If the Senate Refuses ACB, We’re Headed for Anarchy, Tyranny & Lawlessness

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Trump has selected a supremely qualified jurist and astute legal scholar with the courtroom experience and judicial temperament to faithfully uphold the U.S. Constitution.

That’s the conclusion of our new independent report published by the United States Justice Foundation, a nonprofit public interest organization dedicated to instructing, informing and educating the public on significant legal issues.

After an extensive analysis and independent review of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s background, qualifications and record, the United States Justice Foundation found her to be “the perfect choice for the U.S. Supreme Court.”

The report is available for free to download at USJF.net. Don’t expect any of the leftist media to read or report it.

Instead of a thoughtful investigation into Judge Barrett’s qualifications or legal record, the mainstream media has rushed to reprint the Democratic propaganda machine’s vile talking points of hatred and bigotry.

The United States Justice Foundation report identifies the false propaganda that has been widely distributed in a coordinated effort to discredit Judge Barrett.

The deliberate disinformation campaign promoted by extremists against Judge Barrett has been profoundly disturbing, including attacks on her religious beliefs, false statements about her views on tolerance and even ad hominem attacks on her children.

Far-left activists have unleashed a barrage of hateful and baseless attacks on this eminently qualified and exceptional jurist.

A Biden 2020 campaign staffer claimed that all Catholics should be disqualified from serving on the Supreme Court. Far-left comedian Bill Maher called Judge Barrett “a f—ing nut.”

One misogynist left-wing blogger, The Palmer Report, attacked Judge Barrett as “a deranged freak show of an extremist who is creepily obsessed with taking away the most basic rights of a couple hundred million Americans.” The article had been shared 3183 times.

The lowest attack on Judge Barrett was leveled by Ibram X. Kendi, a Boston University professor, who attacked Judge Barrett’s adopted children. The New York Times best-selling author implied Barrett was a “White colonizer” and that her children were “props in their lifelong pictures of denial.”

Democrats are even threatening physical violence and a descent into anarchy if they are unable to stop Judge Barrett’s confirmation.

“If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f—— thing down,” tweeted extremist Reza Aslan, a professor of creative writing at the University of California, Riverside.

Why is so much venom directed at Judge Barrett? Simple. She represents a direct threat to the Beltway’s insider culture, described succinctly by President Trump as “the swamp.”

If confirmed, Judge Barrett would disrupt the established order as the only justice who did not attend an Ivy League law school.

At this historic moment, the United States Senate can recall and renew our civic virtue as a constitutional republic through the swift confirmation of President Trump’s supremely qualified nominee.

If the Senate fails to confirm Judge Amy Comey Barrett to the Supreme Court, it would accelerate our decline into anarchy, reinforce the tyranny of the mob and signal a formal abandonment of the rule of law.

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  1. ACB is a Catholic…yes that still matters…the higher the office the more it matters…Trump seems to be in the Vatican’s lap…all you have to do is look at the State of Louisiana to see how Catholocism controls politics

    Why doesn’t Trump support a Christian…no CATHOLICS ARE NOT CHRISTIANS!!! Their higher power is the Pope

    • We have already had a Catholic president. JFK

    • The current Catholic Church is divided much as America is. Many Catholics believe that Francis, the current Pope, is a puppet of Soros, the CCP, et al. (So do I.) There are many who support him, just as there are Americans who support the Left’s agenda. Pope Benedict, who resigned (was forced to?) is similar in many ways to Pope John Paul II who partnered with Reagan to fight Communism. Many Catholics believe that is why Benedict had to be removed. And I think Trump sees right through Francis. While the Pope is the head of the Church (much as the President is the head of the country), Catholics believe God is the highest power. As in any organization of humans, there are many varieties of Catholics and not all are honorable (Pelosi? Biden?) but they are not a cult and their beliefs, outside of those listed in their Creed, are about as varied as those of Americans.

    • Chris Renner says

      How is being Catholic any different than being Jewish or Gay or Black or White? If the candidate adheres to the Constitution and reacts to law rather than making law, what is wrong with that? Catholics are not Christians is a falsehood and you should be ashamed for making a statement like that.

  2. The Democrats have truly gone radical Marxist’s.

    When the top people on the national socialist party (Democrats) refuse to defend icons of the nation and stand by and watch the likes of Lincoln being dragged through the mud you know how degenerate they are.

    This is not about becoming. It is about what they are.

    • Chris Renner says

      Democrats hate the Constitution, hate Capitalism, hate accomplishment, hate white men, hate Christians, hate Freedom of Speech, hate Republicans intensely and hate Trump with all their might. Democrats are the party of Hate!

  3. Regard for common sense law and adherence to the U.S. Constitution is not in the interest of the average anti religious, kill the baby, take now responsibility for their actions Left Wing Agenda. The beliefs of the Left encompass anti family and are anti mentally healthy lifestyle as well as pornography in nature.

  4. Joe Biden says he is Catholic. Maybe as such he isn’t fit for the highest office either on your theory,.

  5. Wayne C Grantham says

    or one theist to say another theist is an ogre, is really funny, and a distortion of reality. Rational individuals have to live among theists all their lives, wondering when one of them will unleash a weapon and start a killing spree. Fortunately for us, most theists aren’t like that. When they get into power though, they start wars, engineer deadly rivalries and assume power over others. Religion should be ousted from civilized life.

    • Chris Renner says

      Boy, are you misguided. Only about 6% of all wars over the last thousand years were begun because of religious differences. You think the drug turf wars in the big cities are religious in origin. You think these mixed up high school students who terrorize their classmates is because of religion? I would argue it’s because of the absence of religion in their lives. Government power and greed have killed millions and millions more people in the last century than any religion has. You can cite the Crusades and the War of the Roses and Moslem terrorists as a source of death but those are the vast minority. Big uncontrolled Government is the real oppressor!

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