John Wayne under assault by Democrats, Los Angeles Times

Earlier this week I counted nine negative stories on President Trump in the first 9 pages of the Los Angeles Times print edition. Am I surprised? No, because it is axiomatic that the main stream news media absolutely hates Donald Trump. There is simply no division of editorial bias and news reporting today in the MSM when it comes to Trump. So called “news stories” about Trump never simply report naked facts, there is always and continually an evident editorial bias in the news reports.

So I also was not too surprised to see the Los Angeles Times now join with the official position of the Orange County Democratic Party and editorialize on July 1 in favor of removing Newport Beach film legend John Wayne’s name from Orange County Airport. The Time’s “news” reporting of the issue, lead by a Trump-hating reporter, had already given the clue of the editorial to come, and most certainly was coordinated with the official Democratic Party. The Times paternally tells us that Orange County government was “immature” years ago when it named the Airport after the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and Oscar winning local actor of international fame. They tell us he is irrelevant to young people (presumably he is to the uninformed and selfish millennial who actually took the notes from the Democrats in writing the editorial) and castigate him for a something he said once in a Playboy interview 49 years ago.

Wayne’s observation in that interview deserves condemnation. But as Orange County Republican Party chairman Fred Whitaker states as his party’s position, in condemning Wayne’s comment, we can also learn from it. I agree with Fred. We can learn from the full legacy of these historical figures. We can learn from Bill Clinton’s perjury and infidelity. We can learn from John F. Kennedy’s flaws. But we don’t need to erase Clinton, JFK, or John Wayne for that matter, from history.

Our new Republican Congressman Mike Garcia had the guts to not talk to the Los Angeles Times reporter before the recent special election because he knew they would end up editorializing against him and supporting his opponent the weekend of the election.  Sure enough they printed a slanted news story on the crucial Friday before the election, reporting he would not respond for comment, and then they printed their endorsement of his opponent on the next day.  But Garcia won the election, and by a lot. Garcia correctly ignored the Times, and still won.

Not only has social media marginalized the impact and importance of the LA Times, its news and editorials, but also the journalism of today, which is characterized by a total breakdown in the separation of the news room and commentary/opinion page, contributing to loss of credibility.  The LA Times just doesn’t report news touching politics fairly, it does so with bias, and will predictably continue to report on John Wayne Airport with bias, because the news reporters and the editorial writers cannot be distinguished.  

Some observers may say “it has always been that way.” But years ago, the paper would deny it.  In past, a candidate for office HAD to talk to the reporter regardless because it was such an important news provider and people actually fell for the idea of honest reporting of news.  Now we live in a different era when a news maker, like Garica, can call “a spade a spade” because the bias is so palpable, and there are other more important ways to honestly communicate with voters.   Twenty years ago I would tell a candidate they HAD to talk to the LA Times reporter, despite the bias, the weekend before the election.  Today, after the initial “introduction” piece early in a campaign, I would advise a conservative candidate to simply not talk to the Times at all, because it would be a net loss to the candidate and not help the public understand what he or she was really about.

What the Times could do to truly help their younger readers to understand the real life and full legacy of John Wayne, is to publish an honest retrospective of him and his career. But I don’t expect the Democratic Party wants the newspaper to do that, so I’m not holding my breath.


  1. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    The common thread about “statue assaults” is that COWARDS always attack ONLY THOSE WHO CAN’T FIGHT BACK ! The statues certainly have an excuse – What is the excuse of the “leaders” who stand IN SILENCE and tolerate or even ASSIST these assaults ? Neither they nor the vandals would last a minute against the statues subjects !

  2. Really??? says

    And the reason is?

    The Dictatorial Confederate Democrats are attacking the Nation. It is not a question it is a fact.

    They want to extinguish the flame of freedom and self reliance in favor of centralized Socialist Government.

    Tear down the icons and the history and you get Pol Pots Cambodia. The call themselves sensitive to the people yet have created a fiat of executive orders (ala Obama) and then lie to voters.

    Remember the Duke stands for the American Ideal and is something to be strived for.

    You voted for them and sat back on your couch watching propaganda called news instead of being involved to protect your freedom.

  3. C. J. Fillipucci says

    This country is the greatest. Country on earth. this is why everyone wants to come here. The taring down of these landmarks of history is more then just a statement, the taring down of these land marks is all about erasing the country’s history. These anarchist that are defacing these monuments are brain dead, they don’t care what these figures stand for it’s just an excuse to destroy something. So with that being said should we tare down all the statues of the civil rights movement of the 1960’s? Should we erase the monuments of the death camps of world war 2 because of what they represented I think not. By doing this we will repeat history these monuments are here so we don’t repeat what happened.

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