In 2016 John Cox and George Soros Teamed Up

John CoxBefore running for California governor, John Cox was best known for two things, his many failed attempts at running for political office in his home state of Illinois and his plan to increase the number of legislators in California from 120 to over 12,000. A few years ago, when he showed up in California and got involved in politics, most just wrote him off as an eccentric older millionaire with too much time on his hands, but conservative and probably harmless.

Thus, it surprised even this author that as recently as last year, John Cox donated $5,000 to Mayday PAC through Change California Inc., an organization he chairs and controls. On the surface, Mayday PAC claims to be nonpartisan and has a simple goal: get the influence of money out of politics. Anything noble or truthful about the Mayday PAC starts and ends with its mission statement.

One can probably guess there is something rotten at Mayday when an organization with the stated goal of getting money out of politics raises millions of dollars. It quickly spirals out of control from there.

First, a quick look at Mayday’s spending reveals that there is nothing non partisan about them. Mayday is a Democrat super PAC and spends a vast majority of its money supporting Democrats and attacking Republicans. For example, in 2014, Mayday spent $1.4 million supporting Democrats and $4.2 million attacking Republicans. Mayday also spent $1.6 million meddling in Republican primaries, a vast majority supporting Scott Brown’s primary opponent in New Hampshire. Weakening Scott Brown in a tough general election race against an incumbent Democrat Senator.

In 2016, the year John Cox donated $5,000, Mayday spent only $2,250 supporting a Republican. So what was the rest of Cox’s money used to support?

Mayday’s solution to money in politics is just changing where the money comes from. Instead of private donors, Mayday would like taxpayers to fund political campaigns. As it turns out, public financing of political campaigns also happens to be a priority for the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

This could be chalked up to coincidence, until you look at Lawrence Lessig, the creator of the Mayday PAC. Lessig is a Harvard professor with a long history of liberal political activism. He is also happens to be affiliated with multiple George Soros backed organizations. For example, he is on the board of MapLight and on the advisory board for the Sunlight Foundation, both George Soros affiliated organizations.

So why did John Cox give money to a leftist George Soros crony? Was he duped or is the eccentric millionaire more sinister than he appears?