Measure EE failure could be a turning of tax tide

Against formidable odds, taxpayers scored a significant victory last week against big progressive interests. Measure EE, sponsored by the Los Angeles Unified School District, would have imposed a $500 million dollar annual property tax on all property owners within the district’s boundaries.

Because the tax was being advanced by the second largest school district in the nation, its potential impact was obviously huge. But Measure EE was more than just a local tax proposal. The outcome of the election was bound to have ramifications throughout the state, not just in Los Angeles.  That is why so many political interests were watching the campaign and its outcome so closely.

LAUSD backers claimed that they had a huge disadvantage because Measure EE, as a “special tax” under Proposition 13, needed a two-thirds vote of the voting electorate to pass. This complaint is not compelling given that EE didn’t even receive a simple majority of those voting.

Against this claimed disadvantage, let’s balance all the advantages possessed by the Measure EE proponents. The first is money. At latest count, it appears that the backers spent five times more than the opponents. It is always easier to raise campaign funds from those who stand to personally benefit financially from a ballot measure because the return on investment is so high. Public sector labor, especially the teachers’ union, were the biggest contributors. Also contributing to help pass the tax hike were various interests that do business with the city and were vulnerable to “requests” or retaliation from Mayor Eric Garcetti. Only a fool would believe that most of these campaign contributions were truly voluntary.

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  1. tomsquawk says

    preserve Prop 13. “they” will force me out of state. maybe that’s what is wanted? how stoopid is/are pollytishions? enough said. living here is like loving a skunk, you know when you’ve had enough.

  2. us citizen says

    OMG are the tax payers actually getting some brains?!

  3. TheOldChip says

    Interesting, LAUSD is the second largest school district in the nation but ranks around number 47, or even dead last by some accounts, in scholastic achievement. LAUSD recognizes some 97 different languages in a real tower of babel and has close to an accompanying 50% dropout rate among its minority students.
    Who can these low education drop outs compete against in their limited job market? Why, it’s the 5 MILLION pet ILLEGAL aliens that the Sacramento demo-rats want, by any means, to protect in order to get votes and stay in power.
    Then LAUSD and demo-rats want to rob the ever fewer California taxpayers of more money to perpetuate its follies. Yeah, dreamer on.

    • You can no longer teach english by immersion in California K-12 – there are not enough english speakers to make it work. Teachers unions have been the primary beneficiaries of open borders.

      Their classrooms are full, teachers are hired and $1500 a year teacher union dues flows into the teacher union bosses hands every year. Get rid of the “english learners” (aka illegals) and 50% of the teacher union members and their annual dues are gone.

      And that is reason number one, California refuses to close its borders and provide illegals sanctuary status – all to keep the money flowing into the hand of the CTA – teachers unions.

      Look who sits on your local schools boards – 99% are simply tools for the CTA. And that is why this state ranks #45 nationwide in K-12 outcomes. This is a scandal.

      Teacher union members vote to preserve this status quo. So do we; throw these teacher union bums out.

      • ExCaliExpat says

        Absolutely correct and spot on….

        The teachers’ unions are a cancer on American culture….

        Break the unions….

  4. CA Dissident says

    EE’s failure is just a litmus test. I can’t understand the 46% of idiots who voted for it. If they make it a proposition, it wouldn’t surprise me that 50% of the sheep here voted yes. The ringleader, becerra, would certainly tweak the language to get the sheep onboard.
    I holdout a smidgen of hope for some voter revolt over the healthcare for illegal aliens at taxpayer’s expense.

    • 45% still believed this latest tax was “for the children”. Luckily, 55% knew it was just stuffing the back pockets of the teachers unions and not a dime would end up helping “the children”.

      Transparent California lets you search any teacher by name, or by district and see what they are costing state taxpayers today — for their 9 month work year. How is your district doing for what you are paying these people.

  5. Voters finally understand all new taxes go to backfill government employee pensions. The union Big Lie has been busted. Time to go back to the bargaining table and cut benefits. No other option exists.

    We are not taking a hit on our retirement money to make government pensions and benefits. whole. Too bad government employee unions obstructed any possible reforms.

    Government employees can no longer play the innocent victim card – they got what they themselves created – an insolvent public pension and lifetime benefits system. Suck it up, buttercups.

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