Katy Grimes explains why California is crumbling on the Jon and Ken Show


Katy Grimes smallKaty Grimes explains why/how California is crumbling – from its education system to its infrastructure to its massive deficits and overwhelming pension debt.

California is the state with the highest poverty rate in the nation, has $1 trillion in unfunded pension liabilities and recent criminal justice reforms have led to higher crime rates.

Click this link to hear Grimes explain why this has been allowed to happen, and what possible solutions, if any, Californians can look to in the future:


Also check out the new book, “California’s War Against Donald Trump: Who Wins? Who Loses?” authored by Katy Grimes and James Lacy, to see who is winning, and losing, from all the political grandstanding and “resistance” by state leaders to the Trump administration.

Find the book on Amazon here:





  1. vistacharlie says

    She does not even begin to realize how bad california is under the democrats. the central valley farming community has been without water for many years. the union pensions are often at full employment salary, high salary for political positions. lawmakers passing laws for environmental terrorists. recent bills signed establish voting rights for jailed prisoners, no HIV checks for blood donations, mandatory health care for companies with 20 or more employees, welcome mat for illegal aliens, drivers license for illegals, college tuition for illegals, free community college tuition for all. she does not seem to realize how bad it is in this once productive free state.

  2. showandtell says

    Katy Grimes for Governor!
    (But I doubt she would want the job 🙂

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