Kamala Harris ‘Very Much in Contention’ To Be Biden’s Running Mate

Joe Biden said Sen. Kamala Harris is “very much in contention” to be his running mate on the 2020 Democratic ticket, clarifying that he doesn’t hold a grudge against the California lawmaker for attacking him in an early primary debate.

The presumptive Democratic nominee’s conciliatory tone toward Harris comes after senior members of Biden’s vetting team had thrown cold water on her vice presidential bid in the final stretch of Biden’s search.

In late July, POLITICO reported that former Sen. Chris Dodd, who is part of Biden’s vice presidential search committee, told a longtime Biden supporter that Harris had “no remorse” when asked about her confrontation with Biden at the first Democratic primary debate.

CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett asked Biden about those reports during an interview that aired Thursday morning as part of the virtual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

“No, he didn’t say that to the press, he was talking to somebody offline, and it was repeated,” Biden said, referring to Dodd’s comments. “Now, I don’t hold grudges. I’ve made it really clear that I don’t hold grudges. I think it was a debate, it was as simple as that. And she’s very much in contention.”

Harris sharply criticized Biden at a June 2019 Democratic presidential debate over his previous stance on federally mandated busing to integrate public schools, raising her personal experience as one of the first children to integrate her own school in California. The then-presidential contender also ripped Biden’s warm recollection of segregationist senators as well as the former vice president’s record on race.

The exchange, punctuated by Biden cutting his response short and saying, “Anyway, my time is up,” led to a short-lived boost in the polls for Harris and created one of the primary cycle’s early defining moments But the momentum for Harris did not last and Biden maintained his status as the Democratic frontrunner.

The debate attack has nonetheless irked Biden allies, who were surprised that Harris would go after the former vice president given her close relationship with Biden’s late son, Beau.

While Harris rose to the top tier of Biden’s running mate shortlist, POLITICO reported members of Biden’s search committee expressed trust issues with the California senator. But after the POLITICO report of Dodd’s comments, Harris allies met with the Biden campaign to advocate for her as a potential running mate. …

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  1. Some how I can’t see an individual who admitted used her “womanly wiles” to wander through the halls and up the stairs of California Government being a good image for womanhood in general. I still think that the Socialist/Communist Party has a ringer in place to shock us with and take the voters minds off the focus on Bribery Biden.

  2. Bogiewheel says

    It makes no difference who will be Biden’s running mate in November. If Biden becomes President he
    will just become a figurehead within the Oval Office. The real power will be a liberal/socialist deep state committee calling the shots.

  3. When AG of CA IT stated along the line that “climate change deniers” should be imprisoned. What little respect I may have had at that time for IT certainly evaporated. One of many on the go away and don’t come back list.

  4. Stan Sexton says

    We will forget that she slept with Willie Brown and she took the Mortgage Settlement money due foreclosed Californians and put it in the General Fund (probably for CALPERS). She is just another slick politician lusting for power and control over us peasants.

  5. Everyone will know exactly what kind of SCUMBAG Harris..Holding evidence from prosecutors in trials to keep INNOCENT MEN IN JAIL..That is what kind of SCUMBAG SHE REALLY IS..She spent more time on her back with Willie Brown that when she wasn’t on her back she was on her knees..These are facts….

    • The Captive says

      She is good at leaving her shit-bags of corruption out there on the trail to getting what she deserves- It would do the public good to see her nose rubbed in her own S-IT! Then the best thing to happen is see the Democrap party be destroyed in the chaos they have created.

  6. And just think, she coulda’ been a contender.

  7. Dntgiveup says

    Great, dumb and dumber

  8. citizenkarma says

    Doubt it. Rice will reap the reward of the VP slot as payback for her lying about the video sparking the fatal Benghazi disaster, thus covering up for HRC and her chaotic bloated State Department, and their mutual boss. The cunning Kamala will then be rewarded with an appointed cabinet position in the unfortunate event Biden gets elected. Agree with previous comment about the Dems pulling some last-minute stunt. Am surprised the Dems have not trotted out the sage vaccine-guru Bill Gates yet. Heaven help us. Fauci better be looking over his shoulder.

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