L.A. Teachers Union: Schools Can’t Reopen Unless Charter Schools Shut Down, Police Defunded

In what appears to be a labor union power play, the United Teachers Los Angeles union announced Friday that Los Angeles Unified District schools effectively cannot reopen unless certain conditions are met: privately operated publicly funded charter schools are shut down, police are defunded, Medicare-for-All government-run health care is passed, a statewide wealth tax is implemented, housing for homeless is fully funded, “financial Support for Undocumented Students and Families,” and they want a federal bailout because “the CARES and HEROES Acts provided funding for K-12, both fell far short of what would be needed to rescue districts and state and local governments.” The source cited for this claim is the National Education Association, the largest labor union and special interest group in the United States.

Ironically, many private schools and charter schools didn’t miss a beat when Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered schools across the state to close down due to coronavirus. Within one week, most were already up and running with online learning programs, while public schools took as long as 6 weeks to even start to prepare online learning. And private and charter schools have been preparing to reopen for in-class teaching once again.

The UTLA just published a research paper, “The Same Storm, but Different Boats: The Safe and Equitable Conditions for Starting LAUSD in 2020-21,” explaining their demands, most of which have little to do with educating students. UTLA wants local authorities to “keep school campuses closed when the semester begins on Aug. 18.”

“UTLA educators are eager to get back to classrooms where they can care for, laugh with, and most importantly, teach our students,” the UTLA said in a press statement. “The eventual restarting of schools should be primarily about learning, not merely about the economy. Unlike other countries that recognize protecting lives is the key to protecting livelihoods, the United States has chosen to prioritize profits over people. The Trump administration’s attempt to force people to return to work on a large scale depends on restarting schools so parents have childcare.”

“Educators know better than most the critical role that schools play in children’s lives, supporting not just their educational lives but their social and physical development,” the UTLA says in the research paper. “But until a vaccine or cure is available, starting school without policies in place to mitigate viral spread and provide additional student supports will almost certainly compound the pandemic’s outsize trauma on those students and their families.”

The UTLA claims privately operated, publicly funded charter schools drain resources from all other district schools. But this misnomer has been proved false time and time again, as California Globe has reported. …

Click here to read the full article from the California Globe.


  1. Maybe LA should look to shutting down crime and union and political theft before they stop another avenue of healthy and great results Charter Schools.

  2. Is it not true that public employee unions are unethical?
    Therefore all public employee unions should be disbanded, decertified, and outlawed.
    School teacher unions care not for the student, his curriculum, or the qualifications of the teacher. Their goal is to steal from the public as much wealth as they can and to hell with the education!

    Now, in this pandemic, is the time to outlaw the unions and purge the teacher rolls of those who are failed educators. If our students cannot read you can blame a teacher and the union behind them. If statues come down you can blame a teacher and the union behind them. If looting and destruction occur you can blame a teacher and the union behind them.
    And, let us not forget the parents. Ever crime committed by teenagers should require the biological parent to suffer the same punishment.

  3. Tony Dart says

    Is it any wonder that private, Charter and home schooling is flourishing ! May cost a little more , private anyway, but children getting a much better education l.

  4. perfect. send all the children to charter and private schools and lets keep all the public schools closed. oh and for you public teachers and administrators….you are fired. the children will be much better off.

    • Mariann Arney says

      legislature just passed that school funding will be the same as last year….sounds wonderful. but this means charters will not received extra funding if they take those students who want to move from public to charter and public school receive the same funds even if their enrollment declines. So charter schools are NOT allowing in additional students. The governments policies are setting up a situation that removes parents choice and no one know about it. I learned this from a close friend working in a charter school.

  5. They have so much power their teachers don’t pay a penny towards their healthcare benefits while they are working and in retirement for both themselves and their families!!! NO ONE ELSE HAS THIS!!!

  6. Who do they think they are? Every ass along the trail of this debacle thinks they have the ultimate power over us! I and many others are sick of this crap that EVERYONE is handing us! Do away with all of them. PEOPLE, think before you elect these idiots that run and ruin this state!

  7. I do not remember ever voting to allow our government workers to form unions. Government employees are paid out of the same tax pot as the politicians they work for. They are the same people that make and enforce all our labor and education laws, consequently and unfairly they get to negotiate “internally”.
    We see the fruits of that poison tree when the current system tries to fire grossly incompetent government workers. They have iron clad union protections unthinkable in the private sector.
    Unions had their day back when greedy employers took advantage of labor. Those days are gone forever with a myriad of laws protecting every aspect of employment today.
    All Public Service Unions need to be abolished! Trump is just the man to do it.

    • Kathy Farmer says

      You said it!!! Get rid of the unions….. nothing but corruption. They served their purpose and are NOT needed. If only the sheeple had a clue.

  8. The Captive says

    Never liked having to join the Teacher Union when I was teaching in CA. They controlled all the funds and NEVER LISTENED TO THE TEACHERS ON any and all topics. No communications and now look at all the corruption !!

  9. Chris Renner says

    Desperate times require desperate measures. The LA Unified School District, City of Los Angeles, and LA County are all broke. Debt payments as a percentage of debt will range from 6 – 15% of the budget. Pension payments will likely come in around 14- 18% of budget so each municipal entity is likely spending 30% on items that produce nothing for the entity. Defund the Police gives the City and County cover for something they were going to have to do anyway and because the public will concentrate on the police issue, it will allow the Supervisors or Councilmembers to implement additional sales taxes and bond propositions. The Prop 13 rollback propositions will delay any additional tax schemes until after November but all three entities are praying for a Biden victory because all will be bankrupt unless they get a FEDERAL BAILOUT! Whether Trump wins or not, the Los Angeles area will be awash in more crime, more taxes, unqualified teachers, falling home prices, corporate moveouts, disadvantaged children, and a population decrease of perhaps 10%. The whirlpool of despair will continue all because of Democratic policies.

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