Jerry Brown Blames Climate Change for California Fires

VENTURA, CA - DECEMBER 5: A home is destroyed by brush fire as Santa Ana winds help propel the flames to move quickly through the landscape on December 5, 2017 in Ventura, California. (Photo by Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

California Governor Jerry Brown blamed climate change for the California fires that have devastated the state this fall during a visit to assess the damage in Ventura County on Saturday.

“This is the new normal,” he said, as quoted by the Orange County Register. “We’re facing a new reality where fires threaten peoples’ lives, their properties, their neighborhoods and cost billions and billions of dollars. We have to have the resources to combat the fires, and also have to invest in managing our vegetation and forests and all the ways we dwell in this very wonderful place — but a place that’s getting hotter.”

However, climate scientists are more skeptical, noting that climate change could be one of a variety of factors.

A comprehensive look at the question by Southern California Public Radio — hardly a conservative outlet — found that there was considerable debate about the factors that made this year’s fires particularly bad.

One factor was high winds, whose connection to climate change is “still up for debate.” Another factor was the state’s recent drought, which persisted in the part of Southern California where the Thomas fire — now in excess of 150,000 acres, with only 15% containment — struck. (Ironically, last winter’s heavy rains caused brush to grow rapidly, giving fires plenty of fuel to burn.)

An important factor in the fires of the past week was that people are building homes in areas that are naturally prone to wildfires, or where naturally dry conditions mean that the kinds of building materials and vegetation that people prefer to use in cities and suburbs are a fire hazard.

Brown has frequently cited climate change as the cause for natural disasters before, only to be corrected by scientists, who suggested he was guilty of “noble-cause corruption” — i.e. distorting science in service of a cause that many scientists support.

Last year, both Brown and then-President Barack Obama falsely linked wildfires across the western United States to climate change. And last month, Brown told a conference at the Vatican that the world needed “brain washing” on climate change.

Aside from the Thomas fire, firefighters have made significant progress in their struggle against some of the other fires burning across the region. The Skirball fire near the 405 Freeway, which brought traffic to a standstill in Los Angeles on Thursday, was at 75 percent containment as of Saturday afternoon, according to Southern California Public Radio. The Lilac fire, which killed several dozen horses on Thursday, was fully contained by Saturday evening, according to the Register.

“The Creek Fire was now 80% contained, and the Rye Fire was 65% contained” as of Saturday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Officials say there have been no deaths associated with the Southern California fires.

Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News. He was named one of the “most influential” people in news media in 2016. He is the co-author of How Trump Won: The Inside Story of a Revolution, is available from Regnery. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.

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  1. Michael Ash says

    • Has anyone even mentioned the $BIL’s that BO and Moonbeam took from the firefighting dept’s? I have watched every year the $$$ taken or not allotted for fires. I knew this was going to be the result. Not enough resources now.

  2. California resident who lives where the fires were started. The area is known for Illegal Mexican camps. The last few weeks the temperatures have dropped so the Illegal start their fires. You can see the fires at night. This is where the fire started not climate change. This doesn’t surprise me that Brown would try to deflect blame away from his Illegal scumbags…That is who started the fires…Brown and his Dems are TRASH!!

  3. “managing our vegetation and forests and all the ways we dwell in this very wonderful place” you can’t; it’s protected growth.

    • tomsquawk it’s got nothing to do with management. It’s got everything to do with people starting the first. Check out: inciweb for more info.

  4. Baldy is beyond stupid. I lived in Ventura for 9 years. Houses above us (Poli St) backed up right into the brushy canyons. These hills haven’t burnt in ages. To show how out of it old Baldy is he mentioned that this is not the time for Santa Ana’s. Sorry dumbo but this is the start of the Santa Ana season. And why isn’t someone suing him for failing to do a cost/benefit study of his horribly expensive “green” policy? Adding 70 cents per gallon to gasoline wiothout having to justify it is criminal. Never mind that a study out today shows that the rest of the world is building 1700 new coal plants and that EV’s will pollute MORE than regular vehicles. I turned off 60 minutes when he showed up last night!!

  5. Jerry is right. That nasty CO2, the Brown proclaimed culprit of man-made global warming, is the cause of trees growing. Since CO2 is necessary for trees to grow, and all other plant life for that matter, we need to eliminate CO2. What stupidity by Brown, the puppet of Tom Steyer.

  6. The Moron of Moonbeams!

  7. pecker nose baldhead needs to go stick his poker face in a dirty toilet and flush it–why is this pos in office–oh right–illegals planted the tool–

  8. Everett Haggin says

    El Baldo Moonbeam really ought to be RECALLED……or impeached. Either way he doesn’t deserve any California government retirement plan. Let him live on his daddy’s money!! (one sick liberal)

  9. Brown was caught stealing the dues cal-fire cdf people pay to support providing resources to fires. maybe that was a huge reason? now the state has to pay them back. brown is a low life, illegal mexican harboring piece of garbage.

  10. Get used to the idiocy, the Governor has definitely reached the age of Dementia. He is no longer fit for his office, dementia aside. He delved off the deep end some time ago when he snorted Al Gore’s magic potion of ego driven idiocy known as climate change and he can’t be swayed from that position by good scientific facts.

  11. I see. So we are to believe that the climate started these fires that were very obviously started by people? What BS. I’m so sick of that lunatic. They were not started by extreme heat, nor thunderstorms, so the only reasonable answer is that they were started by PEOPLE.

    My guess? Some ideas: the press, homeless, firefighters (Don’t poo-poo. One started the 90,000 acre Big Bear Lake fire in 2009 for “overtime”), and my favorite: environmental activists like Mr. Brown. Keep your eyes and ears open for suspicious people and activity.

  12. Ca Fires are partially the result of logging in Ca crushed and basically no longer allowed, but fires are started by a few ways. 1. Lightning, which is a natural occurring event 2. Idiots who are firebugs 3. Idiots that don’t put out campfires properly 4. Idiots who burn on NO burn days or when wind is high or burn during red flag warnings and a few other ways like the PGE being talked about, or a house fire that starts an area. Read Oakland Hills. As for climate change or global warming or global cooling or whatever the PC name of the week is, I say BS. It is all politics, and that usually means a way to get money out of our pockets. It is time for moonbeam to permanently go hide under a rock. Like most Dems, FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  13. I am waiting for an article revealing that Gov. Brown “sold out” California to the Chinese and that the fires were intentionally started with equipment held by the Dept. of Homeland Security. The reason Brown did this is because of the indebtedness of the state. The Chinese are preparing for an “invasion” by developing solar farms in the High Desert and Nevada to provide energy in the event of an EMP attack on the state’s grid system,

  14. Why bless his heart; that Jerry Brown is living a life of denial. It wasn’t climate change that done us in, it was his pet projects i.e. (Bullet Train) that dried up all our money which we were told would go for other needs. He has proven over the years that he lacks fiscal management skills.

  15. Come on now. After 40+ years of Moonbeam and his cohorts you HAVE to know he is setting you up for taking the rest of your hard earned money in the form of additional taxes! He has the heart and mind of a tax and spend politician and the honesty of a lawyer..

  16. David Schortner says

    100 million dead trees in the Sierra are a massive risk for unpredictable wildfires
    January 19, 2018 by Brett Israel, University of California – Berkeley
    And what did Barry and Moonbeam do about the problem? Nothing!

    Read more at:

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