More Californians Consider Leaving

In the ‘80s, a punk rock band, The Clash, had a catchy little hit entitled, “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” As Californians start a new decade, many are asking themselves the same thing.

For a few, the decision to leave is easy because of better job opportunities or the desire to escape California’s high cost of living. But for many, it is a difficult choice. Older Californians often stay because this is where their children and grandchildren are. But recent college graduates who would prefer to stay in California for the lifestyle and recreation are nonetheless compelled to move because of ridiculously high housing costs.

While California has the highest level of net domestic out-migration in the nation, totaling well over one million people in less than eight years, the decision to leave the Golden State remains personal and no one factor will be determinative for most people.

Hard decisions compel people to weigh the pros and cons of bailing out. But here are some of the considerations:

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  1. CA_is_a_liberal_cesspool says

    I agree completely with the assessment. But as far as CA losing a congressional seat…. illegal aliens by way of their offspring will more than counter the departures of wealthy whites. I fear that those moving to Texas and Florida will continue to vote democrat and ruin those states as well.

  2. Should I stay or should I go… the eternal question. While my heart is rooted here in California, my head tells me that the California I once knew no longer exists. As for me and mine, we will stay. I know that this will cause great distress. As California continues its metamorphosis into a full on political banana republic, I will watch in sadness ever knowing what could have been.

    • RT, very eloquent. I was going to stay, but now I need to move away to save my sanity. Big brother and the crew have turned California into banana republic and the it is only a short amount of time until it becomes completely unlivable for us that are responsible citizens.

  3. When it becomes known that illegals mandate Congressional Seats and displace the legal and citizens then there just might be a chance. Barring that the slide into dictatorship and back breaking taxation will continue.

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