I’m With Republicans for De Leon. Feinstein Does Not Deserve Our Support.



According to a very recent Public Policy Institute of California Poll, Senator Dianne Feinstein’s lead over Kevin De Leon for re-election to her U.S. Senate seat has been cut in half, down from 22 points earlier this summer to 11 points now.  Some observers say Feinstein’s drop in the Democrat-on-Democrat runoff, can be attributed to her insidious performance in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.   They say Republican voters who are “orphaned” in the Democrat-only election, who were previously lined up to vote for the much older Feinstein over former State Senate President Kevin De Leon, are having trouble sticking with Feinstein over the shabby treatment she has given President Trump’s nominee in the Committee.

Count me in as one of those conservative voters who will reject Feinstein on November 6 and vote for De Leon instead!

Some Republicans I have listened to on the subject have made the case that Feinstein is more moderate than De Leon, and that she has a lot of experience and is wiser.  A few have made the ridiculous argument that because of her age, she is not likely to serve out her term, like De Leon would, providing an opportunity for a Republican “Governor Cox” to be able to appoint her successor.

But the fact is Cox will not be elected Governor, and by any objective standard, Feinstein, who has a single digit lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, is really not markedly more conservative than De Leon.  On every important issue that conservatives care about, Feinstein and De Leon are the same.  They are both essentially democratic socialists, its just that De Leon is transparent about it, and emphasizes it, while Feinstein is opaque about it, and de-emphasizes it.

And since there is little real difference, other than age, on the big issues, my view is this: why not go “full Disneyland” and send De Leon to the U.S. Senate?  Given his youth and inexperience, he will be ineffective for many years.  The ideas he will promote, some shared with Feinstein, will be too crazy even for his own party (sanctuary state, non-citizens having voting rights, abolish the Border Patrol), which wants most of all to win national elections, not just in California.  He will be a disaster for his party in the Senate.  He will be a thorn in their side.

And now given Feinstein’s awful treatment of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, I would much rather have the predictable lack of accomplishment of Kevin De Leon in the Senate than a more effective Dianne Feinstein.

I want to see Feinstein held accountable for the dirt she has done on the Judiciary Committee.  Holding back accuser Dr. Ford’s private letter for months when the claims could have been thoroughly reviewed in that time by the FBI is not just political outrage, it is a moral outrage!  She has allowed her colleagues to establish a terrible tone on the Committee where she serves as ranking member, such as her friend Senator Blumenthal, who publicly stated that Kavanaugh “is a serial rapist.”  Nothing could be further from the truth!  The “wishful thinking” of a frenzied liberal media salivating for a chance to thump Trump has been stoked by these false claims and manufactured crisis about an FBI investigation, and it all comes back to Feinstein.  She waited until the very last minute, even after meeting with him and not bringing it up, even after 30 hours or so of hearings with him.  She flew false flags with Kavanaugh.  Kavanaugh’s nomination, whose reputation as an appellate judge is stellar, who had passed 6 previous FBI investigations, was almost in the bag.  But Feinstein was determined to play underhanded and to deviously derail it with the most vile of unsubstantiated accusations, and promotion of the most terrible tone of any Senate hearing, ever.

I am outraged at what Dianne Feinstein has done to Brett Kavanaugh.  The one power I have to address this outrage is to not vote for her.  But that is not enough in my opinion.  Democrats who rule in California have succeeded in disenfranchising Republicans like me out of the option of voting for a Republican party candidate in the General election.  But they can’t stop me from just ignoring my ballot in this election.  So I am going to do what those Democrats would think unthinkable of me.  I am going to vote for Kevin De Leon for the U.S. Senate this November and heartily encourage all my Republican friends to do the same.  Let’s make the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh the reason why Dianne Feinstein is finally retired from politics.  It will not make the Senate more liberal, it will simply make California’s liberal Senate representation less effective.  And I believe, God will still help us even with Kevin De Leon.