Mr. Obama, Just Create One Job

President Obama is all about job creation. Although if you look at the fine print of the legislation he’s proposing, it mostly serves to shore up government employment–essential workers like firefighters, police officers and teachers. (My kids would argue with whether teachers are essential, and quite frankly, so do I.)

The President intends to fund this half-billion-dollar experiment by taxing employers personally. In other words, he’s robbing Paul to pay Paul.

President Obama, I know your intentions are sincere–that you’d like to see more people back to work, especially people who vote Democratic (the state workers ). And I know that you have serious doubts about the morality of the private sector, so you’d like to see more and more people employed by the government.

But I’ll tell you what would make me really happy.

Instead of trying to create millions of new jobs, just create one.


Your presidency has been nothing short of mystifying.

You have presided over the greatest economic meltdown in eighty years, which you sought to “solve” by printing up billions of dollars, handing it over to your supporters, to strengthen the pension funds of state workers.

Not to mention the balance sheets of banks that, once they got money, refused to lend it.

Abroad, you took a sledgehammer to our already-fragile standing in the community of nations. Who can forget those excruciating and humiliating deep bows that you made to the emperor of Japan and the leader of Saudi Arabia?

Commentator Dinesh D’Souza came up with the best interpretation for your desire to take the syllables “super” out of “American superpower.” D’Souza posits that you are simply fulfilling the agenda of your father, who hated colonialists and wanted to cut them down to size.

To quote George W. Bush, “Mission accomplished.”

I understand that you grew up in straitened economic circumstances, and maybe that’s why you like to play poor-mouth with the American people. But a lot of presidents grew up impoverished–Nixon, Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton, to name a few–and yet each of them recognized that business is the engine of growth in our society, a lesson somehow lost on you.

I don’t doubt your intellectual abilities. You attended my alma mater, Columbia University, and while you were there, you are said to have read a very large number of books about socialism.

My sense is that, given your apparent hatred of private business, you never read any of those books on socialism all the way to the end.

Your guardianship of our nation has been more moronic than Platonic.

You promised to end wars, and yet the wars, which we can’t afford, rage on.

You promised to shut down Gitmo. I know you’ll get around to it soon. Unless you’ve decided to move from waterboarding those bad guys to offering them a path to citizenship.

Maybe I’m just bitter. Maybe I’m just one of those small-town Americans who clings to his religion and his guns, as you told that clubby little set in San Francisco in an unguarded moment during a campaign.

To take you back even further, when you came off the stage after your triumphant speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, you proclaimed, loud enough for reporters to hear, “I’m LeBron, baby!”

You got that one right. You took your talents to Washington, just as LeBron took his to South Beach, and you both lost. At least LeBron knew when to stop shooting in the fourth quarter. At least he knew to quit asking for the ball.

You must have had a ball yourself, Mr. President, these last few years, diminishing America at home and abroad, pursuing an agenda that could best be described as anti-American.

I saw your new campaign slogan–“Let’s change the world again.”

Enough already. For most Americans, the only change you’ve created…is spare change.

Create one job. Resign. Give it over to Joe. (Biden, not Stalin.) Or even let Hillary take over.

In that sense, you’ve done the seemingly impossible. You’ve made conservatives nostalgic for a President Hillary.

Like most Americans, I don’t understand how taxing the people who create jobs will create jobs. It’s time we had a grownup running the country again.

In 2008, you campaigned on a slogan of, “Change we can believe in.”

Hit the road, Mr. President. That’s the only kind of change your fellow Americans could possibly believe in now.

(New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Levin runs, America’s leading provider of ghostwritten business books.)

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