New Poll: Proposition 6 Gas Tax Repeal Losing

Proposition 6 is on track to fail in November, according to a new poll by Probolsky Research.

Their latest polling shows 48% of voters oppose the measure when presented with the title they will read on their ballots.

Surprisingly, fewer than 60% of Republican voters support the gas tax repeal.

As the voter contact campaign begins to kick into gear, the polling firm stated that it expects changes in the numbers.  The poll can be accessed at this website:

 Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 8.31.48 AM


  1. you are darn right the polling numbers will change, especially based on who funds the poll. yes on 6 send money. grassroots effort to stop alot of taxation nonsense. put your money where your mouth is.

  2. This piece is just a con to get people stirred up and voting for the gas tax repeal . Although I will vote to repeal , I resent the brain washing attempt by the creators of this article and I would like to say personally for them to GO TO HELL.
    thank you and good day.



  4. Howard Epstein says

    If polling numbers were right, Hillary would be president.

  5. us citizen says

    Hell yes repeal this tax! What on earth is wrong with these people!

  6. The sheeple always want stuff. They are effectively being misinformed that if the government loses the gas tax, they will be denied STUFF.

    The ad agency legacy in this country, the legacy that governs the modern politician’s mind, knows just how shallow is the mind of the populace.

  7. Bullet Trains to nowhere, Tunnels under our delta, Tax our drinking water, and support “Undocumented Aliens! ” And now, more taxes on gasoline! When will our elected representatives start representing citizens and tax payers? Time for term limits and some new faces in Sacramento. I want someone to represent me.

  8. WTH is wrong with Californians? Really?? Higher gas prices r ok????!!!! Good Lord!!

  9. Brown wants to take MORE of our $$$ NOT for roads!! Its for Santuary citites & freebies for “Illegal Aliens” thats right! They arent “Immigrants” they r invaders & Aliens! The DemoCraps r working for “Illgal Aliens” NOT Citizens. They r giving Licenses out to them for Votes! Thats the bext step! Im tired of my hard earned tax $ going for those who dont belong here!! STOP the damn gas taxes!! STOP stealing from citizens to give to free loaders & illegal aliens!! Wake up California!

  10. Don’t believe these phoney polls. Anyone with the slightest math skills knows you can make numbers look anyway you want. You voters get out and vote to repeal this POS tax

  11. #FakeNews once again

  12. showandtell says

    Phony poll obviously. Don’t be manipulated by this stuff

  13. It’s for the CHILDREN after all…

  14. Briefly, Democrats are using deceit to manipulate the voter.
    Guess that best demonstrates the Democrat character!
    Not really virtuess is it?
    Well, that’s Democrats for you lie, steal, and rob till they get what they want.

  15. Most people don’t realize they already paid the taxes to repair roads but it was diverted to the general fund. I would further guess than many people are just willing to “pay up’ to finally get better roads even if they know they’re being screwed.

    Just another benefit of a one party system. Of course, if we borrowed from Trump’s strategy and used more social media we would perhaps get our message out.

    • showandtell says

      You’re right, and those who are willing to “pay up” will just get screwed again!
      What evidence is there that the SB1 tax money will be used on roads?
      It hasn’t been used on roads in the past and it won’t be in the future.
      Liars and sociopaths — that’s what these people in Sacramento are
      Vote YES on 6

  16. The biggest criminals are the Liberal Democrats voters.

  17. This is outrageous! Moments ago, I wrapped up a press conference where we filed a criminal complaint against Caltrans for using our tax dollars to campaign against Prop 6. We caught the violation on video, with photographs, and got witnesses to file sworn statements.

    Here’s what happened:

    On Tuesday, a Caltrans work crew along State Route 78 in San Diego stopped traffic and handed each driver a “No on Prop 6” flier! We got calls from angry commuters who were appalled at the traffic delay and the inappropriate use of our tax funds for politics! We sent a video crew out to collect the evidence — this is now an open and shut case of illegal diversion of gas tax funds for politics! (Read the full complaint and view evidence below)

  18. John Skidmore says

  20. unhappy debtor serving life here sucks says

    Yes on 6 don’t let them bill YOU for their golden retires pensions their benefits of robbing the budget called were in control you f voting fools/tools/stools…they stink smellvyhst integrity? California government ruling your days. Pay up or LeaveLeave say the muggers. Over 50 years Bonds used to enrich special chosen individuals not roads bridges schools ports NADA.

  21. Found this on a discussion site:

    After working in California government for 34 years and seeing just how wasteful, corrupt and underhanded Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom and the majority of Sacramento legislators are these are the facts of Proposition 6:

    1. The bulk of the money from the 2015 Gas tax was diverted to pensions of state employees and pet projects for Sacramento politicians. What was left went to lobbyists/contractors for the bullet train. Less than 7% of ALL that money went to actual road repairs.

    2. The November gas tax and registration increase was snuck into SB-1 without ANY notification of the actual cost to Californians. As an example, our 2017 registration fees for our newest vehicle went from $491.00 in 2016 to $797.00 in 2017. Our annual increase in gasoline expenses increased $2,197.65. And we drove 8,147 LESS miles in 2017!

    3. The bullet train is already 9 billion over budget and 7 years behind schedule.

    4. A YES on proposition 6 repeals the November 2017 gas tax and registration fee increase! Sacramento has to be honest and more fiscally responsible it also amends California’s constitution and makes it MANDATORY that: ….”Any future increase in gasoline taxes or vehicle registration fees MUST be put to a vote of the populace” … This means no governor or legislative body can by a 2/3 rds majority ram this nonsense down our throats anymore. VOTE “YES” ON PROP 6!!

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