Homeless Dreamers: DACA, Less than Half of It

Maria Ortiz, at left, a Mexican immigrant has been living in the United States for 23 years. "I am single. I work so hard to stay. I never needed support from the government," Ortiz said. She is not a citizen and works as a janitor, she said during an immigration protest outside Rep. Ed Royce's office in Brea. ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: – MINDY SCHAUER, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER – Shot 111713 – immig.fast.11.19 Advocates for immigration reform will camp our near the office of Rep. Ed Royce for five days, where they will stage a fast. They are asking OC's Republican leaders in Congress to publicly support an overhaul to the nation's immigration laws, including the so-called pathway to citizenship that would create a process for some 11 million people living in the U.S. illegally the right to become citizens.

Poor DACA Dreamers trapped in America without a home to go to through no fault of their own. Google counts 64,000,000 million hits. That’s quite a bit of concern expressed for the “turmoil and fear” caused by Trumps threat to end  Obama’s executive amnesty program of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, DACA. That’s a whole bunch of media driven stories to “save the children” some aged 37. The Right talks about anchor babies, the Left, “dreamers.” No surprise Congress and even President Trump are now so sympathetic to the  plight of youngsters (some of whom undoubtedly arrived with puppies). The American Dream is a long reach for the dreamers.

Perhaps a caterwauling Congress will take care of them. Democrats in the Senate threaten at shutting down the government believing the Republicans will as usual get the blame. Whatever the merits, there will likely be a law to replace the Obama executive order claiming to merely delay their departure. Now departure seems out of the question.

But wait a minute there are Americans, may we for a minute call them indigenous, native Americans. They were born in the USA, certainly after Columbus. They are documented, birth certified, social security enumerated, Americans also seeking, you guessed it, the American dream. Through little fault of their own they are trapped in their parents basements, guest rooms and garages. They are the homeless poor, the millennium and adulthood denied poor. Many with college degrees work jobs whose incomes do not afford them to pay rent let alone own their own homes. From birth through 34, there are over 75 million of such folks according to the 2010 census. That’s surely a lot of dreams denied. About 75 times the number of DACA Dreamers facing denial of a newly discovered entitlement.

We know where very many of these dreamers live — California which state leads the nation at the top and at the bottom in housing prices, also homeless ness, poverty, food stamps, welfare, Medicare, utility bills, gasoline prices, bike paths, HOV lanes, bicycling, hiking, surfing, endangered species, teacher salaries, remedial education, public employee salaries and pensions, public sector unions, foreign languages, sanctuary cities, and oh yes, not so coincidentally, government spending, taxes, and regulations.

Yes, some American Dreamers have high paying jobs in Silicon Valley, but live in trailer parks, in their cars or commute 3-5 hours a day to the off-the-coast counties because of housing shortages and high prices. This California dystopia, wishing it was Venezuela, or perhaps Zimbabwe, has driven some of the dreamer parents into poverty and into lower costing and lower taxing states.

Indigenous American dreamers of all colors, ethnicities and genders, are in dire straits through no fault of their own. Elitist NIMBY, environmental and labor regulations have driven several generations of Californians into a no to slow growth economy of stagnant wages and diminishing opportunities. Manufacturing and small businesses disappear, evaporate daily.

California is the future of America. No longer golden, it heavily regulates gold mining and imports sand and gravel as well as immigrants. Welcome to the Golden State where the war on liberty and capitalism extends into the future where a new nation, CALEXIT, may be aborning, where national socialism, very far from God, is envisioned just around the corner.

For the DACAs, either get in line or go to California … Oh, you are already there? Stop whining. You get whatever you ask for in the sanctuary state. Who needs Congress or Trump when you have the California Legislature and Governor Moonbeam 2.0 saving the children as well as the climate of the planet?

Meanwhile among the forgotten middle of America, shutting down the government for the sake of amnesty and a hollow military just may not go down so well.  What if the Democrats get rightful credit for shutting down the government for illegal aliens at the expense of both American dreamers and national security.  One might even look forward to the midterm elections?

Dr. Roger Canfield’s work on California issues, including immigration, goes back to being a Republican nominee for Congress, work in the California legislature, writing a daily column “Under the dome,” supporting Proposition 187 and supporting minuteman assistance to the Border Patrol. A number of California topics can be found at his http:/americong.com 


  1. The CAPTIVE says

    The DACA GET away with all kinds of things. That’s the Mexican way- Do nothing as long as you are in the country called USA. They wasted their time and drained the State of CA of finances as well by being on the dishonest side. It is wrong. Mexican mentality says your are getting away with WRONG SO keep on doing it. GET IN LINE~

  2. If the scum politicians worked as hard as they do for the Illegal Aliens for AMERICANS, this country would have half the problems it does. We all know they don’t give a shit about the “Illegal Aliens” it’s all about votes. They will do anything even tear down the U.S. for votes and then in turn get more Power. That’s all its about

  3. James W. Ricketts says

    Good job, Roger!

  4. I disagree, the dreamers are not trapped, they can go home any time, nobody will stop them.

    • Gloria Jimenez Ross says

      Not only are they NOT trapped, they are NOT homeless; they have been living in the USA, some for over 35 years, taking in all of the freebies and getting an education and driving fancy cars; now, when there is a threat of deportation, they are all of a sudden trapped and homeless. And as you say, they have homes in their country; I am sure that when they sneaked across the border they left grandparents, a slew of aunts and uncles, etc. behind, unless, of course, the entire family crossed together. At any rate, it’s true that they are all LIARS, they lie to get benefits and they lie to stay in this country. A mass deportation is in order; as to their signs that “no one is illegal,” it’s time to cut the semantics bullshit; If one is in a country without the permission of that country and you sneaked in, you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN and I don’t a shit how you want to pretty it up, that is what it is PERIOD.

  5. Roger………Are you making reference to “American Indians”.If so, you make light of your implication, the treaties gave all indigenous peoples, including the Spanish the option of becoming citizens of the United States. Ever wonder how the Indian gaming casinos came into existence. This was an unexpected prize given to those of the Indian community who decided to remain as Indian Nations. In laters years the
    realization, the opportunity, the American dream, blossomed; Given the financial backing of their so called oppressors.

    • Roger Canfield says

      Like Tom McClintock I point to uS Constitution giving sovereignty to Indian nations. So far my DNA gives me no casinos!

  6. Obama, on record, admits his DACA Executive Order unconstitutional and illegal. Trump sends DACA to Congress where it belongs. Democrats do not want to compromise and do not want to get it done. All take and no give Democrats. It’s Obama and the Democrats who did not stand up to Obama when he broke the law. Come to the negotiating table or the DACA people will be sent back with their parents who also broke the law. Notice all the law breakers screaming and will not recognize law nor compromise. Their bed to sleep in.

    • The DACAs didn’t break any law for the most part; their parents did. To be guilty of committing a crime, you have to have reached the age of reason. The DACA’s don’t realize that they owe Pres. Trump and great big “thank you”. He’s making Congress do their job since only Congress can make laws relative to immigration.

  7. Take REsponsibility says

    They can go with their parents to where they should have been to begin with, blame their own parents do not blame us, their parents are the criminals, People with free rides always point their fingers never take responsibility.

  8. california resident who has his taxes spent on iLLEGAL MEXICAN TRASH..NO AMNESTY AND NO DACA. Send them all back to shithole mexioco..IN california they fly their GREEN ASS FLAG…

  9. The Jerry Brown contingent says “come on in we’ll take care of you.” I do not want to pay for the welfare for the DACAs. Let the Demos line up and pay.

  10. DACA illegal aliens is the DNC’s new voter rolls, so of course they’re hysterical about them. Other than votes, the Dems could care less about them.

  11. 64 Trillion Hits on Goolag?

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