Hidden Agenda in Masquerading Big Bond Measure

In a bit of irony, this March there will be a Proposition 13 on the California statewide ballot. But unlike the landmark taxpayer protection of 1978, the Prop. 13 of 2020 will put taxpayers on the hook for $27 billion.

There’s another big difference between Prop. 13 (1978) and Prop. 13 (2020). The first was the result of a massive grassroots campaign by citizen taxpayers and homeowners striking back against out-of-control property taxes while the fake Prop. 13 was put on the ballot by the California legislature.

Prop. 13 (2020) is a huge $15 billion statewide school bond chock full of hidden traps for taxpayers. First, it reflects typical credit card math by Sacramento politicians because it would borrow $15 billion from Wall Street and then make taxpayers pay it back plus 80% in total interest costs. That’s an additional $12 billion we’ll be forced to pay, bringing the entire bill to $27 billion.

While no one disputes the need for adequate school facilities, the problem is that the state’s education establishment has failed to show that it uses existing school facility bond money effectively. California voters already have approved big school bonds, including a recent 2016 $7 billion measure, only to see much of those funds squandered. (Remember the infamous Belmont High School scandal when LAUSD wasted hundreds of millions building the nation’s most expensive high school on top of a toxic waste site?)

But this measure also presents a huge threat to homeowners.

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  1. The answer is simple always vote no on any bond measure

  2. I believe that the current education ratings for Commiefornia say it all. NO MORE MONEY FOR STATE GOVERNMENT.
    From the sword of ——

    • This prop 13 on the March ballot will be written to confuse voters just like the bull crap gas tax. They will try and pull at the heartstrings saying it’s for the kids. New alert folks….School Bond measures go for teacher salaries and benefits. Recall Gavin Newsom

  3. always a hidden agenda. too bad the paid signature gatherers have already been out side my local market asking for yes votes. what do you do?

  4. The majority of failed schools are a result of Democrat “Political Correctness” and failed outcomes with massive dollars behind them. They failed and the “Blame Game” is money.

    The State of Calif or awash in extra tax dollars. The middle class and working poor do not need more taxes. The middle class and working poor need the protections of Prop. 13 in both residential and commercial.

    Why? Because the sinks the pressure on owners and businesses to increase costs of doing business!!!

    Does anyone believe for half a second the home property tax will not be next?

    Does anyone believe they are not taxed enough in this One Party Dictatorship?

    Vote Democrat for what reason?

  5. I would not trust Sacramento as far as I could pick up and throw the whole city. Does everyone remember what happened to all the money that was promised our schools from the casinos? And we pay more money, through the highest gas tax and the highest car registrations, than probably any other state for our roads. It is nothing but a shell game for these crooks in Sacramento —– promising money will go to one thing and simply moving OTHER dollars around to where they want them while our schools and roads crumble (we haver some of the worst in the nation). It has been brought to my attention that Newsom has already diverted much of our road funding to the liberal “high speed” train to nowhere. Wake up people and stop voting for these demoncrats!

  6. Everett Haggin says

    I have never voted for ANY state bond……EVEER!! Keep it simple.

  7. With the State, most Counties and the Federal Government committing and/or complicit in election fraud…it matters little how you vote.
    You should still vote…but you should be doing more to make sure it is counted.

  8. Governor Nuisance and the Lib/Socialist government of Californication has struck again and again and again…..it is about time for an overthrow of this state’s government by whatever means…

  9. debeddebed says

    The wording of the bill to be voted on will be described & sound like it is for education. However, just like the gas tax the DEMOCRATS WILL USE IT TO FUND THE TRAIN TO NOWHERE.

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