Ling-Ling Chang and her Misleading Resume

???????????????????????????????Is lying on a resume to get a job an excusable offense?  It surely shouldn’t be when the job is a state job that involves the public trust.  And at a time when three State Senators have shot their credibility with felony counts ranging from lying and self-dealing to gun-running, Californians surely should be looking for (and demanding) a lot more in the “character department” from their candidates in future.

But Ling-Ling Chang is one politician that is surely not up to snuff in the character department.  Chang is a Diamond Bar City Councilmember who is running for the State Assembly in the 55th District, which includes parts of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties.  Chang was born in Taiwan, has not completed a college degree, and is apparently currently enrolled in an on-line education program Harvard offers to the general public, that does not involve the same rigorous acceptance process or difficult academic curricula actually required to be admitted to and receive meaningful course credits from Harvard.

Yet an Orange County Register columnist broke the story that facts in Chang’s biographies for her City Council race and position, and in her Assembly campaign, have often been at odds with the truth, and in big ways.  For example, her resumes have sometimes listed her as having been born in Diamond Bar, having a degree from U.C. Riverside in Biology, and as actually attending Harvard University.

Ling-Ling has predictably (for a budding politician of the current era of scandal) blamed the errors on the “Diamond Bar public information office,” whom she says was mistaken in stating on the City’s website, for two years, that Chang was “born and raised in Diamond Bar” and “went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Biology.”  But Chang conveniently allowed what she perceived to be those helpful mistruths to her political agenda to stay up on the City’s website for two years until their truthfulness was actually questioned.  And compounding her character issues, Chang again offered the same mistruths to the newspapers when she ran for city council, including insinuations that she held a degree from UC Riverside and had either attended or graduated from Harvard.  Ling-Ling Chang repeats what some might find a misleading narrative about attending Harvard on her current social media pages, though her connection to the school is simply through an on-line program.

California needs a lot of reform and that includes in the “character department.”  Sadly, Ling-Ling Chang has shown herself to be lacking there.