Manchin: WH Staff ‘Real Reason’ For Death of Biden’s Social Spending Bill

Sen. Joe Manchin said Monday he ended up killing President Biden’s massive social and environmental spending bill because White House staff drove him to his “wit’s end.”

“It is not the president. This is staff,” the West Virginia Democrat told home-state radio host Hoppy Kercheval.

“And they drove some things, and they put some things out, that were absolutely inexcusable. They know what it is.”

Manchin continued: “I’m always willing to work and listen to try. I just got to the wit’s end and they know the real reasons what happened.”

Although Biden negotiated with Manchin via phone and even hosted him at his Wilmington, Del., home on at least one occasion, there were protracted additional talks involving White House aides. 

Later in the interview, Manchin slammed fellow Democrats and activist groups who tried to “beat the living crap” out of him to win his support for the bill.

“They figured, ‘Surely to God we can move one person. Surely we can badger and beat one person up. Surely we can get enough protesters to make that person uncomfortable enough they will just say, “OK I’ll vote for anything, just quit.”‘ Well guess what?,” Manchin said. “I’m from West Virginia. I’m not from where they’re from and they can beat the living crap out of people and think they will be submissive.”

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  1. What a strong character! Wish he were a California senator.

  2. I think very highly of Joe Manchin. He always does the right thing. Senator Manchin, thank you for your common sense. Lee

    • No he doesn’t always do the right thing unless you are a lefty. He is for Climate Control, Gun Control, immigration, national health care and just about everything else the commies are for.

      Let’s not put Manchin on a pedestal; he’s a scorpion and will bite you when you least suspect.

      Unless of course, as I said, you are one of them.

  3. As I understand it our State congress men and senator or whoever represents our state they voted for this train wreck budget crap that Biden won here in New Mexico we don’t have much for representation here they all support the communist side of the government that’s for sure so sad so sad what a sell out

  4. I’ve always said Joe Manchin is a hell of a man. He just proved it.

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