Mail-In Ballot Bill Passes Senate, Governor Signs

AB 860 a Governor’s signature away from becoming law

Assembly Bill 860, authored by Assemblyman Marc Berman (D-Menlo Park), managed to draw more of a bipartisan support compared to earlier versions of the bill by adding an amendment that specifically stops inactive voters from receiving a ballot. Previous bill changes, such as extending the vote received deadline for county officials by 20 days after an election day, also won over many with concerns about votes by mail arriving on time.

Assemblyman Berman wrote AB 860 as a direct response to the coronavirus epidemic, with the bill a way for voters to safely social distance while voting and to give those who usually voted in-person who had not asked for an absentee ballot an option in November.

“No one should have to risk their health – and possibly their life – to exercise their constitutional right to vote,” said Assemblyman Berman in a statement on Thursday. “In the midst of a deadly health pandemic, giving all California voters the opportunity to vote from the safety of their own home is the responsible thing to do. I am grateful that so many of my colleagues from both sides of the aisle agree, and I look forward to Governor Newsom signing AB 860. This bill gives voters the peace of mind to know that they can safely participate in their democracy, and allows our elections officials to continue making the necessary arrangements for the general election.”

AB 860 and SB 423 amended several times to meet GOP concerns

In addition to previous concerns over inactive voters receiving ballots, a sister Senate bill has been moving up alongside AB 860 to address concerns about being able to vote in-person. Senate Bill 423, authored by Senator Tom Umberg (D-Santa Ana) would require a minimum number of in-person polling places to set up on election day, ensuring a choice for voters.

“Both Berman and Umberg have been meeting every concern that pops up,” explained Max Reyes, a Los Angeles lawyer who has helped on election lawsuits. “Many have been questioning whether AB 860 could change voting totals by having others vote in place of others in those inactive ballots, but the recent amendment put aside enough fears for many GOP lawmakers to finally side with the law. Adding 20 days at the end for ballot counting also helped ease many fears about ballot counting. SB 423 removes any doubts people have about being forced to vote-by-mail. And California has also been strict on voter fraud cases.

AB 860 wasn’t passed because of it being a way for people to safely vote. Not entirely. It was passed because it kept needing to be changed to counter big points being raised against it. Remember, some Democrats were concerned about the bill in it’s early days too. AB 860 largely became a compromise bill at the end by giving people assurances and set in stone amendments.” …

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  1. The Captive says

    All the more time for NON-ACCOUNTABILITY AND TO CHEAT on the DEMOCRAP TICKET FOR the destruction of this state of CA! THUMBS DOWN to this extremely corrupt administration for the LEFT !

    THIS IS THE STATE that will burn again because nothing is done about WATER FOR THE NORTH AND CENTRAL VALLEY !!
    Is there care of the forests yet? Just think what could be used for the forests with all that ‘mask-money sent to CHINA : that has willingly cheated us (WE the taxpayers ) because gruesome -newsome did not ACCOUNT FOR ALL THAT MONEY!!
    If and when these cheaters are voted out of office then maybe-just maybe will there be ACCOUNTABILITY!

    • California is lost to the Fascist left. Wall it off and let them sink in their own feces.

      • Your future is Baltimore-esqe.

        The complex demographics, the service economy, the third world education system, the huge command bureaucracy produces a minimum wage future for millions.

        While smart phones and reality TV paint a Fantasy picture of golden leisure days as daily life.

    • Cycleman says

      Are the Democrats in California worried about something? I thought California would be a slam dunk for crazy Joe, I think they’re worried that a lot of people in California are going to vote for Donald Trump and mail in votes will squash that. Also, there’s a whole tsunami of taxes coming and Gavin Newsom wants to make sure all those taxes are passed – I think the only way that will happen is through voter fraud.

      Democrats in Ca are running scared and that is why they want to spend millions of dollars for mail in votes, they cannot win honestly with their ideas (crime, illegal aliens etc.) cheating is the only way they can win.

      If we had vote in person with voter ID I think California would be a different state.

  2. Donald J says

    It still boils down to the old Tammany Hall process of “he who counts the votes wins”.

  3. We have used mail-in ballots for 4 yrs since moving to Irvine. We are notified by email when our ballots have arrived. What ever system they use, remember if your ballot is not filled out properly, signed properly it does not count. Remember the Hanging Chad’s during Bush election? Remember the George Soros machines during the Trump/Clinton election? Lastly remember the 2018 Ballot Harvesting that we did not know existed? There is always problems with elections. Every party has their agenda. Need to do away with Politial Parties. They are a mess all around the world.

    • Not going to happen. Humans are tribe rooted.Better to have political parties than warring factions.The currant worldwide situation is simply a tug in that direction. Human history is marked by one tribe dominating or, attempting to dominate another by any means necessary.

  4. In California being a leftist state, one just cannot trust the Dems to do a honest count.

  5. Kyle Jonathan Chang says
  6. Democraps use this as a way TO STEAL ELECTIONS….This one they better get armed because they will need their weapons if caught cheating…You cheat YOU DIE..

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