautful state.


  24. I think its time to recall Jerry Brown. We did it with Gray Davis and he wasn’t half as bad as Brown.

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