Judge Demands Answers After IRS Contradicts Sworn Testimony on Lerner’s Scratched Hard Drive

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan Thursday ordered the Internal Revenue Service to come up with new answers after IRS employees contradicted sworn testimony about damage to Lois Lerner’s hard drive.irs-building1

Sullivan ruled that “the IRS is hereby ORDERED to file a sworn Declaration, by an official with the authority to speak under oath for the Agency, by no later than August 22, 2014″ on four issues: the IRS’ attempted recovery of Lerner’s lost emails after her computer allegedly crashed, bar codes that could have been on the hard drive, IRS policies on hard drive destruction, and information about an outside vendor who worked on IRS hard drives.

Recent documents from nonprofit group Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the IRS, which Sullivan is presiding over, showed that IRS technology officials contradicted sworn testimony about damage to Lerner’s hard drive.

Aaron Signor, an IRS technician that looked at Lerner’s hard drive in June 2011, said in IRS court filings that he saw no damage to the drive before sending it off to another IRS technician, leading some in the media to suggest that the lost emails scandal is basically over. But Signor’s statement, issued in response to the Judicial Watch lawsuit, does not jibe with sworn congressional testimony.

The Daily Caller reported that Lerner’s hard drive was “scratched” and then “shredded,” according to a court filing the IRS made to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

The IRS technology official who served as the source of the “scratched” and “shredded” revelation is believed to have looked at the hard drive after Signor.

Sullivan’s order seems to have been motivated by the obvious contradiction. Judicial Watch said that Sullivan made the order because the IRS’ new court filing featuring Signor’s statement was a “joke.”

“In an extraordinary step, U. S. District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan has launched an independent inquiry into the issue of the missing emails associated with former IRS official Lois Lerner,” Judicial Watch said in a statement. “Previously, Judge Sullivan ordered the IRS to produce sworn declarations about the IRS email issue by August 11. Today’s order confirms Judicial Watch’s read of this week’s IRS’ filings that treated as a joke Judge Sullivan’s order.”

Patrick Howley is a political reporter for The Daily Caller. This piece was originally posted on Dailycaller.com.


  1. If past is prologue, whoever signs that document better accompany it to the court (to spare his/her family having to see the Marshall’s arrest him/her on a Bench Warrant), and bring his toothbrush, because unless there’s been a sea-change at the IRS, that person is going to be held in contempt, and spend a week-end (or more) in jail.

  2. First: they are running off of EXCHANGE and other servers.
    Second: all of the data is REQUIRED to be backed up by FEDERAL LAW for many years, longer than this period of time that has passed.
    Third: How can ANY technician, not in a clean room, determine that a drive is scratched? It is either spinning up or not spinning up.
    Fourth: there are some great data recovery outfits that could find this missing data.
    Fifth: If they are using Exchange, then all of the emails are still on the databases in that server.
    Sixth: The whole administration is based on TAQIYYA.

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