Gov. Newsom Recall Heading for 2 Million Signatures

With the $250,000 the Republican National Committee contributed to the effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and now with $125,000 from the state GOP, the RecallGavin2020 and Rescue California effort has picked up steam and tops the needed 1.5 signature threshold. The recent contributions will help gather the goal of 2 million signatures, for the added cushion.

The recall could be on the ballot as early as this summer 2021.

And still the governor and his top staff behave as if this is a joke. The Associated Press reported over the weekend:

Dan Newman, Newsom’s chief strategist, said the check confirms the financial partnership between the recall effort and state and national Republicans.

“The facade is gone. It’s never been more clear — they’re admitting that the Republican recall scheme is simple partisan politics,” Newman said in a statement. “Republicans have lost every single state election for 15 years, so they’re trying increasingly desperate, distracting and destructive things.”

Randy Economy, Senior Advisor for RecallGavin2020 told Fox News with new Secretary of State Shirley Weber appointed by Gov. Newsom, she is the final say on whether the recall qualifies for the special election, so the campaign wants to have healthy cushion of 400,000-500,000 extra signatures.

“We know Gov. Newsom is getting desperate right now,” Economy said, “his political career is blowing up before him, so we’re going to keep an eye on Sacramento, and the politics of Sacramento, so that no funny business is going on, to kind of keep ahead of them.”

“We want to get to 2 million signatures and not leave a doubt in anybody’s mind the validity and veracity of our people out there that are working so tirelessly… and they’ve been working like this for months,” Economy said.

“We expect to collect another 400,000 signatures,” Rescue California campaign manager Anne Dunsmore said in a statement, AP reported. With the six-figure donation, “we added a substantial line item to our budget.”

The contribution “will guarantee that we bring in enough additional signatures to hold Gavin Newsom accountable,” she added.

Economy said 300,000 Democrats have downloaded the petition and signed the recall. “It’s something that transcends Democrat and Republican issues. This is specifically about Gavin Newsom and his failed policies, and how he’s shut down the 5th largest economy in the world this past year. I think the political discourse has turned out to be a monster movement here in California. We’ve already been contacted by people in New York and Michigan and other states who want us to help them recall their governor as well.”

When asked by Fox News what the next steps in the recall process are, Economy said “Anywhere from 3 to 500 candidates will come forward to put their names on the ballot,” and then explained that there will be two questions on the ballot:

  1. Shall Governor Newsom be recalled? and
  2. Who shall replace him until his term expires in 2023?

“Welcome to Politics 101 here in California today,” he added.

Katy Grimes, the Editor of the California Globe, is a long-time Investigative Journalist covering the California State Capitol, and the co-author of California’s War Against Donald Trump: Who Wins? Who Loses?

This article was originally published by the California Globe.


  1. Once on the ballot, it will be up to people to speak up if they are dissatisfied with his actions to continuously INCREASE the cost of electricity and fuels in California that already has the highest cost of energy in the country, leading to the highest homeless, poverty, and overcrowding rates in America.

    Newsom is doing a great job of KILLING the California economy, but the voters get a chance to say Great Job, or ADIOS.

  2. And I’m sure he already has the Secretary of State tuning up it’s Dominion voting machines. The election will be the test. We are where we are because years ago they manipulated our voting process so we have a major roadblock ahead.

    • Worry first the Gov only uses these machines with their very high error rate for petition signature verification. Demand observed hand adjudication for all machine rejected signatures.

  3. Cheryl Feola says

    We need a Trump type of person to get on board to clean up our voting system to be TRUE, HONEST, and CLEAR on the VOTERS CHOICE!

  4. There had better be plenty of extra signatures collected for a recall because the corruptocrats who seem to be in charge of everything will find any excuse to reject a signature such as the signature not being exactly on the line. I know this from experience in the “great state of CA”. Glad I moved out this year and my tax dollars will no longer be going to support that commie state.

  5. I know that the numbers are not updated on the site but comparing what has been turned in to the Counties and were verified (which is the only number that counts) there are only just over 400,000 verified signatures. Even if that number is half of will be verified it isn’t enough.
    Your paid signature gathers and people who should know what they were doing, should have had the voted rolls to check as the people signed.
    I have found that over 15% make mistakes that could get the signature rejected.
    Many are not actually registered. I give them a registration affidavit and tell them to come back after it’s mailed.
    Not to mention all the ‘fake’ signatures you are going to get from trolls.

    Too hard?
    Well, your signatures would count.

    Now is the last chance to see if you are: way too short, Ok, or can make a last minute push (and get valid voters)

    • Signature verification machines have a 40-60% error rate. Admitted by our very own county election chief for the 2020 election. Not making this up.

      Be sure of what you are reporting because you may gas-lighting. Get hand verification for all machine rejected signatures. The machines are notoriously unreliable – but good enough for government work apparently ….now?

  6. When it happens; how can we even begin to trust the voting processes since CA lead the ruination of a trustworthy voting system not only for CA but now the US overall!! Always something….isn’t it?

  7. Chris Renner says

    Pros of recalling Newsome….
    He’s incompetent. Regardless of party, incompetence needs to end.
    Distracts Newsome and the Democrats from inflicting more damage to the state.
    Regardless of outcome, Newsome’s Presidential run is over.

    Cons of recalling Newsome….
    California is still Democrat, replacing one Democrat with another is no guarantee that things will improve
    Newsome is to blame for so much misery. He is the poster boy for the 2022 election season. Replace him and you’ve got nothing.

  8. Of all the things that Gavin Newsom is neglecting to do, I think leaving a job he loves so much is one he will fight tooth and nail to neglect to do. Remember, it’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes.

  9. 300,000 alleged Democrats (public employee union members?) will more likely intentionally screw up their signatures to sabotage this recall effort.

    WARNING: our county election official admitted in 2020 their signature verification machine had over a 50% error rate. 50% of the signatures on mail in ballots thereby needed hand verification. They use the well known and notorious “brand name” election system.

    Make sure you get hand verification of ALL signatures rejected by the machines. Newsom is already bragging 55% of the signatures are invalid. Don’t believe him – he is probably relying on the signature verification machine rejection rate only.

    Get hand verification of all rejected ballots and have observers in place for any “adjudicated” signatures. Election office employees are committed deep swamp creatures with one agenda only – continue the Democrat superstate.

  10. Marshall Tuck for Governor — yes, a Democrat but a committed K-12 reform Democrat.

    Job one – stop wasting the 50% of the state budget Prop 98 grabs for public education and gives us a #45 ranked school system in return.

    Marshall Tuck ran for state superintendent of schools and came very close each time to beating the teacher union shill. Tuck got key endorsements up and down the state, ran an energetic and appealing campaign and put the teachers unions into over-drive to defeat him.

    Governor Marshal Tuck (D) is the best we can do. Let’s do it.

  11. Gray Davis got kicked out just for being stupid with CA energy. Gruesome Newsom has done ten fold of stupid stuff likely just under assumption that his job is to make changed to a smooth running machine. Couldn’t fix a single old problem and created a bunch of new ones. Bumped gas price for the third time right after Brown. CA Firemen are bored and play ping-pong instead of clearing downed trees off forest access roads. Convicts got FREE pass instead of helping firefighters (no not with ping pong- with forest management). Newsom gave $160,000,000 to illegals as though they are going anywhere or will start paying taxes all of a sudden. EDD can’t still figure out how many billions of dollars they had stolen from them. Newsom kept on killing nuke n burning power stations to proclaim his goal is no gas cars by 2025- what a genuine authentic idiot… And then come rolling blackouts like it’s 1999. Gov pigs at the feeder keep on getting higher and higher pensions at CA taxpayer expanse. pretends to care about kids. We all pretend we need criminal record illegals, convicts, local and illegal bums, needles, feces, taxes through the roof and eternal quest for the freedom of interstellar transgender homosexual and other folks that only exist in what used to be called news. Nothing for a simple California, not even simple basic stuff like we stop changing clocks twice a year as we voted that we want to stop in 2018. Remember Prop 7 that would have kept year-round Daylight Saving Time in CA? Why wasn’t it implemented agains Californian’s vote? Because CA senate killed it with another lame excuse. Just imagine if Newsom becomes US President as he apparently aims at that chair? We’d get transgender bathrooms everywhere, get sold to China in full and all would bear racist and enemy of the people titles all run like Soviet Union on marijuana. How much nonsense can Californians take loosing more and more, and getting the deaf ear only?

  12. Out with the democrats and in with the Republicans. US Citizens should never have to compete with illegal immigrants, foreigners or DACA recipients for: corona virus vaccination, jobs, housing or college placement. Need to ramp up the deportations of 11 million illegal immigrants and DACA recipients.
    US Citizens are out of work, homeless and are struggling. We come first!

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