National Popular Vote is bad for California, bad for the nation

Liberals have long sought to erode the checks-and-balances that guard against centralized government.  But, the current push to scrap the Electoral College by enacting a National Popular Vote (NPV) could be their crowning achievement.

Critics warn that once the Electoral College is out of the way, the big government progressives could conceivably engineer election victory after victory, providing a continual stream of chief executives far left of Barack Obama.

Delaware Senator, President Pro Tempore, and former IBEW Business Manager Anthony DeLuca said as much when he declared that, once the NPV passes, Republicans will never again elect a President.

Why would he say that?  The answer is simple.

In Federalist 10, James Madison argues that a system of “electors” safeguards the citizenry against those factions that seek greater governmental control.  Confining the influence of factions to single states protects against greater impact on the national election.

Today, these factions often manifest themselves through pockets of organized urban-area voter fraud.  Just as Madison predicted, the Electoral College limits to a single state the impact of corrupt political activities, such as Chicago’s notorious fraudulent cemetery voters.

Throw off the system of electors and you’ll likely see epic turnouts in heavy urban areas like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago as Democrats pull out all the stops to nullify the power of smaller, rural states.  No longer would 50 states matter, but only huge urban regions would control the vote.  Chicago alone would bury the mid-west.

The fact is: the NPV movement was given new life when renegade billionaire Tom Golisano took over the fledgling campaign after the initial post Bush/Gore election drive faltered. Golisano is a seven figure donor to the Democratic Party, and he ran as an ‘independent’ not once, or twice, but three times against moderate Republican Governor George Pataki.  Golisano then moved to Florida and adopted NPV.

To promote the NPV, Golisano has hired an army of Republican lobbyists throughout the country, including the venerable Fred Thompson.  Golisano did not hire many Democrats, because they get the joke.  However, Golisano needed to mitigate potential Republican opposition, and so his army went to work.

Before the GOP was able to accurately assess the threat and produce a counter-effort, Golisano’s paid consultant army signed up scores of otherwise solid conservative Republican legislators, including some here in California.

But, in the last several months, conservatives have begun removing their names from the pro-NPV campaign.  And just last week the Republican National Committee overwhelmingly voted to oppose the National Popular Vote.

Our Nation continues to face unprecedented struggles posed by economic and debt woes. But, the NPV provides an even greater threat – one that could end the liberty and freedoms upon which our very system of government was founded.  We must remain vigilant to protect and preserve the American system of governance – one that has produced history’s most successful model of self-governance.


(Shawn Steel is a former Chairman of the California Republican Party, and currently serves as California’s Republican National Committeeman.  Learn more about Shawn Steel and Save Our Electoral College at